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Individual, family, couples and group work within a solution-focused, brief psychotherapy format. I utilize solution-based talk therapy, EMDR, hypnotherapy, somatic work, and homework as needed.

I feel equally comfortable with men’s and women’s issues and relationships.

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27 May 2016

Kent Tompkins is a seasoned psychotherapist with decades of experience working with individuals, couples, men, women and those with a variety of issues. He's versatile, deeply caring and able to hold space for someone to go really deeply into exploring the roots of what causes people to suffer. Highly recommended. More...

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Holding space for others to integrate, finding a deeper sense of self, where clearer decisions are formed.. My experience has gifted me with many successful client experiences in therapy. I hold space, guide, coach, offer suggestions and support a deeper dive into change-worthy patterns. Your self-discovery through this process is yours to keep, and provides strength to move forward in new beneficial ways. I don't listen to a lot of "story." I engage with you and focus on solutions, going deeper into places that drive old misguided patterns etc. I provide homework that assists you to expand your awareness, confidence and a healthier way of living.

My older brother is a doctor in neuropsychology. His path opened my eyes in high school to the power of good therapy. I then majored in special education (talented and gifted), and subsequently clinical work on the graduate level. I find creativity and private practice go hand in hand. I thrive on remaining open to learning and managing my own business, while modeling healthy behaviors for clients. As a former professional athlete, I also thrive on coaching and sharing wellness plans both mentally and physically.

I am a seasoned therapist, worked with numerous cases individually, within couple's work, group settings and as an adjunct professor on the graduate level. I see people get better who drop out of over-expectations, and into solid self development. I work in a brief therapy model, yet those that give themselves patience to explore, gain more sustained insight and healing in my estimation.
I am also well versed in EMDR, hypnotherapy, family systems and somatic (body-mind) patterns, thus can draw on training and experience to approach each client uniquely.
As a prostate cancer survivor through integrative and naturopathic medicine, I assist clients locally and nationally who are considering various cancer protocols, or exploring the various landscapes around cancer. My site has a section dedicates to this important work.


For those, especially older children and adolescents, creating visual scrapbooks from photos, going out into nature. From there, we can create a video, slide show or photo book with narratives.

To those wilderness programs, and those with healing/creative gifts, consulting and mentoring is available. Give me a call to discuss. Vast experience, currently mentoring therapists, tech creators, artists et al. We can connect via Telehealth if not face to face.

What's the organization's vitality level. How's your production, sick leave numbers? I'll come in, take your organization's pulse, and we can then develop strategies together to improve your organization on multiple levels.