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13 May 2021

First time I've used this company. Found them through <a href="/redir?url=http%3A%2F%2Fcare.com&amp;s=39d5d77ae994f3e51bba30cca465847ef955d842ef282c5812754d678501e10c" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">care. com</a>. I have others that I use for investment properties and they were all booked out for too long. Were scheduled to come Monday at 1pm. Had to reach out at 430pm to find out if they were still coming. "We should be" I was told. Couple hours later get a voicemail that they can't come until Wednesday, they're very sorry and will give me a discount. So we schedule for Wednesday at 930am. 945 I get a text that they're running late. They finally make it at 11am. Not a great start, but ok, things happen... It's a move out clean on our personal residence that we already moved out of and are getting ready to list for sale. There was lots of dog hair and dust, as we have dogs and did not clean behind furniture after we moved everything out, and had not cleaned baseboards or blinds in a long time. We had not cleaned behind appliances in a long time, and no we had not deep cleaned our bathroom or kitchen in a long time. Not sure who would do all that when you know you're moving soon and going to be hiring professional cleaners. Had we been staying on top of those things, I would not have called a professional cleaning company, I would have just swept up and vacuumed myself. They had been there a few hours so I turn on my ring camera to see if they're still there, and it looks like they're loading the car. So I turned on the volume to see if I can catch their conversation and find out if they're wrapping up. Imagine my surprise when I hear the two workers, one of whom is Scott, the co-owner of the company saying things like "I don't understand how people can live like this, it's horrible" and "you know they see that dog hair everywhere and are just too lazy to clean it up". Needless to say I felt incredibly insulted and disrespected. To think that you invite someone into your home to supposedly help you solve a problem, and they're looking down on you and insulting you over the very same thing that allows them to have a business and make a living is just astonishing. I called in and told the other owner, Phoebe to tell them to leave and to just bill me for the time they were there. She did apologize for being late, and for what they had said and my feeling insulted. But later tried to excuse it by saying "they didn't know you could hear them" and "They didn't insult you to your face". So one owner of the company is insulting myself and my family over the very thing we hired them to help us with, and the other is excusing it because they "didn't say it to my face". Not the kind of people I want to give my money to. I'd hate to think the things they may say about their regular customers because they "can't hear them", or the things they will say about future customers. I have video, text messages and photos to back all this up if they try to dispute any of it. And again, in case they try to come behind me and slander me in order to make themselves look better... There was no food, or trash laying around, there were no stains or spills anywhere, no pet waste anywhere, no bugs. Yes, the house needed a lot of cleaning, this is why we hired professional cleaners, that does not give them an excuse to talk poorly about us. I paid my invoice in full (they did apply a 10% discount due to being 2 days late), and was extremely polite and kind even after missing the first day and being late the next day. Maybe not as kind after hearing my family insulted, but still maintained professionalism. All that is recorded in text messages as well. More...

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10 February 2021

They really do a detailed clean for a much cheaper price than the other companies around, a great deal. They came for a deep clean the first time and did the first hour for free. It took 2 technicians about 4-5 hours to clean the entire apartment like new, 2br/1bath, kitchen, baseboards, and walls. I have them coming back for routine maintenance which is cheaper than calling for deep cleans every few months. I highly recommend them. More...

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