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We'll teach you how to Speak Dog! By learning the natural communication of dogs, you'll gain a better understanding of your dog and knowing how to better provide for him which will improve your relationship with your dog and make your lives more enjoyable.


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18 January 2021

Awesome tips and training techniques we will continue to use on our dog made a big difference!

10 January 2021

Marina did an excellent job evaluating my dogs behavior and teaching me the techniques I needed to change his aggressive behavior while on a leash. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. More...

10 January 2021

I had a great experience with Miranda. My bulldog is aggressive on the leash to other dogs when walking. She gave me tools to use to correct both my behavior and my dogs and I literally saw an improvement within the hour that she was here. I am very excited to continue using the training techniques she taught me so that I can have leisurely walks with my dog.
I highly recommend them.

22 December 2020

the consult and in home training were wonderful, I wished I had called sooner - thank you very much! I would use again

3 December 2020

Brian was excellent! My 16 year old and I were both impressed with how quickly he had us improving our handling of our rescue. Would highly recommend!

25 November 2020

Brian gave clear, concise directions to me while demonstrating them with my dog who obeyed him immediately.
I have followed his instructions today (the day after), and my dog is behaving 100% better already!
I highy recommend Brain as a trainer!

24 November 2020

Brian and Marina know what they're doing. I was pleased that their philosophies about dog training and mine were aligned. They provide really good support after the lesson, at no additional charge. More...

23 October 2020

Good Dog Workshop is incredible! Brian spent 30 minutes on the phone with me answering all of my questions and explaining the way my dog thinks. I already feel more informed just after a phone call, so I am very much looking forward to the in person training that is offered. As someone who found good dog work workshop because of their great reviews, I can confirm that they live up to their high rating! More...

Thanks very much for your review, Adriana! It was great talking with you and learning about the challenges you've been facing with Boris. We look forward to working with you in person soon!

12 October 2020

Our trainer, Marina, did a fantastic job. She has my enthusiastic recommendation.

Thanks, David! We appreciate your recommendation.

22 September 2020

We had such a great session with Josh. We knew from the start any trainer that came our way from Good Dog would be completely reliable. Josh was very patient and transparent through the entire training, and we could instantly see progress with our pup. It’s now up to us to keep it consistent but we would 10/10 recommend them to anyone looking for a dog trainer as they specialize in everything. More...

Thank you, Gina. We have no doubt that you will do great with Maggie's training and have a great canine companion for many, many years to come!

15 September 2020

Our experience with the Good Dog Workshop team was just excellent. Brian was very helpful on our first phone call and set us up with an in-home session with Josh. Josh spent about two hours with us and he was terrific to work with. We have already seen a big improvement in our dog's behavior after the one session with Josh. He spent time working directly with our dog, coaching us on how to implement the techniques on our own, and even brought two dogs with him so we could put our dog in an environment with distractions to see how she would react. Brian then called us later that night to check in on how things went and to talk options for future assistance and support. All in all, we had a great experience with the Good Dog team and can't recommend them highly enough! More...

14 September 2020

We are working with Marina. She is excellent!

23 August 2020

Brian was incredibly helpful on our initial phone call, and Marina was simply amazing. She coaches you on how to coach your dog and emphasizes the importance of establishing dominance, as dogs are pack creatures. Her dog Sailor was also incredibly helpful in encouraging my puppy to follow by example. I saw more success with my pup in the first five minutes of our training session than I have the entire 3 weeks I have had her. I would highly recommend this company, Marina especially, and would not look anywhere else for training support for my pet. 10/10, 100% would recommend to others and would very happily use their services again. It is worth every single penny. More...

23 August 2020

I can't thank Brian enough for all his help! While I was impatiently waiting for dog trainers to respond to my quote request (many of which has still yet to respond - it's been 4 days now), Brian promptly reached out to me. Being a first-time dog owner, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I was feeling helpless, stressed, and frustrated ever since I've adopted my rescue dog, but he really took the time to understand my situation and never made me feel judged. Brian took time out of his day to speak with me and broke things down for me so I could understand my new pup. Today, we met for our session, and I can't tell you how much of that stress and frustration has been alleviated. Brian's incredible knowledge and techniques has made me feel confident that I can properly take care of my pet moving forward. Also, he's just a really nice guy and easy to get along with. I would, without a doubt, recommend Good Dog Workshop! More...

Thank you so much for such kind words, Denver. It was terrific working with you and Skoden. You are without a doubt THE right person for her — you're gonna do great with her! Hope to see you at Vint Hill Dog Park again soon!

27 July 2020

Brian and Marina were amazing, they were friendly and very patient. Whenever I felt a little lost one of them was there to make sure I understood what was going on and both helped me gain confidence throughout the time I was with them on how to handle my dog. Overall a great experience and we’re super grateful! More...

Thanks, Maryori! We enjoyed working with you and your family, and feisty little Dobby was a blast to work with! We appreciate the updates you've since sent us and we hope to see you again at the dog park soon!

28 June 2020

Super responsive, well-priced, and helpful. We will be contacting Brian again should w heave any questions about what he told us. Highly, highly recommend!!

25 June 2020

I had an hour phone consult with Brian to help me better understand my new cattle dog puppy. It's been one of the best use of my time ever. I was able to get personalized answers to my questions. I learned more about typical dog behaviors and how to react to them. No amount of YouTube videos will equate to a phone consult with Good Dog Workshop! More...

15 June 2020

I worked in home with Marina with training my dog on her dog aggression, pulling on the lead, and running out the door. So far I have seen an immense change in her behavior even after just one visit. Every penny I spent I’d do it all over again my dog is changed for the better thank you so much! More...

15 June 2020

Met my needs the same day I requested help. Empathetic with my concerns and my dog’s personality. Helped me understand how to learn to speak dog more fluently. Would definitely use Good Dog Workshop again! More...

15 June 2020

Brian called back quickly and sounded so knowledgeable that I hired him without speaking to other trainers for comparison. I am so glad I did as we were trying to introduce our 4 cats to a new 4.5 month old rescue puppy because we had concerns. The trainer, Marina was fantastic! She helped us do the cat intros & a whole lot more. She was also extremely knowledgeable so we learned a lot of great moves with our new puppy, including an intro to her own dogs for socialization & most importantly now have our new puppy co existing with our 4 cats. Look no further & go with Good Dog Workshop! More...

7 June 2020

Marina is an amazing trainer. Max was very fond of him. He learned a lot within a short period of time!. Thanks 😊

7 June 2020

Noteworthy: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

We are in California so we were a bit skeptical about getting help over the phone. Turns out it was just what we needed! After our first phone consultation with Brian we understood what we need to do with our two female German Shepherds so they will get along and we don't have to find a new home for one of them. Brian is VERY knowledgeable and empathetic. THANK YOU, BRIAN! More...

4 June 2020

Very professional, responsive and personable. Marin taught me how to change a few behaviors my dog had that I wasn't fond of. Easy to understand and implement instructions for me lol! She taught me a lot. I would definitely recommend Good Dog Workshop and would call them again if I have future problems or get a new puppy! More...

4 June 2020

I worked with Brian at Good Dog Workshop over the phone. It was clear he had a lot of experience and was able to answer every question I had. He was able to help me understand my dogs body language and how to better communicate with her in order to work through her fears and anxieties. After just one day following his advice I have seen a difference in how my dog responds to me. I will gladly use him again for any future questions I have. More...

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We love helping people and their dogs. We love teaching people how to BE the best for their dogs so they can GET the best from their dogs.

After many years of volunteering with dog rescue groups, we saw a tremendous need for a better understanding of dogs, both for individuals and dog-related organizations.

EXPERIENCE: We've helped thousands of people resolve their dog behavior issues and achieve better relationships with their dogs.

RESULTS: We'll show you results on your FIRST training session.

COMMON SENSE: We'll teach you how to work WITH your dog's nature, not against it.

PROOF: We bring our own well-balanced dogs to our training sessions to demonstrate techniques and help your dog with socialization and play.

DEDICATION: We strive to give our clients the best customer service and satisfaction in the industry...even AFTER the last appointment.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Check out our ALL "A" and our ALL "5 Star" reviews on Angie's List, Google, Yelp and here on Bark!



Our unique, comprehensive evaluation and hands-on training with you and your dog—IN YOUR HOME—where the issues are occurring. We’ll evaluate your dog’s behavior as well as the relationship between you and your dog to determine the causes of your dog’s unwanted behavior. Working with you and your dog, we’ll show you why your dog's unwanted behavior is occurring and teach you how to resolve it using the natural techniques that dogs already understand. In short, we'll teach you how to 'Speak Dog'.

We teach more in TWO HOURS than other trainers do in TWO WEEKS!

Some dog behavior issues can be addressed through a simple phone consultation. Our in-depth phone conversations provide us a wealth of information about the person and the dog's environment which we utilize to 'read' and understand the situation and then advise our client on the best steps to take going forward so they can better understand their dog, address their dog's unwanted behavior and achieve a better relationship with their dog.

Has your dog bitten a person or another dog? Have you been bitten by a dog, or had your own dog attacked by another dog? Good Dog Workshop's owner Brian Kerchner is a Qualified Expert Witness in Dog Behavior in the Commonwealth of Virginia and can provide Expert Witness testimony for legal cases involving dog behavior resulting in a nip, bite or an attack to a person or another dog. Brian provides dog temperament evaluations, depositions, and courtroom testimony.

Whether you're looking for a rescue or purebred dog, a puppy or an adult dog, we have the expertise to find and match the right canine for you. Our thorough process includes: a home & family interview and analysis, our personal in-depth canine research, our expert face-to-face temperament assessment of potential dog candidates, and finally your introduction with the dog(s). We consider each individual dog's temperament, breed, natural tendencies, and energy level to best suit your own personality, needs and lifestyle. The right dog for you is out there—and we can help you find him!

Good Dog Workshop offers presentation SEMINARS where we discuss and topics such as: the basics of understanding dogs, responsible dog ownership, and the importance of Leadership and Exercise.

We also offer WORKSHOPS where we go more in-depth into dog behavior as well as how we humans affect our dogs. These workshops are designed for those who wish to have a true working knowledge of dogs which our hands-on workshops provide.