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Port Saint Lucie, FL

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Helping women achieve confidence of mind and body with strength training, anti-starvation diets, stress management and fun!

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I use strength training, sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits to help clients achieve their goals.

Finding a fitness and nutritional lifestyle that allows you to be consistent.

Helping a client look, move and feel better in the only body they have on this earth lights me up. Knowing that I can help someone achieve a healthier body and lifestyle is priceless as exercise, good nutrition, stress management and healthy lifestyle habits are preventative medicine towards possible disease and injury. And not only does all of this help the physical body, but it can help the mental/emotional body as well.

I went to school for pre-medical studies but didn't end up wanting to go to medical school. Through the random path I chose, I wound up finding personal training as a profession. When I realized that personal training and the habits we teach our clients can help prevent someone from possibly becoming chronically ill and/or injured, I knew this was the job for me. To prevent someone from living a sick or hurt life is empowering to me. Exercise also helps mood, mental health and stress management, and these are other powerful reasons I found myself wanting to start my own personal training business.

I don't just look at your fitness to help you reach your goals, but I look at your whole lifestyle. In some cases, this is not necessary, but lots of people don't have a problem with fitness. They may have a problem with finding a sustainable and efficient routine (which I can help with), but lots of health related goals require attention being paid to nutrition, sleep, stress management and lifestyle factors that I take the time to work on with you.

Yes. I love working with clients remotely/online. Some clients train with me via FaceTime or Zoom, and others follow monthly programs with me. If they do workouts on their own, we meet at least once a month to talk about their plan.

FaceTime and Zoom sessions and online programming.