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Graceworks Ecofriendly Housecleaning Services is the Rogue Valley's finest cleaning service. We have been serving the Rogue Valley for 12 years. Our professional staff will clean your personal or vacation homes, retreat centers, business offices, health and wellness clinics, as well as preparing your real estate properties for the market.


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8 May 2020

Not yet but plan to set up a future time for a thorough house cleaning!

We look forward to serving you Laura when you are ready for a cleaning! - Eric at Graceworks

18 October 2019

Kira did a great job!  She really paid attention to detail, especially the bathroom and dusting.  I am very pleased and will certainly use Graceworks again.

3 October 2019

Carissa was on time and finished the job in less time than planned. She was quiet and efficient. I was very pleased and will ask for her again when I have a need. Loved the use of eco friendly products. More...

13 September 2019

Carissa showed up right on time! What a pleasant person, great personality! She did a great job! She put me right at ease. Cleaned with all natural products, the house smelled amazing, fresh and clean and looks equally as great! More...

28 August 2019

Perfection! The workers were professional and diligent and Eric is wonderful! You know you have a great company when the employees rave about their boss!

20 April 2019

We remodeled our kitchen and had 2-months' worth of dust everywhere. We hired Grace for a full day. The two women who came (Claudia and Stephanie) were wonderful. They thoroughly cleaned every nook & cranny, including a good vacuuming of our couch fabric, hard to reach cobwebs, etc. Highly recommend. More...

8 April 2019

Green, clean and eco-friendly!

10 March 2019

Amazing work! Graceworks cleaning performed a move out clean of my home and it looks brand new. They arrived on time, communicated promptly when one of the cleaners wasn't able to come due to health issues and supplied additional people as soon as possible. Appreciated their transparent cost estimate even without viewing my home and quick response to my Yelp inquiry. Thank you! More...

4 March 2019

It is a joy to have him clean the house! Having him clean your house is like a spring day.

24 September 2018

What a great feeling when you find a company that actually shows up when expected, does the job that is expected and where you speak to the owner everytime you call. Where can you find that?  My cleaner Amy did a great job.  Shes friendly and thorough, asked questions if unsure about something.  Will definately recommend to family and friends.  Oh and the cost is very reasonable compared to other companies here in medford area. More...

16 November 2017

Excellent lady was kind and took care of a bad situation.  And helped with dishes and such since my roomie and I had just moved in and box's sitting everywhere. So other than the one bathroom there is a 2 hour minimum. Was well worth the cost. More...

5 October 2015

You know that feeling you get after a good, hard rain, when you take an unexpected turn on the way home and find yourself lost in a sparkling view of your familiar surroundings as if they were all brand new?  That's how it feels after Graceworks cleans your house.  It's magical.My husband and I both work at home, so we turn into cave dwelling, monosyllabic creatures on a regular basis and cleaning is always the second thing to fall by the wayside during deadline crunch time.  (The first is healthy eating, obviously.  Sugar + caffeine = art, in case you wondered.)  We moved into the area recently and knew we had to sort out a cleaning service quickly or we'd never dig ourselves out of the dust and the clutter and the mountains of pet hair.  As this was not an appealing prospect, I poked around online, found Graceworks, and hoped for the best.  I was blown away!  I realize these are a lot of superlatives for housecleaning, but I'm telling you, this isn't ordinary housecleaning at all.  The owner, Eric, is not only friendly, punctual, great with silly dogs as well as distracted humans, and really, really good at what he does-- he truly seems to ENJOY cleaning, just as he claims on his website.  I can't tell you what a difference this makes in the state of our home.  I'm not kidding.  It doesn't simply sparkle, it FEELS like the fantastic little retreat it ought to be.  All this and everything he does is ecofriendly too, so no choking on chemical fumes in the wake of all that sparkling.I couldn't be happier with Graceworks and I recommend them wholeheartedly! More...

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We have been in business since 2008 serving the Rogue Valley from Hornbrook to Prospect to Grants Pass and everywhere in between.

Yes, we bring all of our own non-toxic cleaning supplies, vacuums, mops, and microfiber cleaning products.

Making each place look just right so each of our clients feels at ease.

I was helping a friend cleaning carpets, all organic and natural carpet cleaning, and a client needed some non-toxic cleaning of the rest of the house. I began cleaning for them and learning about green cleaning products and then discovered the best products and practices over the last ten years.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, all of our cleaners have background checks and are trained before going out to a home. We use only non-toxic and green cleaning products so you, your family, your pets, our cleaners, and the environment are kept healthy. We guarantee our work. Our mission is to bring more ease and goodness in the world through our ecofriendly cleaning of each home and office. We have been in business for 10 years and know how to clean for each unique situation so that you can rest assured that your home or office is ready for use and relaxation.