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Hey Im Jayson from JMC - Jayson Mair Coaching. And Yes, that's an Aussie (Australian) Accent, as born in Melbourne, Australia.

I ONLY provide relationship and couple counselling entirely online. (So you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to get help)

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13 December 2022

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What i love the most is taking two people who are at a point of not knowing what or where they are within the relationship and finding a clear view of to all for them. Getting them back on the same page and fully understanding each other. Being FULLY clear on what is REALLY going on and not what they 'think" is going on is usually not the case.

I messed up many of my relationships, and after having a coach work with me, I discovered it was ALL me in control of what was happening. From that. I got myself sorted from being a "commitment phone" to having one of the longest relationships I had ever had in my life. This took a LOT of in-depth self-exploration to understand why or what was happening. Then I went on to study and after 2 years, became a Relationship Coach for others. So Im, not a perfect person and no one ever is. I AM a lot better than I've ever been and will continue to grow and help others do the same with their relationships.

From my many years of experience, I can see BOTH sides and understand what is happening and what causes many of the breakdowns. Staying that it's NOT about me. Im just the facilitator who is here to learn about both YOU and understand what and where you are both coming from, then helping you both get a full understanding of what's happening. Once you know what is happening, ONLY then can you do what it takes to correct it and grow and learn from there when moving forward.

I ONLY provide my service online.
Why? Because when covid hit, I realised so many people couldn't get help when their relationships went from bad to worst. Right now, soooo many people want someone to help them understand what has happened and to help them get clear on what they should do, as well as what has happened.
So it's my mission to help as many as I can worldwide have better quality relationships and to feel and experience love the way they wish, whatever that is for them.

Being online is ALL that has helped.
They don't have to travel, leave the comforts of their own home, find babysitters, or get both partners to be in the same place at the same time if it's not possible. Because I see them all live online, we are all together, even if one is at work or away from home and the other is not. Everyone can attend who needs to be there.


Want to know if I'm the right person to help you both?

Being comfortable expressing yourself in a judgement-free environment is essential.
I want you to feel heard and understood and know you'll get the results you need moving forward within your relationship.
Or to help you decide what your next step is.

Book your free 30-minute Zoom online consultation so you can discuss your situation and see how I can help.

Please select a time, and let's discuss what you need.
What's it going to cost you?
Only another week/month/year of your life and the same struggles if you dont.

I realize how hard it is to find the time and money to help yourself.

I want you to understand that YOU are important.
Invest in yourself and your relationship because you are worth it.

Here are a few areas I can focus on within your relationship to help you start on the right path.
And it can start with a single session at $189 for a 75 min session for yourself or your partner, or both.

Or as little as $125 per session if you want one of my Session Packages with 4 or 6 sessions to really get on top of what you want.

Some of the things I focus on are...

# 1. Improving Your Relationships With Effective Communication Skills. (The MOST Effective Way To Rebuild Your Relationship)

# 2. How to Rebuild Trust by Understanding What Caused The Breakdown in The First Place, So It Can Be Rebuilt.

#3. Relearn Who You Both Are.
This IS Crucial When You've Been Together For Many Years and May Have Grown In Different Directions and Maybe Not Understanding Who Your Partner Is,
Or Even Who YOU Are.
From understanding Love languages to Attachment styles and more.

#4. Should we stay or should we go? Has It Got To That Place Where You Are Not Even Sure If It's Worth It Anymore?
Has Either of You Already Checked Out?
Have You Given Your All and Not Getting Anywhere?

Let's check in With You To Make Sure it Is What You Are Ready To Do and Help Get You Clear About It All.