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Accounting, Administrative Services, Human Resources, Receptionist, Bookkeeping, Licensing, DOT, Construction Coordinating and Management, Collections, Operations Management and more

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We customize our services based around our clients needs

It’s important to be able to trust someone with your baby at JNR CONSULTING we take pride in that.

Helping others achieve there business needs. Seeing the satisfaction from businesses grown is what inspire us to continue helping others grow.

I struggled so much opening my own company and not knowing which way to turn to get set up. I felt the need to help a lot of business owners to achieve there goals by helping them with my knowledge.

At JNR Consulting we take pride in our business and working for our clients, helping them build there’s.

Everything is done online and remotely. We are a National based company servicing the entire U.S.

We are virtual only. Due to the rise of the pandemic we feel it’s best for us and the safety of our clients to continue being virtual.


Accounts receivable and payable, administration, balancing and reconciling.

Invoicing customers

Work is based on the client’s needs specifically.

Recruit candidates
Process payroll
Update policies
Maintain employee records

Processing payroll on a weekly, biweekly, or custom basis.

Business Management and consulting for businesses that want to grow.

Accounts receivable and payable. Profit and loss statement, reconciliation.