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Uniquely Creative & Simply Efficient Websites For Growing Businesses. Goldlilys Media offers custom made websites and training to provide simple and flexible solutions for complex problems along with dedicated customer service to help growing businesses thrive.

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A great website is something that captures the attention of the business's ideal customers because its design is creative, user-friendly and intuitive. The design must match the mood of its ideal clients through the right branding message. An awesome website must also be management friendly because the people who are updating the website with new contents and photos must like doing those tasks in order to keep the website SEO friendly. The owner of the website must love his/her website to keep in touch with their customers and be proud of how they are seen online.

How long has your business been established?
What type of communication method do you prefer: email, phone(text), phone(call), skype, hangouts?
Who are your customers or target audience (what industry, demographics)?
What characteristics/personality traits would your ideal customers possess?
What are examples of sites do you like? Why do you like those websites?
Describe your project in a few sentences. What is your main goal for the project (increase in sales, E-commerce to sell something, top rank SEO)?
How would you measure the success of a project if we work together?
What questions do you have for me?

I love helping clients with their technology especially website problems. Websites are not supposed to intimidate its users, but allow a company to shine its real personality through the use of creative branding and functional user interface. I love learning new technologies that will make my clients' websites easier to manage and enjoy updating.

I started my own business in order to have control over who I make websites for to make sure that I'm helping community-driven and creative companies make a name for themselves online. I wanted to make sure that small companies don't fear technology by simplifying how I speak in terms of their business and how it connects with programming their website without all the tech-lingo.

I listen and understand as much as I can about the business first and its owner to truly understand who their ideal customers are. I offer advice and tips on best practices about what makes a website grow its presence online. I make my clients not fear to ask questions and will take them step by step to help solve their problems patiently and clearly.


Goldlilys Media offers custom made websites and training to provide simple and flexible solutions for complex problems along with dedicated customer service to help growing businesses thrive.

- First, we listen to who you are, what your company is about, how you got started and understand why your customers/clients choose you
- Then we ask how you want to reflect the ideals you mentioned above, what goals you want to achieve and what success looks like to you in terms of your website. We use those info to begin planning the design and development information architecture and features
- Collaborate with UX designers to create pretty and user-friendly interfaces
- We build your website or web app using either Drupal, WordPress or another recommended web platform depending on your project requirements
- Develop custom features, modules or plugins to obtain the complete functionality you want using PHP as the core Back End language
- Responsive design & mobile ready. If you have an existing website that's not responsive, will convert it for you
- Front End Theme Layer: Bootstrap Framework, Divi, Omega, etc depending on project requirements including HTML5, CSS(3), Compass, Sass, Grunt/Gulp, Javascript, and/or jQuery.
- Server Setup: Performance optimization and monitoring. This includes installing tools through SSH such as Caching, Memcache, Varnish, etc
- Development Environment: Drush setup for Drupal sites OR WP-CLI for WordPress sites, GIT with Bitbucket / Github repository to store files, scheduled database backups and Email/Hangouts/Skype/Slack chat for improvements to your website
- Maintenance: Simple and flexible maintenance upkeep for continuous improvements
- SEO Setup: Tips on best practices and integrating Google Analytics.

-- Once the website or web app is built, will have a training session where we will show you step by step how to manage the contents of your website yourself