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Lee & Associates Accountancy has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses. Our expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as financial statements, and financial planning.

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4 customer reviews

27 May 2018

I discovered Ella's firm two years ago. She has been extraordinary. Always has a quick turnaround and always replies to any questions. I would highly recommend.

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28 May 2015

I have used Lee & Associates Accountancy as my CPA for over 10 years. They have demonstrated in-depth accounting tax law knowledge by helping me with my tax returns and giving me solid financial advice. They are a very professional and efficient group and have delivered to me precise and accurate information about my taxes. They are a highly effective group and I will continue working with them in the future. More...

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28 May 2015

This is an amazing CPA firm. I have used a very expensive CPA in Beverly Hill years ago, and then switch to this one 5 years ago. I was very impressived with their service and professionalism. They have a service and was able to get me a great tax refund. They are very thorough and professional with their work and will make sure that you are taken care of. They are the one you can count on for your tax planning and other tax related questions. They was completely booked when I originally called him but was nice enough to squeeze me in their schedule. I can't rave enough about them and will definitely be coming back again next year. Thanks Lee & Associates!!! More...

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11 November 2010

They are very professional, honest and delivering great and quick services. This is the CPA and accounting firm you can depend on. I have used them for the last 10 years for a variety of services and this is the best CPA firm in Orange County. More...

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Tax services, financial statements, and financial planning

When a business is in the startup phase, an accountant can:

Advise on what type of company to form (such as an LLC, C corporation or S corporation)
Guide the financial section of your business plan
Help you make decisions about how to maximize profit if your personal finances are tied to the company's success
When a business is operational, an accountant:

Manages day-to-day financial transaction recording and ensures it is compliant with the law
Finds cost savings with vendors, employees and office operations
Manages tax preparation, including all forms for employees and contractors, payroll tax withholdings and financial reports
Oversees payroll
Plans for changes in business expenses to ensure that additional costs do not cause financial hardship
Can design a financial safety net in case of a catastrophic event such as the death or disability of one of the business owners
During a growth period, an accountant:

Advises on how to handle financial growth by providing financial reports and insights on opportunity
Safeguards your small business against audit or helps work through the process if the company is audited by the IRS
Helps with planning expansion, opening new locations or even selling the business
If your business is in financial difficulty, your accountant can:

Identify problem areas
Write new plans to bring finances under control
Work with creditors to set up payment plans, remove liens and reduce interest charges

I enjoy giving direct support to clients in a way that really makes a difference. The contribution I make is vital to their ability to make key financial decisions which ultimately influence the overall success of the business. I enjoy the challenge; I enjoy the responsibility and I enjoy the methodical and precise approach which is necessary for me to deliver the information clients rely upon.

Running a successful small business requires making smart decisions. Unfortunately, many small business owners have wonderful talent and expertise in their trade but do not have the financial accounting knowledge necessary to make a business run smoothly. I help small business grow.

Help clients with all aspects of business finance, no matter how great or small. I provide useful advice on strategic planning and the financial structure that will guide all your business operations. Help clients how to reach maximum and cost-effective efficiency in your regular business procedures and routines.

For any small business, bookkeeping is essential. Bookkeeping records sales and purchases, regular expenses, your bank balance and all other financial events related to business. Without detailed and accurate records of financial transactions, clients lack the ability to budget soundly and foresee the possibility of future gains or losses. Improper bookkeeping can easily cost clients a major financial crisis.