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Loretta Holt s a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist working in all areas of behavior modification. Stress, anxiety, depression, weight, insomnia, Anger, quit Smoking , childhood trauma, relationships, sports enhancement etc. He works with children teens and adults.

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4 August 2020

Very unprofessional made me lose my day off. First she scheduled for Thursday then she texted me reschedule for Tuesday at 3 pm I confirmed and i asked a day off to my boss. Tuesday 1h35 pm my schedule was at 3 pm she texted to reschedule for thurday! I got frustrated she told me that i could look for another therapist and hang out the phone call in my face! Don’t lose your time and energy with this unprofessional lady! Horrible costumer service and don’t care with your schedule! Ridiculous More...

24 August 2019

I still owe Miss Loretta a thank you note for helping me steer my life in the right direction after being stuck for years. I just returned from a trip to Hawaii to visit my daughter- something I could have never done without Loretta's help. The anxiety before my trip had me almost paralyzed, but after a couple sessions, I even flew back with no medication. More...

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10 January 2019

Loretta holt hypnotherapy gave me my life back and helped me in ways I never thought possible. She has the answers that the doctors and psychiatrist dont have. When your ready to take your life back and start living again and being happy again, go see Loretta. More...

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9 November 2018


She provided a great environment for my 12 year old son, where he was able to open up freely and comfortably.

16 November 2016

I have been working with Loretta hypnotherapy for over 6 years.  She has helped me through a lot of different stages of my life. Weight loss, passed life, current life issues, anxiety, depression, and so much more.  The way I explain hypnosis to my friends and family is, just imagine someone telling you positive things over and over again while you are half asleep,  still aware but feel like you are resting. She is a positive and healing person that can connect with you and your needs.  She takes you to the next leave of awareness.  Hypnotherapy is a service that helps you help yourself.  You will leave her office feeling refreshed, well rested and happy.  She sends you home with a recording to listen to before bed.  This is a plus because you can work on yourself every single day.  I know that the universe had us cross paths for a reason.  This is the only form of therapy that has worked for me.  You should try it!  You won't regret it :) More...

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16 June 2016

Loretta is Very Insightful!Her Rhetoric Is About Solutions ,not necessarily Problems.I Highly Recommend Her!

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16 June 2016

I was leary of trying hypnotherapy. However, after meeting with Loretta and trying it out....I found out it really works! I have done over 20 sessions with Loretta to address stress and many other such issues. I highly recommend Loretta!

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16 June 2016

This is Loretta Holt my Hypnotherapist. I have done well over 30 personal sessions with her and use her C/D's on a weekly basis. She is absolutely amazing and can use Skype for clients that do not live in the area. Please call for a consultation.We have worked on everything from eliminating procrastination, Past life regression, Inner child, to awaking the healer. ENJOY! More...

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4 May 2016

Loretta is amazing! My granddaughter saw her to help with sleep and nutrition. It really did help. I recommend her highly

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9 December 2015

When I first met Loretta, my first impression was that of a confident, caring woman. I immediately felt like I could trust her and felt comfortable doing hypnosis with her.  After discussing the things I wanted to work on, she took the time to review the session we would do and how we would proceed.  She did a great job with the initial relaxation and soon I was in a deeply relaxed state of hypnosis.  I heard most of what she said yet wasn't too focused upon her exact words as I trusted that my subconscious mind was absorbing her positive suggestions.  After what seemed like just a short time (although it was actually twice as long as I had thought) I felt wonderful as she counted me back up and then handed me a CD recording of my session.  It was great having the recording to play again at home for reinforcement.  I was so impressed that I decided to continue with her by completing a program that I recommend for everyone, as once is just not enough!  Like everything, it did require me to take responsibility for my own process as the hypnosis CDs supercharge my efforts for change.  The program allowed me to do many different types of sessions.  Sometimes I just listened and drifted deeply, while other times I responded to her questions during a regression.  I highly recommend her services for whatever issue you wish to address.  Additional benefits were sleeping better, feeling more relaxed and so much more.  Give it a try if you have ever wanted to explore the experience of hypnosis. More...

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25 November 2015

Loretta will ease you into a place of peace, serenity, and make you feel so comfortable with the process. She customizes her programs to you specifically to deal with any issues you wish to confront and sends you home with CD's to listen to again and again for reinforcement between sessions.  You will have remarkable results. It's a fabulous therapy and one that does work. She is extremely professional and accommodating so I recommend her highly without any reservations on the process and no doubt you will get the results you want if you work the program! More...

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4 November 2013

Loretta Holt does a great job at making you feel comfortable, well informed about Hypnotherapy and what it can do for you. She customized a program that helped me reach my goals for eliminating issues with criticizing other drivers on road. She was very professional, organized and was more that willing to work around my busy work schedule. She works very closely with you to help eliminate any  self-sabotage! I would high recommend Loretta for any behavior changes you would like to make. More...

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5 November 2012

This is a fabulous place to get hypnotherapy. i went in for my first session a little sceptical, but within the first session i was already seeing improvements in my social anxiety and other mental discontents. the office is very clean and relaxing and has a good feel to it. i thought "there's no way she's going to be able to put me under hypnosis" but loretta has a very soothing voice and before i knew it i was in a deep kind of meditative state. i highly recommend loretta for any psychological issues you may be having :) More...

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