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You deserve to be on a path that's going to lead you to a life that is both what you want it to be AND offers you more—more opportunities, more peace, more joy.

I am a faith-based (LDS) self-mastery coach who will help you get unstuck by figuring out how you got to where you are now, where you want to be, and how to successfully navigate the space between here and there.

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I love the moments when something just clicks for people, especially because it isn't me telling them what to do. I merely ask questions that lead people to find their own answers. It's so satisfying.

For years, I suffered from persistent–depressive disorder and ADHD and Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria. I spent years of my life in and out of therapy and I just couldn't find a therapist/counselor that I felt actually helped me.

A couple of years ago, I was in a deep and scary depression and I was just tired of struggling. So, I gave up on counseling and just went straight to a psychiatrist. I was prescribed meds and they were incredibly helpful, but I still had all my bad habits from living with PDD/ADHD/RSD. At the same time, I was working in leadership and business coaching and I kept thinking that I wanted to take the tools I gave to business owners and team leaders to every day people. I decided to look into life coaching to see what it's like and if it was a path I might want to go down with my business. I had a 20 minute coaching session and I felt like I got more from that 20 minute coaching than I'd ever gotten from years of therapy. Suddenly, I could see the power of what coaching can give.

I love coaching because it's unflinchingly honest and proactive and fairly simple.

I specialize in making major life changes with purpose and confidence. Whether the life change is unwelcome or something you are more than ready for, I can help you make the most of it. Because I started in business/leadership coaching, I am all about helping people get real results.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, my clients can also choose if they would rather join a group. My groups are always small (no more than 8 people). Each group meets weekly with a coach. Weeks 1–3 are focused, meaning there's a specific topic or "lesson" everyone has access to ahead of time, and we discuss how to implement them together. Then week 4 (and 5, if there is a fifth session) are open calls, meaning anyone can talk about whatever is currently bothering them that week.

These groups foster relationships with more than just the coach and allow for each member to contribute and help as much as they would like. It's hard to make friends as an adult, and it's especially hard to make friends who have similar difficulties AND ambitions as you do. So, these groups are as invaluable as the coaching itself.

At the moment, I do 100% online via Zoom and Google Hangouts (whichever my clients prefer).

Zoom, baby, it's a life saver. Cough all you want to and it doesn't matter a bit ;)


We take a look at your life holistically by hitting on the 8 primary life areas:
1. Personal Development
2. Spirituality
3. Family/Community
4. Romantic Relationship
5. Career/Education
6. Finacial Health
7. Health & Fitness
8. Fun & Social Life

If there is an area of your life where you want to increase your confidence, I can help. Using thought work, we approach any area of your life that you feel needs confidence work. Exploring what thoughts and beliefs are getting in your way helps address fears and insecurities.

If you're currently struggling with your faith and/or religion and are looking for help coping or maintaining perspective, we can work together on:
1. Spiritual security
2. What truth is
3. Dealing with historical issues
4. Coping with unsupportive friends and family
5. Finding answers to tough questions

Are you looking to become a better leader at work, at home, or in your community? I have a leadership coaching program that will help you gain more confidence in your leadership role (current or future), foster greater trust and accountability in your team, and increase retention rates (both with customers and employees).

Do you have 75 or less pounds to lose, but have been on a million diets and for the life of you, you can't lose the weight *and* keep it off.

You're not crazy, your not lazy, your not even failing.

Diets are designed to make you succeed in the short term and then fail in the long-term. Why? To keep you coming back for more, to foster insecurity, and to make you think you can't trust yourself or your body so that you'll keep giving your money to the diet world.

My health and fitness coaching is designed to help you let go of the diet mentality and learn to trust your body so that you can stop looking for diet and fitness advice FOREVER.

I've literally designed this to lose my clients in 3 months or less because they won't need me anymore.

In self-mastery coaching, we focus on identifying what matters most to you and what you need to do to live with the purpose and direction that understanding gives you.

You will learn to set and achieve meaningful and stretching goals as well as (and because of) simple, repeatable habits that make all the difference.

Whether you're dipping your toe into the dating pool or in a long-term committed relationship, you can always improve your communication skills, self-esteem, and partner expectations.

I use research-backed techniques and my experience in training fortune 500 leaders in communication style, accountability, and team building/relationship fostering to help you learn how to build a partnership that's not only going to last, but improve consistently over time.