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4049 Root Road, Gasport, NY, USA

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I am a psychic medium and have appeared as a guest Psychic on the Travel Channels “Kindred Spirits” Multiple times. I have also appeared on several paranormal TV programs, as a psychic and have assisted on investigations. I am in the award winning documentary “Theres No Such Things as Ghosts”.

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Helping people and reaching out to the spirit realm for guidance and healing

After years of doing private readings for people and multiple psychic and holistic faires, I decided that to have my own blessed space to conduct my psychic readings and healing sessions, would be the purest way to receive spirit messages, with no outside interference, just the spirit presences I encounter.

I was born into a family of psychics and the gift I have had been passed down from my grandmother, and then through my mother. After a near death experience when I was 19 years old my abilities became very strong and I began to embrace the messages I receive, rather than try to quiet them. I always ask my spirit guides to give me solutions to peoples problems too, not just describe the issues. I focus on the good in people and the spirit realms as much as possible.

Yes, while I do have a home office where I conduct readings in one of the parlors here in our 1840 Victorian Bed and Breakfast, I can also provide readings by phone, and video chat. iPhone FaceTime, Facebook messenger video, and google duo. Facebook pages are Heather Rease Mattison, Heather Rease Mattison International Psychic Medium and the Graestone Manor BnB pages.

As a functioning Bed and Breakfast, Here at Graestone Manor, we are subjected to regular health department visits and follow all cleaning and health care standards. We provide a separate room where readings are conducted and if you choose to wear a mask you can. I can also sit 6 feet from the readee if necessary.


Psychic medium readings, connects to your past present and future. Loved ones, health, past life, your gifts, spirit warnings, spirit guides. Also Oracle earth magic card readings for outcomes, work, love, moving, children, family, prosperity.