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Working in the educational industry since 2006, we specialize in developing student acquisition and growing enrollment through brand building of your school. We are a boutique marketing agency working specifically to market academic institutions like yours.

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It's more than a passion, it's an obsession. Being able to work on coding Websites, understand visitor interaction and behaviors, and finding ways to drive meaningful traffic through marketing. It's what gets us up in the morning.

Seeing results. When we had a few schools ask us for help to build their website and market it, we saw the need for cost effective ways to help them get their vision out to prospective students. They came to us from costly failed attempts of other marketing agencies, so we developed Fortress to prevent that from happening again and became exclusively focused on the educational industry.

Basically, we are geeks and nerds that love to figure out new ways to bring you students. We get all the technical and social aspects of what we're doing, and we just want to share that success with you.


These services include everything from developing a new site to revisiting the content on your existing site to figure out what is working, and how to make it better; making them more relevant to your current visitors, and to enhance search engine visibility. This also includes updating some of the images on the site, possibly changing the format/layout of certain pages to create better call-to-actions from your visitors. Hosting services for the site would be provided, complete with SSL certificates and updates, static IP address consistency, etc.

Performing a SEO audit to determine what pages could have opportunities for organic search growth and make necessary changes to meta tags and modern Schema so search engines understand the purpose of each page of your site to capture that growth.

Search engines are constantly changing their process for ranking websites, so we always use best practices on an ongoing basis. We implement tracking code to be able to track how visitors are navigating the site to determine how to make their experience simpler to be able to complete call-to-actions (i.e., inquiry requests, completing applications, etc.).

Part of the SEO audit would also include off-site analysis. This will help us determine factors that relate to overall SEO that are unrelated to your website, such as what other sites have links to yours which are passing along their authority (called back-link density).

Paid advertising with platforms such as Goolge, Microsoft Advertising (aka Bing), Facebook/Instagram, etc. Budgets would be determined by you, and we can help recommend what would be best based on your objectives. We configure the campaigns and all the technical aspects based on your needs. Our approach to paid advertising is start off small, get results, then crank it up when it’s working.

Both the paid advertising and the website development require digital copy, so we can help produce those things for you to keep things consistently high quality, and it makes it easier for you to not have to find images or make edits yourself.

Knowing what your competitors are doing is something that helps to know how to approach certain territories, who’s in them, and what the challenges we would be facing when entering those territories.

Directory submission and management, so you can be listed in various business and college directories, review sites, search engines, and just have different ways for prospective students to find your site. It’s also a strategy to build reputable back-links to your site, so you can rank better in the bigger search engines. We have relationships with over 60 of these types of sites that we work with and use to develop and manage your profile, keeping it consistent to build your brand.

This service is necessary not just for the paid advertising, but also for ranking in organic search. Finding the right keywords that are more effective in returning results is important because trying to compete with generic keywords can become cost prohibitive. Knowing what keywords we want to rank for organically will help us determine how to approach cost effective paid advertising campaigns.