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Furry Friends Training is a new concept in dog training and cat behavior modification. All services, both group classes and private sessions are conducted as a virtual classroom through Zoom. We provide inexpensive at home training - convenient for pet parents.

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​Strengthening the bond between pet parents and their furry friends through force free training to provide a lifetime of happiness

During the pandemic, I saw firsthand pet parents apprehension towards in person training, as well as the effectiveness of virtual learning. As a result, Furry Friends Training was born, offering virtual training with a certified instructor.

Our instructors have years of experience, and are certified through multiple agencies. They are dedicated to providing the best training possible for your dog.

Furry Friends Training is exclusivley online. We offer a wide range of instructor led classes as well as private sessions to handle all of your training needs for both dogs and cats.

As an exclusivley online business, training from home protects pet parents from Covid-19.


​Covers the basic skills every dog should know such as sit, stay, walking on a leash and more!
Best suited for puppies or dogs without formal training.
Great way to bond with your new addition.
Course is 6 consecutive weeks

Builds on the basic skills learned in Fundamentals.
Increase your dogs self control for a well mannered dog.
Create a stronger bond with your dog as they look to you for guidance on their behavior.
Introduces skills needed for the CGC test​.
Course is 6 consecutive weeks.

Focuses on having your dog obey commands without treats.
Introduces advanced skills including stop, off leash walking, take it, and more!
CGC prep class.
Dog must be able to perform sit, down, stay and come reliably.
Course is 6 consecutive weeks.

Your dog can be your child's first best friend​.
The course is designed to build a nurturing, safe environment where your dog and child can thrive together.
​Course specifically geared for new or expectant parents​.
Course is 6 consecutive weeks ​​.

Is your dog struggling or anxious when outside your home?
Help start them on the right path from the comfort of home.
Solve issues such as excessive barking and lunging at people/dogs.
Designed to build greater trust between you and your dog​​.
Course is 5 weeks and space is limited to 4 dogs to provide individualized attention.

One-on-one classes ​tailored to your individual needs