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K&J Seafood Co

Golf Manor

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15 customer reviews

30 October 2021

The seafood fries, fried whiting, catfish poboy, seafood gumbo...everything that we tried was sooo good! We will definitely be back!

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23 October 2021

Paid too much to not get wgat I wanted.

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12 October 2021

this is a special place environment special staff is special I love this place

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5 October 2021

Maybe I miss understand something. But today I ordered 1/2lb crab boil. I was under the assumption that means I got a 1/2lb crab in my boil. However I got home later got my food out for dinner and that was not what I had. I had one small crab cluster. That is not 1/2lb. I called about this and was told you all just give one cluster out and that how it's always been. That is not true and I feel cheated. I could understand is the 1 cluster if crab was 1/2lb but it is not. There for it is not what I paid for. More...

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2 October 2021

It’s is a very nice black family owned restaurant. They were super nice! And the food was good af!

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19 September 2021

Good customer service, tasty food, and clean restaurant. IT was my first time Definitely not the last. Keep up the great work

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17 September 2021

Probably some of the worst seafood I have EVER had

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12 September 2021

po boys sandwich bread is to thick& them sandwiches suppose to com with coleslaw on it an I like my seafood boil in a bag and the crabs was too small for the price my opinion I like my seafood boil in a bag and the crabs are usually bigger than that but it was very tasty and very good they just serve baby crabs there

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11 September 2021

Rave reviews from the foodie King & Queen of the 513! Delicious! Excellently prepared! Clean ambiance! Abundant portions! Friendly Service! We're sold!

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5 September 2021

Always delicious wherever they serving at❤️

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30 July 2021

I treat myself to a Crab Boil every other week.💞Its so gooood.👋

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12 May 2021

They use pre-boiled eggs and you could tell that the eggs bought boiled already because they’re very nasty on top of them being very nasty they’re doing a false advertisement the food looks nothing how it looks on pics

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15 April 2021

The cod filet was delicious! They need to team up with EM’s Sourdough Bakery for this jalapeño roll that I made this sandwich with! Nobody would beat them!

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24 February 2021

Best in the city only place I would eat seafood from plus support my people!💪💪💪💪

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19 December 2020

they are consistent.. very good and very affordable

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