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Jesse is ONLINE Remote only now. Using FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. I’ve transitioned ALL my clients! It works! Try a free session with me to find out!

I am a master trainer, nutritionist & injury prevention specialist. I have 12 years of experience as a professional trainer and degrees in exercise science & nutrition from USC.

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27 December 2018

Level 5 fitness!!! Is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kai - Keith and team changed the trajectory of my healing in one hour and Literally after 1 session. just 1 session I felt a HUGE difference let me tell you a little bit about the last six weeks of my life 2018.  I have Sciatica!!!   I suffer from scoliosis and 2 herniated disc L4 and L5.    So what did I do first?   I simultaneously made an appointment with my primary care physician and a chiropractor.  I went twice to the chiro which I am pretty sure inflamed the sciatica beyond comprehension and it took over a week to get an appointment with the primary care doctor.  In the interim the pain was so severe.  I was taking ibuprofen, Tylenol, tumeric, CBD, CBD cream,  arnica, turmeric and now I have been suffering greatly for 7 days.   I did acupuncture cupping and massage.   Nothing was really taking off the edge.  I did cold laser which helped a little, and I succumbed and called a friend to see if they had anything stronger as my primary care doctor would not give me anything at all but a referral to a back pain management doctor which then took another week to get an appointment.  I ended up in the emergency room.     I couldn't take the pain it was so severe I was ready to jump off a cliff. I have an HMO and by the time I got the referral to the Dr. I had already been to the ER where the ER doctor told me that we are having an opioid crisis and that even though they believe I'm not faking the pain!  Too many people go to the ER just looking to get drugs and get high, what !! and are you ready?!  The Dr told me I should move to Canada.  After 4 hours and probably a 3k Bill. I was given a script for tramadol( which I never filled because I told them it doesn't agree with me (makes me queezy and tired)  I just begged for an MRI as I knew I had herniated discs and i ultimately wanted a steroid epidural injection. PS folks they won't give you and MRI in the ER.  They pumped me with dilaudid (which just made me puke).   The one good thing was they called the back pain management doctor and pushed to get  me in faster to see him so I didn't have to wait the entire week.   FINALLY a I saw the Dr. He wrote me a script for preganasone and Nucynta ER (pain pill) and ordered and MRI (by now I'm on week 3 of severe severe excruciating pain).  By now I had to work from home.  I couldn't make the commute to Santa Monica, be in an office all day, shit I could barely walk.  Took another week for the MRI  which I asked for my own copy as it was going to take another 2-3 days to make it to the doctors office.   finally got the steroid epidural injection.  Finally a little of the edge was taken off.   Meanwhile Blue Shield still hadn't approved any pain medication.   I told the owner of my company I'm in trouble (after the injection my foot went numb pins and needles were a blessing if any feeling at all). He told me about level 5 and I made an appointment and went yesterday.  LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!! Yes life More...

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4 December 2018

Beautiful Emily is warm and funny. She is extremely knowledgeable and unlike any trainer I have ever had.  She is aligning my posture with corrective exercises.  I have done yoga, Pilates, weight training, classes - the LA circuit, and I have never done the exercises that Emily has "prescribed" for me. I am always looking forward to our next session. More...

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10 June 2018

Level 5 Fitness' approach to fitness is truly a whole body approach - and my body has responded wonderfully to it . I am overall leaner, but am also out of pain. I had had so much hip discomfort last summer that I thought I would have to have surgery. But with Jesse's and Kai's guidance I am pain free. I also had a chronic knee issue that seems to have been alleviated. The team here really cares and is constantly evaluating and making adjustments to insure that their work is "in the moment" and highly precise! More...

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19 May 2018

A miracle!  How many gyms have we all been to?  I can write this without a doubt that this is the first and only gym that cares about your fitness before their dollars.  This is also the first and only gym that has even addressed the issue of fixing my alignment before giving me a hundred situps or exercises to do.   Keith helps me strengthen certain parts of my body first, the result is I am walking better than before and not in as much pain.  This has only been 2 weeks, can't wait to see what next month brings.  Parking is validated, a huge plus for me.   Thank you Keith, Kai, and Jesse. More...

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13 March 2018

I came to Level 5 after I hurt my knee working out.  In all my previous trainer sessions before Level 5, I couldn't find anyone who could help me work out fully and not hurt my knee.  Kai has been amazing at giving me corrective exercises that have made a huge difference in me healing my knee and being able to work out from a really functional posture.  I love the group classes - I've taken them with Jesse, Becca and Kai.  I get a great workout that feels like I'm doing really good things for my body.  I'm getting stronger and moving to higher levels of workouts each month.  I love that the workouts change daily and each month progresses me to my next level of fitness.  This is a great gym!  The training has both corrective exercises and challenging workouts.  I have gone to many classes at other gyms and I've never experienced workouts that really make sense to my body.  I'm not just throwing around weights.  I'm really making a difference in my strength, agility and my whole body.    I also notice that when I do go to other classes like yoga, I'm sooooo much stronger!  Whoo hoo!  I'm super motivated to attend these classes and workout regularly, because of Level 5, their program and the trainers! More...

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6 February 2018

This place is such a diamond. It's really helped me become more aware of my body and posture and has reshaped my physical alignment completely. The staff and people have such kind hearts and are truly invested in helping you with your needs. I highly recommend :) More...

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26 January 2018

Jesse is caring, smart, intuitive and loves his craft but wants to make a difference in your life through health.A few important tips:The most important thing to master to have a great body which so many want is NUTRITION.  Jesse is an expert in that.  That is huge!  I can't stress that enough!The most important thing to master in weight lifting is your posture & body mechanics.  Jesse stresses that and retrains your body so you are aligned properly & you don't breakdown, stop working out, heal, workout breakdown.  He brakes the cycle.  He will prepare you & guide to look & feel the way you want..... enjoy the journey More...

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11 November 2017

We've all had that awful gym experience where the clients are quietly crying with bad form while the trainer flexes at himself in the mirror. A place where it's more about their own looks than helping people. Well, the good thing about Level 5 is that they're so good looking they don't need no stinking mirrors, so they get to pay full attention to YOU! In all seriousness, these guys are the real deal. They  aren't worried about themselves because their mission is to help people. Not only are they fitness minded, there's an emphasis on body alignment to combat bio mechanical dysfunctions. I couldn't even sneeze without pain before I met Kai. Now, You should see that squat life I got goin on! This is a place of positivity, a safe haven, a source of strength. Relentless compassion. So whether you're about fitness or fitness whole pizza in your mouth, there's a place a Level 5 for you!! More...

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My approach is to build and a program unique to your body, lifestyle, and goals. At the end of the day, a diet/nutrition plan is only as good as it's execution, and it's all about creating a plan that is enjoyable and easy to follow and sustain. Eating well shouldn't be difficult and require tons of self discpline!

Educating clients on the way to eat delicious, but also healthy food that will help them get to their goals faster is the key.

I can create anything from a cutting-edge meal plan based on the latest science to a flexible and wholistic strategy where you never once will hear the word "calorie." Either way, I will get you closer to your optimal health while increasing energy, losing bodyfat & gaining muscle tone.

Most importantly, my goal is to teach you habits, plans, & strategies so you can keep doing this on your own for the rest of your life.

My specialty is getting clients out of the yo-yo: so many of us find a way to be dedicated to our diets and workouts for one month, and then go off the deep end for the month, and our weight and health is constantly fluctuating as a result.

To correct this, I customize my programs based on 3 important considerations:

1.Your lifestyle (schedule, what you dislike/enjoy, etc.)
2. Your Body (injuries, genetics, previous experience, etc.)
3. Your goals!

After gathering this information I create a simple exercise and nutrition plan for you that is REALISTIC for your life.

It's your responsibility to follow the plan! And to support you, in follow up sessions I will continually guide you to make it as easy & convenient as possible.

In addition to maintaining your success, in our follow up sessions I will also be giving you your next steps to being even healthier & in better shape, and our plan will constantly evolve and adapt over time.

Consistency consistency consistency. That, and following a nutrition and exercise program that's right for YOUR body, not something cookie cutter.

If that doesn't work, you can always just drink some fresh water from the fountain of youth, but I only share that with my best clients :-)

Knowing that every day I am helping someone grow. To me it's not just about helping a client look better (although having helped several go from 6 roles to a 6 pack is pretty awesome). Knowing that I am a part of helping someone change their entire lifestyle gives me the energy I need to train the 8-12 clients I typically see in a given day.

I sincerely believe that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy, and that starts with both the mind and body. Right now there are a lot of people wanting help, but very few succeed. It's my mission is to change the world starting with the clients I see in-person every day, and eventually create a movement built around the 4 pillars- Movement, Mindset, Nutrition, and Rest.

If you value having a trainer intensely DEDICATED to helping you achieve your goals, then I'm your guy! What makes me unique, is that I never take a client for granted and give them a cookie cutter approach. Instead the goal is to look at your body, and lifestyle and come up with a program that will not only give you the best possible results, but also be sustainable, and last for life!


Whether your goal is to lose weight, get toned, add muscle, improve your performance, reduce pain, rehabilitate from an injury, or a combination of several, I will build a customized program unique to your body and goal while being there to support you every step of the way.

If you find yourself being more motivated when you're part of a team, then Small Group Training is where it's at! Small group consists of 3-8 clients of similar goals and body types working together towards their goals. The programs are still customized to your level of fitness, injuries, goals, etc., and we also still work on your nutrition and managing your lifestyle outside of the studio.

For those who feel like they have the exercise part of their programming dialed in, I also offer nutrition coaching. This can be anything from a multi-point plan that takes into account every calorie and mg of micronutrients, to a broader set of principals and guiding perspective. Either way we will take a look at your current eating patterns, goal, lifestyle, and body type, and not only create something that works for you, but also build your education so that you can learn to manage your nutrition independently.

For clients who can't make it down to Santa Monica, I also offer web-based sessions, and integrate unique technology such as heart rate monitors to deliver a nearly identical quality of training as my one-on-one clients get here at the studio.