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Washington DC, Florida, District of Columbia

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The therapeutic process doesn’t have to be complicated. With the concierge model—it doesn’t even have to be clinically based. In the first appointment you’ll discuss why you’re seeking the assistance of a licensed mental health professional (now licensed in DC and in FL);

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28 March 2019

For the intellectualist who needs to understand the world and get at the driving motivations underneath, Kurt is perfect!  I benefit much from his more science and research based approach in addition to evaluating angles of body, mind and environment .  Kurt provides a youthful energy about our modern times while possessing decades of knowledge and experience.  I have received worthwhile outcomes in both occasional and back to back sessions.  We can cram a lot or we can parse it out. Do bring an agenda to the table to maximize your and his time.  Rates are reasonable for this town.   Was recommended by a former client and have been recommending him to others since! More...

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18 December 2017

First how can you rate a counselor without going. You can't judge someone by how you want them to code you.I can tell you this, I've gone to Kurt for 5 years and he will shoot straight with you and really help you get you improved.

Reviewed on Yelp


I love helping people get better, to see things differently, and to find a stronger and happier sense of themselves. What's most exciting, is when a client hears about their strengths, many times ones they've been minimizing, or loved ones have been overlooking - and then to watch the client take those strengths and thrive. There's nothing quite like being able to build a plan customized to a client's specific request, during their first session, and later to have them agree to it (and sometimes add ideas that they think will enhance it). Watching marriages heal, watching families reconnect, watching individuals look/feel/act more whole and confident - it is an absolute delight! It's cool too, that I'm able to help more clients than many providers in my profession. Why? Because I'm licensed in two jurisdictions and can see people online and in the office and onsite! Finally, as a clinical supervisor (helping others in my business get their supervision hours in) and as a former professor to social work students (training the up and coming providers to be) it is neat to incorporate more and more neuro-scientific paradigms that both support and refute various framework styles. I guess being current in the latest social technology is something that training others requires!

I think the best way to answer this question is to tell you a story (it may be 100% true and it may be a bit made up, just to get the point across to the reaer)....I remember watching a child in a private school I attended get bullied, week after week. The child didn't speak up or retaliate; he withdrew, got more and more quiet and often walked and sat alone. Once I overheard a teacher approach the child during lunch (I wasn't eavesdropping but because of where I was seated I could hear everything). At one point the kid dropped his head, slumped his shoulders and wept, shaking as he did. It was as if the weeks/months/years of bullying all showed up right there. The teacher suggested the guy see a school counselor; the kid agreed. From there, the classmate got called out of classes about once every week and the rumor was that he was seeing a counselor. Within a few weeks, this guy started telling the bullies to stop talking to him, to stop teasing him, to stop being mean and once he looked the all-star of the clique based school leader in the face and told him ----- off! In a matter of a few years, the quiet, withdrawn, bullied, kid went from sitting alone to being on the high school auditorium stage running for the student body president. And you know what? He Won!

Another story to make the point about "what inspired me to start my business" was when a family member of mine was having some serious, serious medical problems. They were the kind that take a life waaayyy too early. My loved one was asked to attend a group of similarly diagnosed peers, along with family members - which is what we did (I was one of the family members). As I sat in the group and watched this counselor lead people, facilitate, and evoke from them everything that was real (liked or not) at 17 years old I remember saying to myself "oh my God, I want his job!"

A 24 hour online self scheduling platform is probably one of the main reasons. Why would I say that? Many clients in mental health have told me how they felt pressured by therapists to schedule another session at the end of sessions. Many then would blame the therapist for some faulty outcomes. What I've learned (and I've asked my clients to let me know when and if they want to be seen long before I even used a digital server) is that when the client controls the schedule they are often more motivated to change, grow, and get better. Plus, you know when to go see the MD with a 'green snotty nose' - so I'm certain you know when to go see the therapist when things in the mind are a bit off (you know you best, usually). Also, all of my clients, whether being seen in the office, online, or onsite (depending on what state they are from and when I am available) have access to secure emailing, chatting sessions, video sessions, phone sessions - and office sessions! My best work is in treating couples using a pragmatic experiential modified approach where many are better within just a few sessions; also the successes I've had in treating PTSD has been a total thrill! And, anxiety and depression are complicated to treat as a talk therapist - but seeing these folks heal and change has been something!