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We offer DJ services, live sound reinforcement and music production. We perform at festivals, weddings, clubs, birthday parties, corporate events and many other occasions.

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13 March 2018

Wesleyan University is a much better school than Quinnipiac University. National Origin, Race, and Creed is a top priority at Wesleyan University. QU has a hatred for their Alumni, Students, Faculty, and Staff from India. The only reason QU has South Asian students on campus is because the racist Higher Authorities want their money. John Lahey, Mark Thompson, Donald Weinbach, Dianna Pategas, Edgar Rodriguez, Lynn Bushnell, and John Morgan are at fault for all the racism that happens on the QU campus. The QU Higher Authorities mentioned above hate people of color (Especially Brown people-Indians and Muslims). In reality the QU Higher Authorities and Matt Conway QU's Attorney hate people from India. Matt Conway QU's Attorney wrote a death threat letter to end a QU Indian Alumni's life. The QU Indian alumni's mother and father were also present and threatened by Matt Conway at the CCHRO Central Office in Hartford. QU's Attorney is ignorant, a bully, malicious, two faced, shady, erratic, disturbed, unprofessional, corrupt, dishonest, negative, rude, and racist toward Indians. Matt Conway and Paul Stoughton manage an unethical law firm. Conway voted for Donald Trump. He supports the immigration ban and Donald Trump name calling every Black NFL player "SOB's". He has a disdain for Indians. A Quinnipiac University Indian Alumni floored him on the Connecticut General Statutes and Title II Public Accommodation Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. He is incompetent and has no clue on World Views, National Origin, Creed, and Race. Attorney Conway lost a National Origin discrimination case against a QU Indian Alumni in 2015. Unsuccessful in defending a National Origin Discrimination (India) claim and failed to get a "No Reasonable Cause"(administrative dismissal) determination in CCHRO during the Mandatory Mediation Conference for his client Quinnipiac University. 82 allegations were filed against his client John Lahey President, Mark Thompson EVP, Donald Weinbach VP of Alumni Affairs, Dianna Pateags Associate VP of Alumni Affairs, Edgar Rodriguez Chief of Public Safety Quinnipiac University for discriminating, harassing, provoking, bullying, extorting, blackmailing, and threatening an Indian alumni's life. Indian National Origin discrimination complaint easily passed a CCHRO Merit Assessment Review. Complainant's CCHRO Lengthy Affidavit and Rebuttal was much stronger than Quinnipiac University's weak response. The QU Indian Alumni and the Indian family pointed out in CCHRO that National Origin discrimination against Indians does exist at Quinnipiac University and in the small little law firm of Conway and Stoughton. Matt Conway wrote a threatening letter to end a QU Indian Alumni's life thinking that it would solve the problem. It made the problem worse for his client QU.

Down below is a comment from the Quinnipiac University google page. A pattern of National Origin discrimination toward Indian people does exist at Quinnipiac University.

Vinay Patel
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a week ago
The faculty and campus are amazing, but something about the University itself is off-putting. The lack of any diversity may be a problem but the fact that they group ethnic students together on purpose with housing is extremely concerning. Also extremely expensive and the meal plan is limited as well.

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13 February 2018

Campus has beautiful architecture. There is a lot of history and I appreciate that. I need to see how the party scene is and how the ladies are. The school is liberal and that is a good thing. Their view on sex is most dope. More...

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30 December 2017

Graduated in 2004 with a BA in Economics. Been living below the poverty line for the past 5 years but my critical thinking skills are

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5 December 2017

My twins just graduated with a world class education,and critical thinking at its core. This is definitely a top shelf liberal arts school. Beautiful campus?

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21 November 2017

My last 2 1/2 years of going to this school I never had any real complaints only fun! The staff, Teachers and, job coaches here are amazing, and the events that happen on fridays are the bomb! If you have a young adult with disability and are looking for a post grad program I think it would be wise to give Middlesex Transition Academy a look! More...

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28 July 2017

Pretty good but also commercializes student activism while perpetuating systems of violence and oppression

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9 July 2017

Great Place to attend lectures. Wonderful friendly students. I love their school spirit. It's much friendlier than Yale or Quinnipiac. Some day I'll visit the Buddhist Temple. More...

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Make sure to cover all age groups with genre specific music and also activities. Getting to know the crowd or client.

Old school R&B and rock from 50s to Top 40. But we are not limited to these genres.

I love meeting new clients, interviewing them, and providing them with excellent services. Almost all of my current work is by referral. We are also licensed and carry liability insurance required by venues.

I live music and great sound. I am also a musician, sound enginner, and producer.

I have lots of experience and provide excellent service. I also have provided services for hundreds of events.