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High on Life Hypnosis is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. I am a Hypnotist that is a Smoking Cessation Specialist.

I also work with phobias and stress release.

What changes do you want in your life?

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25 January 2021

My first time meeting with a Spell caster and I have to say, it's really worth it. It had been 6months since my husband left me without saying anything. All thanks to Dr Tunde I was able to connect with my husband again with his powerful reunion love spell and now he loves me more than he used to. Eternally grateful with The Great Dr tunde I highly recommend, His contact details babatundesolutioncentre1@gmail.com or on his WhatsApp number +2348143581382 More...

27 May 2017

Working with Kelly was a real pleasure. You can tell he really enjoys what he does which makes everything roll out smooth. If you're not a believer in hypnosis, Kelly's work was so through that leaving his office, I was laughing about what I thought was the problem as opposed to, "Oh my God, I hope that worked.". He has made me a firm believer in what is possible when you can harness the power of your own mind. Keep up the great work Kelly! More...

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27 May 2017

I went to Kelly because I was having panic attacks crossing the Bay Bridge. I need to cross the bridge for both work and leisure, and the panic was really becoming a problem. I had never done hypnosis, and was a little wary about what to expect. Kelly made me feel comfortable so that I could explain my feelings without feeling self-conscious. The hypnosis sequence he took me through was so relaxing and calming, while at the same time quite directed to helping me rethink my whole bridge anxiety problem. I left the session totally relaxed. I have crossed the Bay Bridge twice since then without feeling any panic. If I had known how effective hypnosis would be, I would have done it sooner. Even for less severe anxieties or negative thought patterns, I feel like hypnosis would be helpful in stopping the bad cyclical thinking. I am so thankful for Kelly's help! More...

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27 May 2017

I visited High on Hypnosis for a phobia that was causing me some major issues. I was surprised by how easy the process was. This weekend I had the opportunity to face a fear that had nothing to do with my original reason for going but using a self-hypnosis Kelly taught me during our meeting, I was able to conquer it. This one was a deep seeded fear of heights. I have never ever ever since I was a child been able to climb down from a height. This weekend I climbed down a 20 foot ladder. I was amazed. If I didn't believe in hypnosis before I do now. Kelly is a pleasure to work with. Very nice and calming. More...

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27 May 2017

Kelly is an excellent hypnotist, and he made it all seem very easy. We talked for a bit, and then he took me into trance so quickly. And at the end, I came back to the room wanting more. Kelly is also a great listener. His style is very relaxed and comfortable, and I felt like he really understood what I was looking for. Since being hypnotized, I have experienced noticeable improvement in the areas we talked about (certain social and businesses situations). I find myself interacting with new people more easily, and being more disciplined as well. Thank you, Kelly, I look forward to doing more. More...

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What I love the most is seeing my clients face light up after having an amazing session. What I love the second most is having a phobia client trying to find that fear at the end of a session and that look of "where did it go?" and the fear being gone forever. What I love third most is offering a cigarette to a client after a smoking session and seeing them completely unaffected by the cigarette and never wanting to smoke ever again.

I love creating this impact in people's lives.

I was a nurse for 7 years and had my part to play in helping to make a person's life better. Although it was a great experience, I always longed for a chance to profoundly change someone's life. I literally want everyone of my clients to say "WOW! You changed my life! Thank You so much!"

I really care. I want you to have the life you deserve to be living right now. I know what it's like to have problems that you silently hold on to, afraid to tell other people about and unsure of how to solve them. I want you to know I'm here to help you get to the other side of that problem. It can be as specific as a helping you to quit smoking or as abstract as someone saying to me "I don't know what to do with my life". I have the tools in my toolbox to help.


I can help you quit smoking in one session. You think it's impossible? It's not, It's easy and I can show you how to become a non-smoker today.

Have you had a irrational fear for years? Maybe it's a fear of flying, spiders, bridges or worst of all taking a Bath? Sure you've had the fear for a long time, and maybe you think it will take a long time to get rid of, the ironic thing is, it doesn't. Literally your fear could be gone in as little as one session!

Fears get imprinted in an instant and they leave in an instant. Are you ready to say "bye bye" to that fear and "hello" to the freedom you deserve to have in your life?

Have you ever had a craving and you can't quit figure out what you want? Have you ever had a bad feeling or negative thought and you have no idea where it came from? Have you ever came to a fork in the road of life and were unsure of which path to take?

We all face these abstract problems in our lives from time to time. What would it be like to gain that insight that shows you which path to take, or to get rid of that feeling or thought, or even really help you find your passion in life?

It's a game changer, trust me I've experienced it myself and that "Ah ha" moment is priceless. The added bonus is the more abstract issue, the more fun we will have working through it and that's where some of the biggest break throughs happen.

Hey, bad stuff happens to good people. It sucks, it's unfair, it's not right and the person traumatized doesn't deserve it.

If you are still holding on to something in your past that is effecting you in the present, isn't it time that you face that demon head on, completely deal with that part of your life and move on. Ensuring a positive future, where that old traumatic experience can't effect you any more now.

You deserve that freedom. You truly do.