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I Believe Personalized Training has multiple avenues of training. That’s located in Scottsdale 5 min away from Tempe 15 min away from DTPHX
What’s offered :
Strength and Conditioning
Body Building
Specific Sports Training

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Find out what the clients goals are. Create short term goals and longer term goals. Short term will help with the long term Create a game plan with the client to achieve those goals. And be present and consistent

Consistency, being present and learning and just willing to go for it. Being open to everything that is given and giving your 100% every session.

Help others fell comfortable in their own skin and also being their best versions of themselves

Being turned down by other companies to be a trainer because I didn’t have enough “experience” with in person training. And that’s why the name of my company is I Believe Personalized Training because I needed someone to believe in me and give me a chance, which I didn’t get and it’s okay but I know there’s others out there that needs someone to believe in them and I’ll be that trainer to do so. All I need is clients to believe in me to deliver.

Because you won’t just be client 1 or client 2 you will be more than that and I’ll be the trainer that will believe in you even when those days you don’t want to be in the gym come. I’ll believe in you every step of the way.

Yes online training is available. Email me or message me through Instagram

Wiping down machines after use. Group sessions went from 6 clients to 2-3 clients. But when it comes to vaccinations it’s not my job to be the police people have their own right to do what they feel is right for them and their family.


Online Training
One on one Training
Group Session
Nutrition Guidance
Powerlifting Training
Strength and Conditioning