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High Tea Aphrodite

East Pasadena, California

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17 customer reviews

28 July 2019

This is a really good Chicken Miksal and veggie plate! I had it at Melrose trading post and really hit the spot! Especially for Indian type of food. A must try even if I think I spelled the dish wrong! Kudos to the chef! Thanks! Luce More...

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21 January 2019

All vegan. Saw gypsy eats at the melrose trading posts multiple times and finally decided to give them a visit. I got chicken Marsala with some fresh veggies and seasoned cauliflower over a bunch of basmati rice. I also got lentil soup with more of that signature kale salad he makes. I felt good after eating the food as it's all vegan. Plus the chicken is sourced from local farmers, might be halal, I can't remember. The food was a tad bland but still had some good flavor to it. More salt could've easily made the food more enjoyable. More...

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7 October 2018

I had the chicken Marsala with mixed veggies and the sprouted lentil bowl. Feel good food everything tasted fresh and delicious . The owner is super friendly and hospitable and made the experience very enjoyable thank you More...

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6 February 2017

We worked with Gypsy Eats to cater our backyard wedding reception.  I didn't actually get to eat much (you know how it goes on your wedding day), but we got TONS of compliments on the food.  Presentation was rustically lovely.  The staff were pleasant.  Portions were great and flavors were on point.My only suggestions for improvement relate to planning and communication.  There are lots of details involved in catering an event: arranging a tasting, finalizing the menu, determining the number of rental items required, and making payments.  These communications could have been a little more organized on their end.  Sometimes it felt that we had many back and forth exchanges that could have been eliminated or at least streamlined by more thoughtful emails.  It all worked out, because I tried to stay on top of things, but it could have run just a little more smoothly. More...

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10 October 2015

Leila and Karan did the food and desserts for my wedding, and I couldn't be happier. The food was amazing, and they were so helpful and responsive during the planning process and on the day of. I also loved Leila's syrups, which we used to make delicious cocktails! I highly recommend Gypsy Eats! More...

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27 September 2015

Their food is outstanding! Quality ingredients! The flavors are not overwhelming, perfect balance! I've had them cater events and it is always perfect no matter what size event we were hosting. I always refer Gypsy Eats to others! The owners work well to create a menu that you'll love! More...

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21 September 2015

I love Gypsy Eats! They have a versatile menu that takes into account many dietary considerations. They also keep things fresh by introducing new items regularly. The food is high quality and delicious! I've enjoyed everything I've ever tried - the craft sodas and the halva are amazing! More...

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15 February 2015

Karan and Leila know how to take care of your stomach! I often stop by Gypsy Eats while shopping at the Altadena Farmers' Market. As a vegetarian, I find that Indian cuisine almost always has good options, and Gypsy Eats hasn't disappointed me yet. More...

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22 September 2014

Gypsy Eats catered my wedding last year and they were absolutely fantastic. They came to my home set up everything before the wedding started and continued to serve the most delightful appetizers and main course until the end. They were professional, fun and the food was outstanding. It was perfect! All of my guests raved for weeks about the food..actually they still talk about it. Can't say enough good things about Gypsy Eats! More...

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9 May 2014

Gypsy Eats is my favorite reason to come to the Sunday morning farmers market on Holly in Pasadena. Their food is amazing! I usually just tell him to make me something good whatever they have that day never disappoints me. The curries are to die for. All those different flavors have a dance party in my mouth. He will even make a hangover special wrap with an egg on it for those rough Sunday mornings. More...

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26 April 2014

Yum! What a treat to have Tested LA host Gypsy Eats! Late night lentils and cauliflower over rice were perfect and the service could not have been better. I will definitely be looking out for more opportunities- I hear they will be at the new Glassel Park Farmers Market. More...

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21 March 2014

They've opened a small restaurant that's open on Thu and Fri. Its located in Glassell Park on Division St near ave 33. Outdor Seating is scarce but they say they're working on a seating area in the back. The food is good, tasty and healthy. .... A lil pricey for some but u won't be disappointed. No cork fee. Welcome site in the neighborhood. More...

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18 March 2014

I've had GypsyEats at Altadena Farmer's Market and a local school event.  They have delicious persian/indian food.  Their food is definitely fresh tasting.  Interesting mixtures of flavors, so NOT bland, but not so overly spicy that my kid wouldn't enjoy.  I love their lentils!  I love their desserts, they don't make me feel guilty, but they are often very decadent tasting.  I'm not a huge fan of curry, but somehow they do it just right so it's not overly curryfied and it tastes good.  Always something new and different.  I recommend trying them, there hasn't been anything I tried that I disliked.  I really hope they continue to grow and do well. More...

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17 March 2014

I have craved Gypsy Eats since the first time I tried it and have been more and more impressed after each experience! Vegetarian and meat lovers alike, you'll love it! Thank you Gypsy's for all the hard work bringing us great food. Xx More...

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16 March 2014

Fresh. Local ingredients. International flavors. Incredible. If you haven't hooked up with GE, take care of that immediately. So so so gooooooooooooood.

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14 March 2014

After being bombarded with Taco joints and fast food regularly, its nice to see a new Pop Up spot open up in the Glassell/Cypress Parks neighborhood. I stopped in at Gypsy Eats and picked up a togo order, as I was on bike, and when I sat down for a meal, the aroma was a prelude of the deliciousness to come. Tasty, flavorful, sweet, earthy, tangy, savory all in one meal. I appreciated that the food wasnt overspiced as some places like to Curry the Heck out of everything, and the side of house Chutney left me wanting more. The service was fast and pleasant, and I felt like i was an invited guest of "the neighbors." Good luck on your new adventure. Welcome to NorthEast LA BankSide LA. I'll be stopping in regularly... when im not having a tasty local taco. haha. More...

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17 January 2014

MMM...Yum!  There's something for everyone here with this great middle eastern/indian food concept.  If you're a vegan you'll love their Indian fudge. .. so delicious!  The organic chicken curry and chicken tika masala is amazing and super reasonable price for organic.  They make these really great chai lattes that I love and their kale salad is super good, and super fresh!  I wish they had a restaurant where I could get there food for take out, but sometimes I pick up takeout for the family at the farmer's market.  I've seen them Altadena farmer's market and the Sunday Pasadena farmers market.  I heard they are opening something at the Arcadia farmers market too, so now I can get my fix there. More...

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