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1810 County Line Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA, USA

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I am here to motivate, uplift, and change my Clients physical and meatballs health goals they are trying to reach. I am an enthusiastic extrovert who prides himself on being the best version of myself and bringing the best version of Clients as well. I will make you earn it every workout , but I promise you we will haves. Fun time doing it and change it up really every time to keep things fresh and diversify your knowledgeable in and out of the gym. I will give you all the tools, to have that image of your body you have been dreaming about all this time. All i ask is you give me your time, effort, and commitment and as a team we can make your dreams become a reality.

There is no secret unfortunately, there’s is no magic pill you can take, or some secret formula in the kitchen. The real key comes down to three very important attributes hard work, self-discipline, and commitment. If you give me these three things i will give you what you want i promise you in due time we will reach heights you never thought were achievable.

The gym has saved my life, it had gotten me out of some dark times in my life and has made me into the individual I am today. There is nothing that brings me more joy then raising another persons self-esteem, confidence and body image of themselves. The gym is my favorite place to be in the world I truly wish I could spend all my time changing peoples lives in the gym.

During the pandemic I was finishing up my last semester of college at Bloomsburg University. Like many others as was bored out of my mind. So I decided to do something productive and take 3 month course on how to become a certified personal trainer to achieve a dream of mine and stay busy in a positive way. My dream one day is to open my own gym and to impact my local community by spreading my time, knowledge, and love of health and fitness in positive way.

Clients should choose me because I am very easy going to talk to , but will also motivate my clients to push beyond their perceived limits and boundaries. Every individuals body, genetics, and health is different it is my job to be able to unravel and decider the best way to make you the best version of yourself. This is a relationship and I will do anything I can in or outside of the gym to help you any way I am able too.

I can do a multitude of ways to help you achieve your fitness goals. I am able to train you at my gym body dynamics on county line road and the gym is 24/7. I also did in person training during the pandemic on peoples homes when the gyms were shut down. Lastly I Have a laptop and would be able to do zoom sessions as well.

Since the Covid pandemic I have received my vaccination. I never got it fortunately also due to my exercise regiment, supplement regiment, vitamin regiment and I want to share my secrets with you on how to build a strong immune system as well. When it comes to mask I will allow tou to make the decision if you want to wear one and if you want me to wear one as well. It is a personal preference and I want to make you as comfortable as possible