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K&K Cleaning & Handyman Services Corp.

Astoria, NY


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


We service all Commercial Offices and House cleaning with Excellence
We can provide reoccurring services or one time service
Business Est.2008

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38 customer reviews

4 June 2020

Great Staff! Great Services Great Company period. HIGHLY recommended!

4 June 2020

We @ citywide construction,highly recommend K&K for any Post Construction clean up jobs

4 June 2020

What a great Experience we had with K&K, Awesome Supervision,and great service.

3 June 2020

K&K Cleaning Services Cleaned our Home and it was spotless,and shiny Floors, we highly recommend this company.

3 June 2020

We have been conducting business with K&K for many years now,and we have given all our 22 locations for them to clean, there service Is outstanding,and Professional.thank you for your hard work.

3 June 2020

K&K Cleaning Services Corp. Has what it takes to make Customers There first priority. Very happy Customer highly recommend!

3 June 2020

What a Great Company, very professional,outstanding service,and Communication. We highly recommend K&K for Any Office medical clinic Etc.

1 June 2020

Outstanding performance,and service
We trust K&K Cleaning services Corp. to clean our facility

24 May 2020

Great Company,will be using there services for all our Post Construction Cleaning.

24 May 2020

Highly recommended K&K Cleaning Services Corp. Very Focused,Great Pricing, Always on time.

22 May 2020

K&K Cleaning services Corp has what is takes as a company in general. Couldn’t be more happier, highly recommend!

22 May 2020

Our Medical Clinic stays spotless every day of the week .thanks to K&K Cleaning Services. We recommend this company to bark Customers and businesses.

22 May 2020

Very professional service, very friendly and organized team.thank you for a outstanding job.Highly recommended!

21 May 2020

Outstanding Service,very friendly staff,we have had the privilege to come in contact with this company, and they have not disappointed us.

20 May 2020

Highly recommend K&K Cleaning Services, best Cleaning service we’ve ever hired.

20 May 2020

Phenomenal service, very professional, highly recommend,thank you can K&K
Cleaning services For doing or our post-construction cleanup

20 May 2020

What a great experience, with K&K Cleaning services. Job well done.we will continue our mutual relationship at all our 30 locations.

19 May 2020

Great Service,Positive Attitude and very good open channel of Communication with our staff.
Highly recommended!

19 May 2020

Thank you K&K Cleaning services Corp. for being on the front lines at our 24 hour medical clinic, and for doing a fantastic job. We are very happy with your service. More...

18 May 2020

Amazing Service! Very friendly,We at Our Company Highly recommend K&K Cleaning Services Corp. for any Office or home.Thank you for such a professional job on a weekly basis

17 May 2020

Thank you K&K Cleaning Services Corp. for your outstanding Job,and commitment to our Commercial Property Day after day after day Highly Recommend This Company,to any Commercial Property’s, and Home Service.

17 May 2020

K&K Cleaning Services Corp. Has Gone above and beyond at our Office, they are Top notch,with great Competitive Pricing and Professionalism

17 May 2020

Great Service! Positive Staff and very professional . Thank you K&K for doing such a great job. Highly recommend!

16 May 2020

We use K&K Cleaning services Corp for our Medical Office, and our personal Home now for over 5 years
They never fail to do a Fantastic Job.
And Highlight That There Professionalism is worth to brag about.Thank you K&K Cleaning Services Corp. for your Services.

16 May 2020

Great Service,Awesome attitude,Professional Staff, Very Satisfied Customer ,we Highly Recommend K&K Cleaning Services Corp.

15 May 2020

Thank you K&K Cleaning Services Corp. for such a Professional Job, day in day out.Your company will be our only choice for many years to come. Our Law Firm says Thank you for your Service and reliability. More...

15 May 2020

Very Satisfied results, K&K Cleaning Services have kept up on all our cleaning Needs at our 44,000 Square foot Office Without Fail for 5 long years. Very Responsible and Reliable Company Highly recommend! More...

14 May 2020

Very professional, very clean. K&K came to my house and done an outstanding job! Will call them back for any and every job ! Highly recommend.

14 May 2020

Very good service. I am very happy to have used their services. They do an excellent job.

14 May 2020

House Cleaning

With K&K cleaning I did not have to show him anything ,he new want had to be cleaned,that is what I like about him very good company.

13 May 2020

K&K Cleaning Services Corp. has a great open Communication Channel when dealing with Emergency Calls. and they have been on the front lines during this pandemic. Our Heating & Cooling Company Salutes there’s efforts For there Professionalism and fantastic job keeping our office clean, & Keeping there doors open for the public and businesses.
Thank you!

9 May 2020

I’ve been in business for 30 years, and hired many different Cleaning services for our office in Manhattan
I can honestly say. K&K Cleaning services Corp. has surpassed them all.
Very professional,very organized,and most of all very reasonable prices.
We highly! recommended this business!

7 May 2020

We have been using K&K Cleaning services now for 5 months,on our 5 bedroom house ,they have been the best experience we ever had in hiring a cleaning company, we highly recommend this company to friends ,family and those on bark. com that are looking for a company you can rely on. More...

6 May 2020

This Company has what it takes to be successful, positive attitude, Punctual very happy with the services they provide on our reoccurring services at our buildings

5 May 2020

Very Professional,fast responses,we highly recommend their services for offices or homes thank you K&K for such a great experience!

3 May 2020

Outstanding Cleaning! will highly recommend Thank you Great job at our 10,000 Sq Ft office will be hiring this company for weekly cleaning

30 April 2020

Outstanding cleaning! this company has what it takes to get the job done very professional quick responses Will hire again to clean our office

29 April 2020

K&K Cleaning Services does Our Office Cleaning in a weekly bases and they do a Great Job Very profesional!


We’ve been in business for over 10 years keeping our clients satisfied is our number one priority we will continue to strive to do our best

every Job will bring our own equipment our own supplies and we also keep everything very professional

Working with positive people And showing our clients are appreciation for their business each client
Is unique and we must attend to each need differently

We love to serve our community Have been serving the community for over 10 years and do our very best to keep everyone happy

We Have been serving the community for over 10 years and do our very best to keep everyone happy

No we do not provide online over remotely everything with you is hands-on we strive every day to do our best to Communicate with our clients

PPE is very important and we can’t stress enough about it safety is our number one Priority


We clean all commercial spaces