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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


My goal at KOMH is to ensure that your business has the proper foundations to be successful. I do this by working collaboratively with the client to review four key areas of their business that creates that foundation.

We will review how you build (this is your company), how you produce (this is your product life-cycle), how you communicate (this is your customer life-cycle), and finally, how we change (this is your improvements).

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28 March 2020

Ashley Menzies has been tremendous in helping me establish the foundation for my new business. He has been an essential part of the research and development of the various stages of launching a business from the ground up. Ashley has been instrumental in leading me through the various programs to keep my business organized. Many of these devices have included a brainstorming website, programs for keeping track of inventory, and setting up a booking website for the e-commerce side of my business. I highly recommend him, if you are starting a new company or need help with an existing one. More...

26 March 2020

Ashley Menzies is the owner of KOMH and he is the consummate professional. His attention to detail is critical for my company and his skill level has not disappointed. Ashley is knowledgeable, efficient, creative and masterful in designing, programming and implementation. He is not only valuable to our team, he’s become an essential commodity for our growing business. I highly recommend him. More...


I love problem-solving, and I additionally love to help people improve. There really is nothing like developing a little process plan, and then seeing the joy in someone's face or voice when it begins working for them.

I could reach more people on my own. Instead of working for one company, in one department on one team, I can have several clients in various industries handling vastly different problems. It gives us all a chance to learn so much from each other.

Because my focus is on your objective, I can come in and give you a special list of 30 things to do by the end of the month, but that would just be a catch-all and almost certainly would just add more stress. I'm looking to remove stress. I want to understand your struggles and problems, and then work with you to find the best solutions that fit your business.


With this portion of my service, we are focused directly on how you are building your company. This includes all of your various "whys".

I will coach you through ensuring that your company has the proper vision and direction to tackle the problems you face now and the problems you will face in the future. I have various coaching tools that will help uncover hidden issues that you may not be seeing and to shine a light on the reasons you got started with your business in the first place!

The goal with this coaching is to make sure you LOVE what your building and what you're providing to customers.

This service is focused on your product life-cycle. We want to make sure that your product has a clear path from the idea phase, to production, to delivery, and eventually, retiring the product.

I will help you coordinate everything from how to creatively brainstorm (with structure even), how to manage inventory and supply chain, and how to handle processes and procedures for your staff.

Together we will make sure that your product becomes a vehicle of your overall vision.

Communication is an absolute must for your business to succeed. Understanding your customer life-cycle gives you insight into how they operate, think, and function within your product's life.

But when we say customer, I truly mean anyone that interacts with you, your company, or your product. It truly is information management. This is also a vital pathway to how your company's vision is passed through many different channels.

So, we have a business vision, a product life-cycle, a customer life-cycle, and a whole lot of information. Now what?

We review, analyze, and evolve. We understand via communication, where issues are hiding, and the most critical situations that slow our business.

We will work together to develop various action plans that work alongside your company's vision to address and improve these critical issues.