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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Florida Certified Roofing Contractor - 1331290
Florida Certified Building Contractor - 1254634
Florida Certified Electrical Contractor- 13009595

Our goal here at Florida Roof and Solar Contractors Inc. is to educate, preserve and increase the value of the home/business while delivering the very best in the roofing and solar industry for Shingles, Solar Panels, Service, Products, Customer Service, Warranties, Installation and Financing.

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20 October 2020

Logan is awesome. He conducts a thorough inspection, notes all issues, researches history and then tells you what you need as well as what you don’t need. This is not a company who is out to sell you a roof unless it is actually needed. More...

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18 October 2020

Logan was great. He inspected my roof after hurricane Sally and found a hole caused by a tree branch rubbing on the roof. He did not hesitate to trim the tree and repair the roof . He provided me with a full report on the condition of the roof as well. I would definitely recommend this company. Very prompt and professional. Very refreshing to find a company that is so helpful and honest. More...

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28 May 2020

Looks great, installed in 2 days, and operational just a week later, all while under the COVID-19 lockdown and with the city inspectors at limited capacity. Logan is clearly energized by solar and knows how to make it all work. He engaged the city, technicians, and even a ceiling repair person. He has a contact list that will help you get your results faster than with anyone else. A project manager that can "make a call" is what you want.The visual look of the panels are great, orientated nicely with the roof lines. Not that the form should take priority over function, but cosmetics dont hurt. Through the lens of a non electrician, I think the wiring of the system to the house looks professional and sustainable. I quoted out several solar solutions. I quickly discovered I could get the Cadillac model with bells and whistles that I didn't know existed or a basic Civic model where either options will get you there--to use a car analogy. It seems the key factors between the high and low end systems are the degradation factors and conversion efficiencies. From my solar-naive review, the added cost of the top-end systems (double$$) are just not worth the minor gains. The scale of the gains-to-cost of the top end is simply not worth it unless you just have to have those fractional percentages. Plus all systems come with a 20+ year warranty and are smart house enabled.Florida Roof and Solar's solution is a well balanced system of performance and cost, plus they are able to provide whole house efficiency improvements. Their system is not just middle tier, their panels are within a fractional percentage of any top tier panel on market that I could find, and in some cases were half the cost. I was able to find 2 quotes that were less than Florida Roof and Solar, but what sold me was their ability to add in additional efficiency such as installing a new AC, hotwater heater (a pseudo garage AC) and my favorite, an attic exhaust fan. The convenience of 1 general contractor delivering my roof, AC, Hotwater heater and Solar, plus at market average or better cost, I was sold. If they only also did Windows. They also provided several smart switches and an Alexa...WARNING, the smart enabled devices can become addictive and lead to thoughts of whole house smart device upgrades :)Local Jacksonville company providing a great service. Highly recommend Florida Roof and Solar to be your solar provider. More...

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26 May 2020

Highly recommend requesting Irha by name for any roofing work needed. He kept me informed of progress from introduction to post install inspections; roof looks great, was up fast, pasted city inspection without conditions, and the insurance Wind Mitigation report delivered 1 day after inspections. In addition, the price was in line with the other quotes I received. I received quotes in a range of double that of Florida Roof and Solar to about $1000 less. Simply, Irha’s personal involvement gave me confidence he would ensure the roof was done correctly, and do the confidence he gave me, I selected Florida Roof and Solar. I don’t regularly do high cost improvements so I was nervous spending the cash. Irha was the first person to provide me a quote when I sent out requests for quotes from 8 different roofing companies. He was very personal, knowledgeable in the process and products, and not once tried to make up an answer to a questions he did not know; most importantly, he followed up on my questions. He gave the impression of (and lived up to) active involvement in my roof. Irha kept me informed regularly as the process moved, and that interaction eliminated my nervousness with the purchase. I felt informed and prepared for what each day held pre-install work, during installation, and the post install inspections. I am sure to Irha this was just another day, another roof, but Irha kept me informed as if it was a new life event for to him as well. I live in Eagle Harbor as a measure of my roof size for comparison. My old roof was removed, the new roof installed, and all tools and trash dumpster removed in 2 days (started Thursday am and completed Friday afternoon). Very fast. Several of my other neighbors took 4 or more days to get their roofs installed, and some had multiple days between work crew on site; their old roof removed, 2 days of no work, then the new roof install took another 2 days. Florida Roof and Solar started the job and worked to completion. Don’t forget that you lose your driveway during this process so the fewer day of the removal/install the fewer days you have to park on the street. Based on my meeting with Irha, and him then bringing in Logan to talk Solar, I also purchased a Solar system from Florida Roof and Solar. I was in the market for Solar, and their package seemed to perfect for my residential wants. I hope to provide matching praise on the Solar install very soon. More...

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6 May 2020

Florida Roof and Solar.  They are STELLAR. Logan Henderson is the most squared away person I have had in charge of getting anything done at my house.   Roof crew worked like they knew each other's movements like clockwork and hardly even had to talk they were so in sync with each other.  Enphase lead installation expert has years of experience from California, and definitely knew all details and angles.  Only thing I would say is that I was one of first homes their electrical subtractor was part of, and that gentleman needed to get up to speed.  Logan got him more up to date with level of excellence expected, and it all got resolved. They worked with me on my out of town schedule, and all went well with inspections.  Highly recommend. More...

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4 May 2020

Met Mark- discussed everything including solar. :) Logan kept me in the loop via email during every step of the process once I looked over the information and make a decision for my family here and in the future. The team was professional when they were hear to install.... answered any and all questions. Loved the fact that both Logan and Mark were able to make an appearance during the process..... (not far removed from the hands on) More...

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26 March 2020

They strive for customer satisfaction! If you want the best of the best this is who you call!

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We have worked with everyone. If you can afford your electric bill you can afford solar. Solar is actually revenue neutral, you're already paying for it. We show you how to take back your money from the utility company and invest it back into your home!

We have worked on every size job from sheds to large commercial.

We saw both industries extremely struggling to provide the proper service homeowners desire and need when it comes to roofing, solar installations, and saving money. We see the opportunity to grow, from a longevity stand point, correctly and effectively or reputation, relationships, and our family (you)!

We are very competitive in pricing, and we believe our price and value exceeds all others. Having our own roofing and solar crews and workers in house allows us to keep our costs down and our workmanship top notch.

Our pride in workmanship speaks for itself. As a Owens Corning Preferred, HAAG residential and commercial, InterNACHI, NEFBA, and GAF Premium Coating Systems contractor certified we are able to offer select warranties that a lot of other companies can’t. All re-roofs that are completed by FLRSC comes with a GAF and OC system plus warranty and an automatic upgrade to architectural shingles. We understand that your roof isn’t just part of your house but that it is the first line of protection to your home and your most pride possession.