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Jennifer McGowan, an RKC certified Russian kettlebell trainer, helps her clients lose fat, increase lean muscle and build better bodies. Through personal training sessions, and group kettlebell classes, Jennifer has helped her clients learn the skills to achieve a lifetime of health and fitness.

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23 July 2018

I turned 50 in 2016, a moment in my life when I never felt weaker or was more aware of the chronic back pain I'd lived with, day in/day out, for years. Over the last ten years I've done acupuncture and acupressure, deep tissue massage, chiropractics, and taken a lot of over the counter pain relievers on the recommendation of my doctor who diagnosed the cause of the back pain to be garden variety, "nothing you can do about it", arthritis. Over time I read articles about people who had turned to kettlebells to fix their back problems, and articles about how efficient kettlebells are - all-in-one cardio and strength training. It all sounded good to me - lose the back pain, gain some muscle and cardiovascular health, and maybe even look a bit ripped as a bonus. I'm in! So I tried kettlebells on my own and in classes but hurt myself - not the instructor's fault; I wanted so badly to feel better/stronger I rushed it and paid for it for months. A few years of Advil all day every day and there I was, staring at 50. That was my turning point. I resolved to get serious about my back pain and all over health. Enter Jennifer and Fire Power KB. From the start, Jennifer has been exactly what I needed. We check in at the start and throughout every workout. When something not great is going on with me, she pivots the entire workout so as not to cause injury or aggravate existing problems. She has a vast collection of exercises with and without kettlebells and I have yet to leave a session not dripping wet and exhausted in a good way. Jennifer knows a ton about how the human body works which is so important in a case like mine where one wrong move can lay you up for weeks. I'm feeling better than I have in many years. My back is definitely changing and I've lost weight, am seeing definition here and there, and can feel the difference in my whole body and in my attitude. If any of my story resonates with you, connect with Jennifer. She's fantastic at what she does and will help you find your way to healthy living. More...

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23 July 2018

I'm so glad I found Jen and kettlebell. Thanks to Jen, I'm stronger and in better shape now than I was 20 years ago. Jen's sessions are challenging, but approachable -- pushing me to try harder, but never wrecking me to the point where I don't want to return. I recently moved several miles away from the gym, but I still go back for weekly training sessions with Jen. She's worth every extra mile! More...

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4 August 2017

I was searching for a qualified instructor that could show me solid form and technique. Both are essential for kettlebell. Strangley, it was difficult locating an instructor in Chicago, and most weren't responding to my inquiries. However, Jennifer responded quickly and offered me solid critiques and instruction. There is a lot of value that you'll gain from a one hour session with her. She'll squeeze a lot of instruction and exercise into one hour. After 2 sessions, I'm excited to continue my kettlebell journey. I have a lot of practice yet, but that's what makes it fun. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

17 March 2017

I started working Jenn last fall.  She is great at teaching kettle bell technique and has helped me immensely with my shoulder.  I had years of chronic shoulder pain and she has helped me strengthen my shoulders to the point where I have zero pain.  In addition, I am in much better physical shape and can for the first time see actual results from a trainer.  I now have muscle definition, strength and flexibility.  I spent hours in bar classes, spinning and running classes and never saw results.  Jenn will help you achieve what you actually want, which is to get rid of fat and replace with muscle. More...

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24 February 2016

I was looking for a different workout from the traditional gym trainers and found Jennifer McGowan.  And what a find she is! Kettlebell training is very different from free weights and she has been very patient teaching me how to use them.  She begins and ends my twice weekly sessions with stretching, which ultimately helps with the kettlebells. Even when I'm not able to do a new exercise, Jennifer breaks it down into small segments so that I can eventually put it all together.  She tells me that kettlebell training is a continuous process and each session has been a little different, which keeps the interest level up. I'm so happy to have found Jennifer! More...

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23 November 2014

Jennifer McGowan is a gem. After working out with her, I can see and feel real results. In a few short months, Jennifer has helped me gain muscle, lose weight and get into the best shape of my life (that's no small feat - I'm 41). From the beginning, Jennifer has tailored training sessions to my specific needs, giving me an intense workout that never pushed me too far to injury or pain. I feel confident working out with her because she is committed to proper kettlebell form, which is so important to getting an effective, injury-free workout. Recently Jennifer encouraged me to step up my exercise routine by attending a circuit training class she offers on Wednesday mornings. I'm really glad I did this, and plan to keep up both the individual kettlebell sessions and circuit classes with her. You can't go wrong with Jennifer coaching you toward a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend her! More...

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26 April 2013

Very impressive trainer, as many have said.  I came to Jennifer two years out from shoulder surgery and literally within the span of four weeks noticed a cessation of pain, better range of motion and better posture.  I train twice-weekly and hope to up it to three times weekly soon.  Jennifer has the the ability to accurately evaluate and assess and presents targeted work-outs that are at the right level.  Her body awareness and intelligence are very hard to beat.  All in all, glad that I found her and was able to commit the time. More...

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16 April 2013

I have been working with Jennifer for several months and she is a great trainer.  I was a kettle bell novice and in just a couple months of weekly sessions I saw significant improvements in my fitness, strength, and posture.  From the beginning, Jennifer was able to craft intense workouts while teaching me the kettle bell exercises with proper technique.  I have also been impressed with her extensive knowledge of body mechanics.  With her help I have been able to make steady progress working through some physical limitations without injury.   She combines classic kettle bell and other exercises into a very efficient and intense workout.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly my physique and strength have improved.  Jennifer is also great to work with--smart, motivational, and down to earth.  I have referred my wife and my sister-in-law to work with her.  The gym is unpretentious, well equipped, and has free parking. More...

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19 May 2012

I was very impressed by the training here.  I worked with Jennifer McGowan when I was in Chicago for a short visit.  Within 1 session, I was able to learn the swing properly.  I had tried on my own from DVDs and reading books, but my form was off and it was hurting my lower back.  On the second session, I learned how to do the half Turkish get-up with proper form, as well as other exercises.Jennifer left me with a solid Russian Kettlebell routine to do on my own 3 days a week with proper form for my body.  I was very impressed, and heartily recommend Fire Power Kettlebell.  I will definitely see her again when I visit next. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

10 January 2011

Jennifer is an excellent trainer.  I trained with her twice a week and saw muscle definition in just a few weeks.  She will design exercises just for you based on your fitness level and goals.  For personal reasons I had to stop training but she would definitely be the first person I'd go to if I was ready to train again! More...

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What is number one reason people give for not working out, getting in shape and feeling better? No time. Kettlebells have the power to change this. In only 15 to 20 minutes, and with only one or two kettlebells, you can get a killer, calorie-blasting strength and cardio workout. In addition, you will find your body becomes more resilient and less prone to joint and muscle injury.

The secret to getting the body of your dreams is finding a partner who understands not only what you want but also what you need. I can help you find those roadblocks that have stopped you in the past. The body of your dreams doesn't come from just a few hours in the gym. Nor is it simply "eat less and exercise more". Together we will find the individual formula (exercise, nutrition, sleep, hydration, stress management) to get you to your goals.

I love being able to bring positive change to people's lives. What could be better than that?

I was frustrated working for a big box gym, where the emphasis was on high pressure sales tactics and on selling sessions regardless of the needs of the individual client. I will never pressure you to buy additional training sessions or purchase supplements, or any other products. I am in this business because I have a passion for fitness. This is my driving motivation; not the money.

If you look at the testimonials on my website you will see that I get my clients results. What also sets me apart from many other personal trainers is that I treat my clients with the utmost professionalism and integrity.


Private, one-on-one personal training sessions, 1 hour
Small group sessions (2 to 5 people), 1 hour