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I am a life consultant who helps high achievers find their purpose through cultivation of self love, awareness and acceptance
Too often we feel bound by imaginary rules, scared to step out of line.
I help in uncovering your authentic self, boosting confidence and honest communication, breaking convention, discovering patterns that govern your life, and making magic happen.

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29 July 2021

Just wow! Michelle, while young, has the wisdom and insight of someone with many more years experience than her age would indicate. Since starting with Michelle on my journey, I have become so much more aware of myself, the way I have been living and we have come up with a plan in which to improve both my trajectory and approach to life. She is like a Yoda of self discovery and has been such a positive impact on my life. Would 100% recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck, unsure of what they want or how to get there. She has a really simple yet powerful method. She is such a wise, intuitive, insightful and enlightened human and coach and I honestly feel so fortunate to have started my journey with her. More...

29 July 2021

I have an 11 year old daughter with behavioral difficulties and learning disabilities that Michelle has been working with for 2 years. My daughter would throw severe temper tantrums at home and had a hard time in school both socially and academically. After working with Michelle, my daughter has been able to communicate her emotions in a safe way and has gained more awareness and understanding of herself. Michelle has a lot of empathy and patience. She has an incredible ability to pay attention to small details and nuances of feelings and thoughts. She was able to connect very well with my daughter on a deep, meaningful level, in a way that no other therapist was ever able to connect. My daughter always felt that they have a special connection. She was comfortable sharing information with Michelle that she hadnt felt comfortable sharing with other professionals and receiving input and ideas and even criticism in a positive, constructive way. My daughter always felt encouraged and was very inspired and motivated to become a better person. My daughter was able to implement many of the suggestions Michelle gave, knowing that Michelle was there with her, always on her side, trying to help her to become a better person and being able to deal with her issues in a way that would improve her relations with friends, parents, teachers and herself. Michelle's ability to look at the small details and analyze them on a deeper level helped me understand my daughter's difficulties and frustrations so much better. It helps us pay better attention at home. Michelle is great at working with children and has been a massive help for my family and me. Michelle can be beneficial in any situation since she understands human behavior on such a deep level that can shed a new light on many situations. More...


I love getting to know people and healing them. There is an unparalleled joy for me in uncovering the mysteries that govern each individual human psyche and finding ways to bring joy to people's lives.

I love connecting with people and helping them, I always have. Working in academia for many years, you learn to help people from a distance. Over time, I grew to want to work with people personally, improving people's lives and healing parts they never thought could be healed.

I take on a very specific type of client. If good enough is good enough for you, we may not be a suitable fit.
My clients strive for excellence in every area of their life. They aren't dissuaded by unconventionality. They are always intrigued by a challenge and pursue growth in all areas of their life for the sake of growth.
If this sounds like you or the type of person you want to be, I cannot wait to work with you to get you the life of your dreams!

I prefer to work online/ remotely. I am flexible and can use Zoom, Skype, Google Chat, text messages, or phone calls.


1 x 50 minute session
Standard communication access

4 x 50 minute sessions a month
VIP communication access (includes texts and calls)

4 x 50 min sessions a month x 3 months
VIP communication access (includes texts and calls)