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I have been on the path of self-mastery, fearlessly facing my inner shadow realms, and living the extraordinary life of my dreams despite coming from a poverty background in the city of Los Angeles, with the beginning of my teenage years completely saturated by drugs and desperation.

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Throughout our lives we all become stricken with sorrow, this is an unavoidable process for which we all share common ground. Life has its glory, its beauty and its joy and within its inherent nature towards balance, Life also demands the experiences of loss, pain and injustice.

We have reason to grieve a great many things, most of which are unrecognized at their magnitude in general society. Grief is simply not a commonly understood or welcomed experience in the world - so it is something to which we often need guidance to fully be able to meet it and process its purpose in our lives. It is necessary for our mental, bodily and spiritual health to grieve, to cry to rage. The energy of sorrow, when not expressed or moved through, creates depression, resentment and in extreme cases, the desire to terminate our own lives.

It is a heavy and incredibly valid experience, to which we all need to begin to recognize it for its depth, so that we can process our sorrows in healthy ways and move forward with our lives as fully integrated beings, who carry, not bury, our struggles.

We grieve our losses that come in many forms; death, broken relationships, missed opportunities, childhood trauma, the unborn, broken dreams, discontinued jobs, destruction of our property.
And less commonly recognized, is when we enter into a new stage of life, and we may grieve the old version of ourselves. As we evolve, we may grieve pieces of our ego that we release. When we become aware of our destructive patterns of behavior, this too will bring up a lot of sorrow or shame - this too, we must grieve to release.

Grief is weighted, it is complex and it demands our attention in order for us to live fully, in complete embrace and joy of our lives.

I can help you reach, touch and process that grief.

Throughout my life I realize that absolutely everything boils down to forgiveness. The issues that I face in my relationships, the struggles that I endure in the world and the battle that I have within myself - all built from tiny resentments and deep wounding.
Through the sometimes tedious process of forgiveness, I have been able to make amends with all the trespasses within my life. And now, as I have allowed reconciliation in so many traumas I held, I have the tools to process quickly and release the injustices that arise through the days. I stand today with no more anger and no more guilt pushed upon anyone in the past, or even those in this world that can sometimes anger me - still, I see that we are all suffering in some way, and I can make equal our pain, so make equal our lives within the realms of forgiveness.

To release your resentments is to free yourself from the suffering of injustice. And from that freedom allows a deeper love of life and humanity to blossom, whereto, you may feel more empowered to enact courageous change.

It is an often unfamiliar journey and can also be a very painful one to begin the process of forgiving. There is something unique that a person gains from harboring their resentment, and a certain equity that makes us comfortable to keep our position against another, or ourselves. However, there is a deeper peace that can be found when the shields of our pain no longer need to be hoisted up against the world.

When you are ready to begin your journey of forgiveness, I am here to help you resolve your trespasses and renew your faith and activate peace in your relations, in the world and in yourself.