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Reshaping mental health care through the delivery of a new model Unifying Specialties of Mental Health Practice. Starting with a psychiatric evaluation of the individual patient, we incorporate brain health research, incorporating cutting edge treatment approaches and advances in medicine.

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28 June 2019

I honestly cannot understand the negative reviews. I have been a patient of Dr. Solomon's for 15 years and also now see Alexandra Paul. I find everyone who works there to be incredibly personable. I have benefited greatly from my sessions. Going has helped with the issues I struggle with I feel they really care about their patients. I have a crazy work schedule since I'm in NYC and they have worked around it. When I was struggling to pay for medication due to financial difficulty again Dr. Solomon helped me. I've recommended Island Psychiatry to friends and family and have nothing but great a experience here. Highly recommend to all! More...

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24 May 2019

I have been seeing Jackie Sanzari, a LMHC, for a few months and she has been wonderful. She is kind, patient and compassionate with a great deal of knowledge. Would absolutely recommend.

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16 February 2019

Been a patient of Dr. Solomon for 15 years. I have ADHD and OCD and never thought I could get as far as I have in life. Have a great job in the mental health field and starting a family. Thanks, doc, and please don't retire! More...

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2 September 2018

I see Dr. Solomon for medication. Unlike other doctors, who spend five minutes with you when you come in for a refill, Dr. Solomon talks with me about things that are going on in my life. He keeps up to date with medication and other research. I was fortunate to have found Dr. Solomon on a referral from my GP when I moved out here. If I had a close friend or relative who needed the services of a psychiatrist, I would recommend Dr. Solomon without a second thought. More...

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17 August 2018

I had never had a physician who really listened to my needs and cared so deeply to make sure my mental health was his utmost priority. He truly cares about the person as a whole and will work tirelessly to ensure that no stone is left unturned as he strives to find a solution and treatment plan to each person’s individual needs. Dr. Solomon is a true professional who strictly maintains a patients privacy and confidentiality. I highly recommend him. More...

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3 August 2018

I am writing this review at this time because I have been seeing Dr. Solomon for over five years now and feel much like I did when I went to review my divorce lawyer.  It seems that people who are happy and satisfied rarely take the time to review the professionals who help them while those who are dissatisfied seem to want to scream their issues from the rooftops.  I have NEVER had any negative interactions with either Dr. Solomon or his staff and I think that it is important that satisfied patients or clients have their voices heard as well.When I started seeing Dr. Solomon, the practice was smaller and everyone who worked there knew you by your name.  The practice has expanded dramatically in the past few years and I am so pleased that the feel and atmosphere has not suffered at all.  From the women who sit at the front desk to the counselors and office managers all the way up to the doctors - they all work very hard to make you feel comfortable and at ease in an environment that can, at times, be very stressful.  In particular, the women at the front desk are always professional, courteous and go out of their way to help if I have a problem, either with getting a prescription filled or getting me samples of meds that my insurance won't always pay for.  I have called them from the road on my way out of town and they have gone above and beyond to help me get my medications in a timely and helpful manner.  In fact, I once left my wallet in their office and the office manager waited until 9 pm for me to get back bc it was a weekend and she did not want me to be without my wallet.Dr. Solomon has helped me tremendously with my issues despite the fact that I have had to change meds and/or doses many times.  He is open to listening to me about things I have heard and spends a significant amount of time explaining things to me because I always tell him that "if I understand how it works, it will likely work better for me".  In fact, I am often surprised by the amount of time he sits with me to discuss how I am feeling and what I could try to help me feel better.  Many psychiatrists simply write a script and send you on your way.  Dr Solomon is not that type of doctor at all.  He truly wants to help and understands that meds are not always the full answer.I can only imagine how difficult it must be if a patient wants to come to the office to "get meds" and is then faced with a professional who will not write a script just because another doctor wrote it.  I admire that trait in my own care as much as I think it relevant for all patients under his care.I am a 56 year old divorced woman.  I was married to a doctor and I practiced law for many years.  I have seen this profession from many different perspectives, as an attorney, as a wife and as a patient.  All I can say is that I feel lucky to have found a psychiatrist as caring and involved as Dr. Solomon.  I take my medications as prescribed and work hard to make strides in getting better.  It is a team effort and again, I am happy to have Dr Solomon on my team. More...

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23 June 2018

Dr. Solomon has been simply extraordinary. His understanding and guidance has not only helped me overcome an acute depression, but has given me the confidence to feel I can better manage the "blue periods" I face regularly. I looked long and hard for a psychiatrist who knows how to really listen and I have finally found that with Dr. Solomon. The only reason for not adding the fifth star is the wait I experienced for an initial appointment, but I understand that it's now easier to set that up because his office has expanded. Overall, could not recommend more highly, even if you have to wait initially More...

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