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Welcome to FITNESS COMES FIRST, where elite personal training is taken to a whole new level with the latest information on health, nutrition, and exercise. This brand of training is given only by the top trainers in their field who strive for that everlasting balance of mind, body, and soul.

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26 July 2019

Jobi is a wonderful and amazing guy. Very creative with his work out plans and sometimes comes up with crazy ideas. Very sincere and dedicated. He pays attention to each individual needs and customizes the work outs. Be prepared to be burned. For the first 3 months after I started training at FC1, I never repeated an exercise. I used to visit 5 days a week. That shows his creativity. Always kept me excited about next day work out. Irrespective of your age and fitness level, Jobi has a work out plan for you. While working out Jobi is my enemy number one. he keeps pushing me for more and more. After work out he is a very good friend. I trained with Jobi for over an year and would have continued if I had not moved out of Lake Forest. More...

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22 April 2019

Found Jobi through a local ad and am very happy that I have - this trainer kicks your butt and pushes you in a good way. The exercises are always different and they focus on muscle building, balance, strength, and stamina. He only needs an hour of your day to start getting the results you want. He works with you and your goals. This class never felt like a chore - I wanted to go because I knew it was very little time out of my day and the pounds started coming off again! The classes are fairly small which means he can focus on your form to prevent any injuries. The energy in this place is super positive and everyone is awesome to work with. Too bad I am moving out of state or I would continue coming here for my workouts. Check him out and give him a shot! More...

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25 September 2018

Where do I start? I've been training with Jobi for the past month now and I have been feeling so much better! I had a really bad hip injury and Jobi really tailors exercises to suit me and the same time allow me to have a challenging workout. He's super professional and really knows his stuff :) I can definitely see the progress I've made in such a short time and I can't wait to see the improvement in the next couple months! More...

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3 September 2018

I have been through several personal trainers so can provide some context here. With Jobi -- the thing I like most is his emphasis on pushing the body in different ways -- not just focusing on strength or muscles or cardio / high intensity workouts but a combination of all.  I thought I was doing fine the way I was until I went through one of Jobi's unique regimens and realized I still needed improvement in another area.  It is very easy for a trainer to design a customized and personal schedule to make a client feel god about themselves.  Jobi is not like that.  He is very blunt and honest with you and will make sure you fully understand what being physically fit involves -- muscle strength / weight loss / stamina / balance.  He does respect your personal limits and any special requests or needs you may have and is focused on safety first and foremost.  I am very happy with my progress and the workout regimen so far.  The gym has very flexible hours and is very accommodative if your busy schedule makes it hard to be consistent. More...

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24 June 2018

Jobi is super awesome! I've been with him for about a year now and I can do more things than I could do before! He works with everyone on their needs! I try to reccomend him whenever I can. He is definitely super helpful More...

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11 August 2017

Jobi is fantastic.  He customizes my workout for me and I can already see results after about 6 weeks.  Scheduling very flexible , great parking, nice facility.  Highly recommend.

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12 June 2017

My husband and I have been coming to Jobi's place for a year now. I've lost 15 lbs and gained strength and endurance. He pushes you when you feel like giving up or think you can't do it. Afterwards, you realize that you are able to. I used to not be able to lift up my 60 lb child but now, I can give her piggyback rides around the house! He definitely tailors each workout to your needs and strength and is mindful to not have you injure yourself. More...

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11 April 2017

Jobi takes a very personal interest in your goals and helps you achieve them. He pushes you but can also work around injuries in your work out routine.  I have been a client for 5 years.  I would recommend his personal touch and let him help you get the body results you're looking for! Go for it :) More...

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11 February 2017

I've had the amazing good fortune to have met and work with Jobi. He's very passionate about his work and the results of his clients. I trained with Jobi 5 months into my first pregnancy and he was very compassionate and mindful of my situation, while also making sure I was working out to my best ability. I never used a trainer before, so it was a fantastic experience to meet someone who gave 100% of their attention and time to me. Jobi is personable, flexible with scheduling, and very respectful of your abilities. It was a fantastic experience and I will continue to work with Jobi as soon as I am healed from the delivery. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who is looking to have proper training during pregnancy! More...

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9 February 2017

I've been training with Jobi for a couple of years now and am totally pleased with my results. Jobi is very knowledgeable about both training and nutrition. The workouts are always fresh and innovative, stretching my limits just enough to constantly advance in my workouts.I would recommend this to anyone. More...

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9 February 2017

Jobi is so incredibly knowledgeable and patient with his clients. I have trained with him for years and think he's absolutely wonderful to work with. He makes sure you put in the work, he cheers you on and believes in you, but he WILL kick your butt. And that's what we all need. He takes time to lay out the training session workouts with your goals in mind. He makes it fun and motivating too. Don't think twice about working with him. You will thank yourself for doing it -- and your body will too. More...

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7 February 2017

Jobi is a great trainer. He worked with our schedule for early mornings, and has been training my fiancé and I for close to a year now. Jobi always has energy and enthusiasm even at 5am.  He changes the workouts up, and has different themes and goals for each month. I highly recommend him if you're looking for a personal trainer. More...

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6 February 2017

It's been a long time since Fitness Comes First was reviewed, and I think that's because we all love this place that we don't want a gazillion people signing up. Actually, yes, we do, because Jobi Harrison deserves all the clients he can get. I am one of those much older folk who has spent their life signing up for gym membership but never going. I hate working on machines and hate the whole gym vibe. So, when I realized I was almost beyond repair, I looked for a trainer near my house (convenience being another incentive). Not a cross-fit trainer, but one that customized the workout for each client. I found all this in Jobi. Amazingly, it's been nearly two years and I am still lugging myself there twice a week - and enjoying it! My strength has improved immensely, my flexibility and stamina and OMG CORE is so strong compared to when I started this journey. The workout is different every single visit and I never get bored. I love the vibe and the people I meet and share this with.If I can do this, everyone out there owes it to themselves to become a client. More...

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7 July 2014

THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!  My husband suffered with back problems for many years.  Jobi not only got him into the best shape of his life, but he no longer has issues with his back!  Jobi showed him that much of his trouble was centered around his poor use of free weights and universal weight systems.  Now with the proper level of weight, and technique, along with right exercises to strengthen his core, he's doing great.  If he had a Yelp account, he'd be raving about Jobi himself.  I too have seen Jobi and he really knows his stuff.  He knew just the right level to start my routine...and he mixes it up so there's always something new to do... making it much less boring to work out!  I highly recommend! More...

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5 June 2014

Throughout my life, I have had a few different trainers, but I am glad I have had the opportunity to train with Jobi.  As a doctor, I have always evaluated the level of my trainers' knowledge about the body.   I have been very impressed by his medical knowledge. He takes a very systematic and calculated approach to training his  clients and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good trainer. More...

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18 May 2014

Jobi is awesome!!  When I decided it was time to get healthier and fit he didn't hold back.  He gave me straight feedback on my stats and what it would take to achieve my goals.  The workouts were always challenging and interesting.  Jobi will mix it up as much as you can handle so don't settle for someone that just rotates you through the same routine.  Decide what you want to achieve and he will make sure you achieve it, and enjoy doing it.  Meet with Jobi and you won't be disappointed.  He is an excellent, well educated trainer, even better person, and you will benefit with a better body and greater confidence! More...

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25 March 2014

Jobi is the most highly skilled and qualified trainer I've worked with.  He has the education and experience to back up his programs, and he has an enthusiasm for new equipment/methods as well as the tried and true basics.  In addition, he is dedicated to safety and proper form while pushing clients to do their best, and he presents creative new workouts/routines each session.  As a result, even I (admittedly cranky and resistant to hard work!) ended up feeling so very STRONG and being able to do things physically that I would have never imagined.  Another plus... his supportive, encouraging and friendly personality - I've personally seen him work successfully with men and women of all ages and fitness levels and he relates equally well to all of them.  I would highly recommend Jobi and Fitness Comes First! More...

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16 October 2013

If you are looking for a clean, fully equipped, private gym with the BEST highly experienced trainer than Fitness Comes First and Jobi Morrison is your answer! I have been training with Jobi for 3 years. In that time he has completely transformed my body. Due to Jobi's expertise and knowledge I am now cardio fit and STRONG. Jobi always takes the time to answer my questions and offer support and advice regarding my workouts and diet. Jobi is not only my trainer, but has become a trusted friend and mentor. He is an integral part of my life and well being. Don't delay! Start training at Fitness Comes First with Jobi today! You'll be so pleased you did! More...

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Diet is 80 percent of your results, you need the proper fuel in your body to create the energy necessary to reach your goals.

We create personalized programs to train in every aspect of fitness from foam rolling and flexibility, core, balance, cardio, and resistance training to help you reach all your goals in a safe fun way.

Eating properly and working hard on getting muscle on your body to be able to burn calories efficiently

I love helping people become the very best versions of themselves physically, mentally, spiritually. When you help people that way you truly have had an impact in someone's life that will change them forever.

I worked In the big gyms for years and saw all the thing that were bad and wanted to create a company that really helped people and did the training in a safe proper way.

My experience and knowledge speaks for itself but because I do care about helping all my clients reach their goals and to have fun while doing it.




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