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I get it. You know there is more to life. You have dreams but aren’t sure how to accomplish them or even if it’s possible reach them. You want to reach the next level of performance in your life.

You want to:
- Achieve more
- Conquer bigger goals than you ever thought possible

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It's extremely satisfying for me to see my clients improve their lives. I love seeing them experience the excitement of a new breakthrough and hearing them share their successes.

It's great knowing that as I help my clients improve their own lives that they in turn are making the lives of those around them better as well. It's an awesome snowball effect of positive changes. If I can be a part of making that happen then sign me up.

I live and breathe personal development. Fifteen years ago I was in a toxic relationship. I was taking depression medication, was way underweight and had a nerve issue in my arms that kept me from doing many of the things I wanted to do. I got divorced and nearly lost my house while trying to make it as a single dad.

Through a long journey of personal development I'm now in an incredible relationship and I feel connected to my family. I ditched the medication. I gained about 30 lbs of lean muscle. I accomplish WAY more, do work that I love, drive my dream car and I’m excited each day to LIVE my life. I felt like I had discovered the secret to life and I wanted to help others do the same.

It's important to me to be genuine with my clients and with everyone in life. Helping you get results is what I'm all about. I stand behind that with a money-back guarantee.

I work only with men. I know what it's like to be a guy and I've experience some of the challenges that are unique to men. And that allows me to serve my clients better.

I donate a portion of all my profits so if you work with me you'll be contributing as well. Currently I am donating to anti-racism causes.


A package that includes:

- Finding out what you really want and what drives you
- Making real progress on big goals
- Increasing energy and performance
- Increasing connection to those that are important to you
- Regular accountability to help keep you on track