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136 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, USA

‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Global Threat Solutions is a 100% Military Veteran owned Security and Investigations firm. We offer Executive Protection, Estate Security, Armed and Unarmed Security services and Private Investigative services to companies and individuals.

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26 March 2022

I completely trusted Dr marsu totally from the time I spoke with him during the period my husband Left me after 11 years of our marriage, He started the spell work on my husband, and gave me so much assurance and guaranteed me that he was going to bring my husband back to my feet in just 48 hours of the spell casting. I was so confident in his work and just as he said in the beginning, my husband is finally back to me again, yes he is back with all his hearts, Love, care, emotions and flowers and things are better now. I would have no hesitation to recommend this powerful spell caster to anybody who is in need of help.. E-mail; drmarsuofficial@gmail.com Or add him up on WhatsApp ; ‪ ‪+234 813 277 5980‬ More...

14 February 2022

My coworker recommended this professional private investigator- Truthexperts investigations
after I had found suspicious messages on my
Husband’s phone repeatedly from a certain number . The guys put together an investigative team to hack into my husband’s phones and
In about 24 hours, I was able to gain remote access to his devices I began to look through his messages, whatsapp, instagram, facebook also call history , location history and whatever else I could find. and I realized he was having an affair with his friend’s wife, a shocking discovery as I and this woman often hung out . TRUTHEXPERTS@YAHOO.com was extremely helpful to me and my kids as some details are beneficial for gaining custody of them with alimony. I surely would recommend TRUTHEXPERTS@YAHOO.com to everyone. ANN

26 November 2021

Recommend monitoring and track suspected cheating wive and activities at work. However some great app couldn’t grant all access I needed to detect and catch my wife red handed in her deceptive ways. It all started when I had a suspicion on her with some recently inherited behavior like staying out late nights after work, being clingy to her phones and so on. I came to the internet to find a lasting solution to solve my marital problems. Thank God, faz came my way after checking through positive reviews , how he helped a woman catch her cheating husband red handed. I reached him via his mail at targetspytech (@) gmailcom and he requested for certain info such as my spouses phone number and phone model. Within hrs I got a notification popped up on my phone it was from Faz. he gave me a spy link which I accessed with my phone web browser there I was able to see all of his texts, call logs, WhatsApp, deleted conversation, social media shared pictures and videos etc as if I got his phone in my palms. It’s really a great opportunity to use the services of targetspytech (@) gmailcom, if you got similar issues right now I’ll strongly advice you write him for an excellent spying and tracking services. This is the most highly recommended and genuine services that works efficiently than the spy apps. You can tex him on WhatsApp at (plus one eight five six five seven five one zero seven nine) More...

19 November 2021

Know someone who's been cheated on? Chances are, the answer is yes. I have been cheated on. In this day and age, cheating is more common than ever. With hookup apps like Tinder and hundreds of online dating sites, it's never been easier to cheat and get away with it.
If your partner has a smartphone, or even just access to the Internet, they could be sneaking around behind your back and you'd never even know it! If you think it could never happen to you, think again. It is estimated that 30-60% of all married people in the U.S. have someone else on the side! This number is even higher for people who are dating. This means that if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, statistically they're more likely to be with someone else than they are to stay faithful.
Since having a relationship online is easy to cover up, how can you know for sure that your partner is really loyal? Contact SHERLOCKSTORM@yahoo.com to hack into your partners device not limited to text messages photos call log/conversation social media apps and emails. I strongly recommend this private havker and anyone who needs the services of this certified ethical havker can write them on SHERLOCKSTORM@yahoo.Com

16 September 2021

Security Guard Services

After conversing with Mr. Ken Bombace, CEO of Global Threat Solutions is the kind of Security Firm I have been seeking for the past 3 months and will be using their services in the future. They are 100% Veteran owned and operated and that is my reason for deciding to use their services. Thank you Mr. Ken Bombace and Team Bark. More...

18 August 2021

have been in a long distant marriage because of the nature of my job, my husband cheated on me times without number since I want around to make sure he was caught in the act. During this pandemic I noticed his activities closely because I always had a feeling that I was missing something before I knew it I found my self playing detective and gathering together a lot of clues that led me to understand the type of person he really is. I tried all I could to get into his phone until my friends introduced me to Agent SHERLOCKSTORM @ YAHOOCOM. He is a certified ethical havker and also an IT specialist In my friends company. I had my doubts about his services at first until he delivered and provided the services for after 4hours. I wasn’t sure how he did it, I told him all I wanted and provided all the information he requested for and I was able to see all that my husband does on his device.that was how I got all the proof I needed to confront him and I’m glad I contacted him. You can reach out to him on SHERLOCKSTORM @ YAHOOCOM. More...

18 August 2021

" My name is Jessica and I am a licensed Private Investigator (PI24025) in California. I often utilize the services offered by SHERLOCKSTORM@YAHOO. COM. I have found SHERLOCK to be a true professional with great work ethics and fantastic customer service. SHERLOCKSTORM turn-around-time and prices are some of the best in this industry. SHERLOCKSTORM always has the time to take your call and answer your questions. SHERLOCKSTORM is an absolute pleasure to work with and I thank him for the outstanding service he provides."

*Jessica - California Private Investigator - La Quinta, CA

26 July 2021

I wanted to find out the location of my partner who I didn’t totally trust so I got a app. It really didn’t get me the satisfaction I wanted but I am glad I went ahead to get it. I returned home from a job interview and had a bonding date with my step-daughter. She hugged me, and I told her how much I loved her. She turned and said that matt loved her as well. When I asked who "Matt" was, she told me that while I was gone, he had come to my home, slept over with her mum. Fortunately, Matt left a note containing his number saying, “You can call me if you need anything”. I got the number and talked to my best friend about it, he recommended the services of a phone expert, Jim. I wrote to him at targetspytech @ gmail and got his phone number. We converse and I explained the heartbreaking situation to him, we agreed on a fee. He gained complete access to his information using the phone number I got. I saw all his texts with my partner,call log, recent locations and pictures and videos of both of them. My heart was broken into shreds. I never imagined surviving that but here I am writing about this. I filed for divorce later though. I am also recommending Jimmy if you ever find yourself in such dilemma. More...

20 July 2021

Private Investigators

I want to give a big thank you to Luis . He found the person I’ve been searching for I have to say I couldn’t do it on my . . I provided him with all the info I had , in a matter of a couple hours he had answers ..I would highly recommend Bark ask for Luis he’s the best .. I’m his #1 client .. 👍 More...

19 June 2021

Private Investigators

Extremely professional and attentive and know what they’re doing

27 May 2021

I came across a private investigator one careless evening and found amongst his services, he could hack into low-security gadgets so I hired him to get into my partner's affairs mainly because he doesn’t really share a lot about himself with me. couple of days later, I received an email from (Tonyhackensaw @gmailcom) showing my boyfriend actually has a kid with a woman he sees frequently and has been paying child support and has not been able to hold a job which explains the constant money requests he made. I got the courage to ask him about it and he still chose the other woman over me. Don’t waste your time and resources on pretentious partners. Know who and what you are dealing with before you get too entangled in their bs. Hire a Private investigator as I did. Start with Tony. I mentioned his email already. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Good luck. More...

20 May 2021

Bodyguard Services

One of the best executive protection services I’ve hired

19 May 2021

Security Guard Services

Global is ultimately professional and very dedicated. I would trust my family’s safety with them at any time.


Providing Protection and Investigative services for companies and individuals to give them Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.

Careers as a Criminal Intelligence Detective and US Army Military Intelligence Officer.

My clients get the personal attention of me and my senior leadership for every protection assignment and investigation.


- Divorce and Infidelity Investigations
- Law Firm Investigative Support
- Background Checks
- Criminal History
- Surveillance
- Civil and Criminal Cases
- NY, CA and Virginia Private Investigations License

- Corporate Executive Protection Services
- Details for companies and Family Offices
- Travel Security Services
- Estate and Residential Protection Services
- Former Military and Law Enforcement Agents
- Armed and Unarmed
- Corporate Crisis Response

- Let companies know who they're doing business with
- Reputation Checks
- Due Diligence Investigations
- Criminal History
- Social Media Review
- Interviews of former business associates

- Executive Protection
- Residential Protection
- Corporate Security Force
- Armed and Unarmed
- Workplace Violence
- Corporate Crisis Response