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As a Confidence Coach I will help you become more intellectually, physically and emotionally confident in yourself, your work and your relationships.
I am a Certified Strategic Intervention (SI) Coach under teachers Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha and a fully qualified Theatre for Development Practitioner (MA), Applied Drama and Community Coach (BA Hons).

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9 November 2023

Joey gave me a space to think everything through and clarify what choices I wanted to make, even sometimes with small things. It wasn’t what I expected - like with goals, accountability, and guidance, it was a nice comfortable easy space to be listened to and work stuff out for myself which gave me the confidence in the rest of the week, to know how to be ok and what to do when things got difficult. And I'll keep going back! More...

4 July 2023

I’ve loved my coaching with Joey over the last few months. Together we’ve worked through quite a lot of my decisions as I work through some changes in both my working and family life. Working with Joey has made me more confident in making decisions. That confidence has been especially present in me when I have then gone onto follow them through and make some really positive changes in my life.
Thank you Joey!

28 February 2023

I always feel so capable and more confident after my sessions with Joey. Would always recommend her coaching services if you want some energy and a feel good factor.

16 February 2023

Joey has been a great support and confidence coach for my daughter, 20 who last year was suffering with anxiety and stress in her 2nd year at uni. It looked as though she would fail the second year and until we found Joey we all thought she would need to drop out. Working with Joey our girl's come through the last few months into her third year, and is heading towards her final exams with a good dose of confidence.
We can see how she has good tools to manage her worries and manage a high enough level of work to come through her degree successfully. She’s more relaxed, definitely has more fun, and totally loves her sessions with Joey! I would recommend Joey to anyone who has a young adult who is experiencing anxiety, especially in times of stress. She caring, patient, calm, experienced - and also lively and fun when it’s needed. Highly recommended.

14 February 2023

I’ve been with joey for a 6 week engagement over the new year and while I transition into a new role at work. She made the time and space to listen well, helping me think things through better. It made sure I was clearer, more efficient, and more effective at work. Joey is a fantastic and patient coach. I recommend her to anyone who wants to make a change. More...

10 March 2022

Joey really surprised me with what working with a coach is like. I was kind of expecting sports style coaching with plans and instructions but she actually helped me develop my ideas and plans in a more creative way, and in a way that I found fascinating to work through. I’ve learned so much about myself working with her, and how I work best. It’s had a really positive impact on me, my work and family life. I also appreciate her flexible prices, which means we can work together for longer. More...

13 January 2022

I did a full engagement with Joey up until Christmas last year. over the months working with her just allowed me to do things better, more easily, and have more belief in what I am capable of and then - 'take action'! As she says! Been an eye opener. I highly recommend Joey if you want to feel better, all round, and then get on enjoying life! More...

20 December 2021

Having Joey with you, knowing you, and knowing the good in you is so powerful. Her genuine and caring approach makes me believe in myself. If you’re considering coaching with her - go for it. More...

17 December 2021

I highly recommend Joey as a coach - She has helped me to understand that I am capable of much more than I think. I can make better decisions and have improved my daily habits and way I see things. The space she creates on our calls allows me to talk through decisions and actions with measure, care, and most importantly helped keep me positive during difficult times. She really kept me going through a a rough patch. Now I have occasional calls when I need them, they’re really helpful to keep the motivation and momentum going. And I do! More...

8 November 2021

Working with Joey has been one of life's joys and worth every single moment. I found myself in a time of transition, thinking some CBT strategies might help, when Joey was recommended by a friend. A big birthday looming, a bit of empty nesting, exhausted from a lifetime's perfection-chasing and a self-berating habit I wanted to kick, I was feeling weighed down. Joey has helped me lift out of the heaviness. Firmly but thoughtfully helping me become my own cheerleader and move into a place of ease. As kind to myself as I am with others. Thank you Joey, I am excited about what comes next and approaching whatever that is with renewed gusto. Gusto that I will always know how to tap into! x More...

17 September 2021

Joey was a great coach, I have worked with her on a number of goals around my own confidence, at home and at work. I’ve not taken responsibility for my own well-being before, it this has revolutionised how I see myself. And that has helped my improving my relationships, and finding my own confidence so much easier. And she offers flexibility which was great, I will be continuing to work with her on and off for a while. More...

6 September 2021

Working with Joey over this Summer has enabled me to confidently get back to work after a long time struggling with low self esteem and loneliness. Joey’s helped me change the way I look at my life - literally the way I see things. I’ve been able to practice being more positive about me, my abilities, and my social life. I’m not exaggerating when I say that coaching with Joey has changed me massively. I’ve never been able to confidently walk out the door without being full with worry, and now I can. The coaching does take work and commitment to the homework - but she gave me total responsibility and was patient. She is available when you need her too which I found helpful, even if just a quick message. I hadn’t really heard of coaching - or knew how effective it is. Joey is fantastic! I definitely recommend her. More...

2 September 2021

After many years of being stuck in the same unhappy place and trying all sorts of therapy I thought that maybe I should try life coaching and that’s when I come across the wonderful Joey. I was going into the unknown and being the skeptical me I did not have the belief that things could change for me, I’d been there too many times! During the initial consultation Joey was upfront and honest but considerate about what to expect on the journey ahead I felt an instant connection with Joey I was excited to start this journey. The sessions were personal and although very insightful and fun it was also tough to start with but what helped me was I felt like I was working with a friend, Joey shows that she really cares and she is truly interested in helping make the changes that I wanted to make, ones I never thought I could. This whole process has been life changing for me, I am now that better version of me the happy one I always wanted to be everything I wanted out of these sessions Joey has helped me achieved using techniques that I would never have used before. Joey really is a wonderful coach the support did not stop after each session as she would message and check in at times this makes you feel even more supported while going on this journey. Life coaching is one of the best things that I have ever done and the best investment I have ever made in me. I would highly recommend coaching with Joey. More...

7 April 2021

Working with Joey was a very powerful and life-changing experience.
In our sessions she always guided me with wisdom and compassion. What I love most about Joey is that she truly cares, inside and outside of sessions. Her warm-hearted and uplifting spirit makes her the most amazing Cheerleader you could have in your life.
She is a very empathetic, loving, kind, positive, patient, motivating, generous and committed Coach. I never felt judged and always understood and safe to share whatever was on my mind.
Her coaching is both intuitive and systematic. What makes it really powerful is her holistic approach: she helped me shift my struggles on an emotional, mental and behavioral level.
With her help I got more in touch with my body, emotions and out of my head.
Joey is very talented in messing with your negative thinking patterns, giving you new empowering perspectives, a new sense of self and a much more positive outlook on life. She is very skilled in getting straight to the root of the issue in a yet sensitive and loving way.
Her coaching has greatly improved my confidence and allowed me to step out of self-doubt, stop second guessing myself and believing in myself.
I always came out of our sessions with new insights, tools and helpful actions steps. She made me feel more balanced, whole and capable to take on new challenges. Her sessions were like honey to my soul - no matter how sad, frustrated and stressed I entered the sessions, I always came out feeling relaxed, at peace with myself, inspired, motivated, confident and totally limitless.
Joey is a true Angel and has had a very positive impact on my life. I’m very grateful to have her on my side. I would absolutely recommend working with her.
Catrin (Germany)

18 March 2021

Joey has been amazing from start to finish. Joey helped me create self belief and helped provide evidence to myself of my self worth ect. Great listener and very good at communicating her teachings in a way I can understand. Joey was very committed and followed through with out of hours reminder texts to help me remain consistent with new habits and build upon what she was teaching me in our sessions. Great experience and would highly recommend Joey to anyone looking to make some changes, big or small she’s a great coach and very knowledgeable. More...

2 February 2021

I've given Joey a 5 star rating because she gave me a 5 star service. I found working with Joey an eye opener, I was doing things that were so unhelpful and I hadn't seen that. Joey's very insightful. Not too action orientated, I found that I could build up a solid foundation before moving onto the next level - which was starting work again after becoming a mum.
She helped me to regain a sense of me, helped me get a better sense of my passions, and then use that to my advantage when finding work. Which I have then gone on to do! I still book in with her for a bit of inspiration and momentum. I highly recommend her.

18 January 2021

Joey's a great coach. Helped me to gain much needed clarity and take responsibility. She's a great coach - patient! Puts up with rambling (ho ho) and really believed in me. Impressed with the processes we went through. I would recommend her to anyone who is currently coasting, kinda stuck in a rut, no umph etc. I'm out of that now and have more purpose. Coaching with Joey made that a reality. More...

15 January 2021

I have worked with a few coaches in the past and I have to say I felt in totally safe hands with Joey. She is pro-active and honest, quite upfront at times, but so gently and with care you hardly even notice until you're half way there!
Joey was especially a support during the first Lockdown. As a mother I was calmer and more together because I managed relationships significantly better and learned methods which meant I was calmer and more positive generally. This made a huge difference at home and how we all enjoyed our months being together 24/7.
This really was down to the time I spent in sessions learning about how I operate, what I can change, and creating new, more positive habits. I have reduced my stress levels and I feel more confident about the future. I totally recommend Joey as a coach.

13 January 2021

Joey has been working with my daughter for a few weeks now, she is 15 and her confidence has soared as a result. Joey has ensured a listening space, but more importantly my daughter comes away with concrete strategies she is doing every day, so step by step she is becoming more positive and sure of herself, at home and at at school - especially during COVID and all the extra negative stuff they have to deal with. I would recommend this process to anyone looking to support a child who is suffering with anxiety or has no confidence. Joey has made a massive difference. More...

13 January 2021

Joey Really took her time and listened. She pulled out what was really the issue I needed to get over, not what I thought it was - or was telling myself anyway! She really cares, takes her time, and I felt comfortable throughout the process - except when I needed to get out of my comfort zone! I'm actually amazed now - weeks later, how much of my day to day life I've changed as a result of working with her. I highly recommend Joey as a coach. More...


That I have the time to give my full focus to a client, to work out exactly what strategies will work for them. The strategies I use are often so simple, but can overcome issues that have sometimes felt so complex, intricate and undoable when someone is deep in experiencing and see no solution. Seeing a client draw such confidence from finding clarity and a breakthrough is incredible, and the best part of my job.

Helping people in way where I can have the flexibility and time that is required to be amazing at my job, and have positive impact.

I can provide patience, care and time. I am skilled in facilitating processes tailored specifically for you to create meaningful, positive and uplifting change in your life.

Much of my work is remote - especially in 2020, but clients also attend my live workshops in the New Forest UK. I have a studio in Milford-on-Sea where much of my local one-on-one work takes place.

I work remotely mainly on the phone, Zoom or Skype


I’ll work with you over 6 or 12 sessions that will be up to 2 hours each. In between sessions you will have unlimited email and WhatsApp messaging as and when needed depending on what we are working on. The first 4 sessions are at least every week, if not more intensive. After that the sessions will be tailored to the timetable you need to achieve your outcomes for up to 16 weeks. At this point, if you do all the work I assign for you, I guarantee you will have transformed significantly, with more confidence, clarity and self belief ready to take on any challenge.