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17 May 2018

Lynn and Ken have helped us through 2 adoptions.They are kind, always treated us with respect and so easy to talk to. They've help make this long difficult journey a little easier. We will always be thankful for that! More...

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8 May 2016

Hope For Families helped bring our beautiful daughter into our family. We had just come from a failed adoption with another agency and they showed up and showered our whole family in love. They spoke with us often and took amazing care of our daughter's birth mom. They helped her find a place to live, took her shopping and were like a mom and dad to her when her family was not there to support her. We can never thank them enough for making her feel so loved and for the great relationship we now have with her and the child we both love because of all their hard work and prayer. Thank you HFF! More...

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19 September 2015

Hope for Families took us from a family of two to a family of three. Adoption is a long and often exhausting journey and we had been traveling it for almost 3 years when we found Hope for Families. We were impressed with being treated like people instead of a file number, the honesty of the agency and their obvious commitment immediately. We were so happy to see that the women that come to the agency for help to find homes for their children are ALSO treated as very special people who deserve and receive love and counsel from Hope for Families as they move through a brave and difficult decision. Before being blessed with our beautiful daughter we experienced a failed match. Hope for Families handled the situation with complete and total integrity. It was absolutely astounding to see in "this day and age" so much truth, compassion and caring for both sides of the equation. Although it was difficult to go through a failed match we never doubted for an instant that Hope for Families would come through for us and help us complete our dream. And they did. Thank you and we love you. More...

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22 January 2015

Will always have a warm place in my heart For Hope For Families. Could not have two better people in my life to lead me on this journey. Even in the bad times they are right there. So refreshing. Thanks Ken and Lynn. You two are the perfect team. More...

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11 May 2014

I had the pleasure to work closely with Dr. Ken and Lynn Brown. They are the most amazing people you would ever meet. They both go beyond their way to help the young ladies that are in a crisis pregnancy. At the moment they meet the girls they are treated with respect and care to any need they or their baby might have. They are forever loving and concern for their well being. If today you are looking at this website and are not sure what to do. Give Dr Ken or Lynn a call and they will be there to counsel you in making the most amazing, loving decision that you will ever have to make. L More...

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