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In business since I was 16-years old, 2 successful exits with a lot of bumps and bruises along the way makes me an excellent counselor for business leaders. With 40+ years ox practical experience, I develop best practices for execution of ideas, professional growth, constructive communication, employee relations and sales strategies including compensation, pricing, market and more.

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Hot Dog! is an old exclamation. It's like yelling “Yahoo” or “Yabadaba doo!” It’s the joyful, proud sound of success.

My's practice of helping business heroes reach higher levels is as hard work as it is joyful. It is as challenging as well as fulfilling. While you work on your business, you’re gonna lean hard into your work. You’re gonna strive for excellence while holding onto that which makes you unique. You’re going to wish you can be two places in one time, wish you had more hours in the day and wish for some do-overs.

My job is to increase your bandwidth, help you make good decisions, grow your business while staying true to your values and enjoy the process along the way. When you reach those milestones… When you cross those daunting goals off of your list. When you succeed along the way, you’re gonna want to yell, Hot Dog! That’s why we are here… That’s why we should work together! That's what I love most about my job! Hot Dog!

Being in Business is what I do... Helping others do the same thing well is my purpose.

Customers who are ready to succeed will benefit from my honest but light touch... I have an easy to speak-with attitude and strong desire to watch them thrive and flourish. My real world, real work experience is inarguably my greatest strength. My sense of humor and good nature makes the experience very pleasant.

Yes... That's the most efficient way to connect. If face-to-face is practical, I'm happy to accommodate.

Proper social distancing and hygiene when together and great use of technology.


Even the best sales people need help with challenging opportunities.

I am an expert in helping move the ball forward. I work on an ongoing basis to develop talent and grow results.

If you're leading a sales team and you have that one person you know can succeed but need just a little more attention, I am a great resource.

From developing a compensation package to attract the best talent to recruiting and onboarding, I am a great resource.

This was one of my biggest challenges in business and it took me years to develop a winning process. If you're busy running the company, you'll definitely need help in this area.

The best sales teams need direction, structure and accountability.

The secret sauce to growing a successful sales team is stability. Stability comes from leadership. Sales leadership is expensive unless you use a Fractional Sales Manager.

In addition, I will train and act as a counselor for your existing Sales Manager to help them be more effective as leaders.

Finding the balance in pricing is a huge challenge and takes an experienced business leader to acheive.

Pricing is also a moving target always in flux.

Use me to help you develop a strategy and plan for changes.

Growing and Scaling while maintaining high standards and quality is a common problem.

Maintaining a balanced personal and work life is nearly impossible without having someone to lean on.

One on One counseling is a great investment for those finding themselves in these positions. I am very experienced, empathetic, appropriately blunt and honest.

You'll be your best self when working with me.

If you're new at this and cash is an issue, I facilitate a peer group just for you.

We meet monthly.. discuss your unique challenges while you learn from similar entrepreneurs in the same boat. This confidential, non-competitive environment is a great place to learn to run your business.

The best part is you'll pay only what you can afford. If that's Zero... That's okay. When you can afford to pay, you will.

This Nu2Bu Roundtable is the place to begin your real education as a business leader.