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Even though everyone wants results, I try to balance the stuff you have to do with the stuff you want to do. If you dread coming to workout because I absolutely run you into the ground every time, that doesn’t help either of us, and most people are less likely to continue.

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By making the process as enjoyable as possible. Can I promise that we won't ever do anything hard? No, but I can promise that we will do things you enjoy as well. Even if you don’t think there is anything you enjoy about working out, I have a pretty good knack for finding that one thing that isn’t terrible, or even introducing you to something different that you haven’t tried before!

The secret is not so secret in my opinion, and people usually don’t want to hear it because it’s not sexy or revolutionary. It’s consistency.

Seeing peoples quality of life improve right before my very eyes.

Covid kind of forced me to start it, so I could pay for bills and food. I had always wanted to start my own business but never thought it was the right time, until it had to be the right time. Looking back it was the best thing I have ever done.

I genuinely care about your progress and wellbeing. We’ll make progress and have a fun time doing it, simple as that.

I can provide workouts to do on your own at a lower cost than in-person sessions. These are based on what equipment you have, time availability, and goals.

I wipe equipment down after every session, and will gladly wear a mask if the client would like me to or if the covid numbers are surging again.


Completely customized workout program that takes into account your goals, time availability, budget, and motivation level. This includes in-person personal training sessions as well as extra workouts to do on your own at no extra charge. These can range from a full workout (warm-up, weightlifting, cardio, and cooldown) to 30 minutes of stretching or an easy jog.