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You believe in your capacity to heal, and yet the deck has been stacked. You’re wondering how to break free.

The path through suffering can be the transformative fire to growth.

Through life threatening illness and back, I know this fire.

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24 April 2019

Mia is one of the most potent healers I’ve ever had a chance to meet. Her work will transform you from the inside out. In a world where many people claim to be psychic, Mia has the actual power to tune into spiritual realms to provide you with insight and illuminate what you need to come home to your most authentic self. Her work is not for the faint of heart and only for those who are ready to uncover the layers that are preventing them from stepping into the highest version of themselves. If you’re ready for deep transformation and nourishment, you’re ready to work with Mia. More...

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2 March 2019

To say working with Sean is magical would be to cheapen the reality. I have consistently found her guiding me to stare into and inhabit truths she helped me to see, truths deep within my life experience and past. It's actually amazing to me, watching her so gracefully see far deeper into my life and patterns than "should" be possible based just on what I've told her about myself. In sessions with Sean, I've found myself tangibly and immediately in direct contact with my child self, in direct experience with past and future dimensions of this existence. I've also found myself in other worlds entirely, worlds pregnant with the possibility of growth. Many times she's spoken powerful words that were spoken to me *almost verbatim* by others in my past, reinforcing those lessons that I knew were germane but maybe was not ready to accept. I've seen such evolution in my life and my inner world, clearly catalyzed in large part by her work with me. I'm forever grateful, and honored to know of and receive her gift. More...

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22 January 2019

I HAVE to write a review to share what a profound healing experience I just had with Sean Svoboda. This woman is so connected! She manages to bridge the gap between clinical knowledge and spiritual intuition, which I believe is ESSENTIAL to true healing. She has a gift for creating a safe container for potent healing journeys to occur. She is professional, compassionate, patient, and strong. If you have been thinking of trying a psychic healing, but are nervous about taking the leap... you have found the right healer! More...

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8 November 2018

Sean is one of the most profound, compassionate and powerful energy workers I know. Sean's presence alone is medicine, but beyond that, she has devoted her life to acquiring an abundance of tools that will transform any difficult life situation. I am so fortunate to have worked with Sean on many occasions, in many formats. I would highly encourage anyone who is looking for deeper insight into themselves to work with Sean. More...

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This isn't an easy job. I hear heart-breaking stories of suffering and loss. I offer guidance when all outcomes are ultimately unknown. And yet, this work is a privilege and my calling. There is nothing I would rather be doing.

Illness, loss and emotional wounding teaches us what is most important in life. I find it so rewarding to watch my clients' lives transform for the better. It is especially a joy to teach clients how to reconnect with themselves, with their inner guidance and watch them reclaim their energy and peace. It is such an honor to hold space for transformation to take place.

I have always felt the call to help others in any capacity.

It was through a decade of my own health journey that I really understood what it means to heal, and how to hold the space for the deepest level of 'healing' to occur. Through those years and my own challenges, I've attained a number of powerful techniques and modalities - the same things that have offered me so much freedom.

From the cutting edge science of LENS Neurofeedback and mind/body health coaching to counseling and energy psychology techniques of rapidly reducing symptoms - I'm gifted with skills to be of service to others.