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12 May 2019

She ————-Amazing the part part my evening and she’s FINE Too

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27 March 2019

I joined about two weeks ago and am so annoyed I didn’t join sooner!! I have been a member of multiple gyms and classes before but nothing compares to this place. It literally has everything from lifting equipment to a full court to pool and cardio equipment. I could not believe that with my membership (I have the very lowest tier), I gained unlimited access to this gym, all of the equipment, classes, pool, sauna, whirlpool and more. Now if you need to use more than one location you can upgrade your membership and some memberships also include things like laundry service and massages. There is a spa, cafe, and store if you want/need these things additionally and I love buying a smoothie after my morning workouts. I also used my three personal training classes and had an awesome time with Jacob! He was super knowledgeable and showed me new equipment and exercises to break up my lifting routine. I love coming here and highly recommend. As a plus - my membership with all of this is CHEAPER than my orange theory membership (again had the lowest price for them) AND my friends membership at a local YMCA. More...

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25 February 2019

------Gym Quality OverviewA crowded gym with some exceptional amenities. You would expect the premium price would drive the gym to be less crowded but its' quite the opposite. Due to this, you are face with partitioning time in this gym. You have two hours to complete your workout routine which can be quite difficult if you are waiting for highly contested equipment such as a squat rack. This is only prevalent on the weekdays usually in the 4pm-7pm range. Again, I stress you partition your schedule for an early bird or night owl schedule during the weekday. Especially, if you would like to fit your workout routine in a 2 hour interval.The weekends are usually not crowded and all routines can be finished in a timely manner (Splits or Full body, Volume/Intensity of routine does not matter)If you do any sporting activities, they can add substantial value on your overall experience at this gym. I mean they have a rock climbing wall, basketball court, and a lap pool. Given the amount of space, It's quite a feat they fit this all in this gym.-------StaffA very weird pre-sale experience but expected from any gym I have gone through. The team overall were extremely friendly and I have never been harassed by any staff member.-----Cost Please understand this gym has a huge underlying cost. I use this as a motivating factor when I am doing a 1RM on my heavy days. If you sign up during the special event, DO EVERYTHING IN THE FINE PRINT. That means get a trainer (Shoutout to Justin) and go 36 of the 90 days. After that, you will enjoy the experience much more knowing you can use the enrollment fee as leverage for anything within the confines of their establishment.---Final ThoughtsYou need to understand that this gym is an expensive endeavor. I would never recommend this gym to anyone that would only use 50% or less of the establishment and have gym commitment issues. Otherwise, the gym is great for fitness enthusiast. 4/5 Stars given the constraints of the gym. More...

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26 January 2019

Great employees,love the milkshakes, easy to get a quick work before work.

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27 December 2018

Thanks FFC for doing a thorough investigation of the bogus claims made by Korie Smith’s daughter against an exemplary (for 11 years! ) yoga instructor. 8 students (no — not all white) who actually saw what happened completely discredited the report of the woman who rudely barged into our class to do her own thing & took offense at being asked to follow protocol. We missed our instructor for a week but so glad to know that FFC can be counted on to get to the truth of the matter & do the right thing. More...

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28 October 2018

I just joined this FFC and so far I am extremely happy. Wendy was very helpful and even got me out of a jam (forgetting my locker combination). I mostly joined this gym because I’ve belonged to every gym in Oak Park (and beyond) and I wanted a gym that had a pool and very flexible hours. They are 24 hours a day and that is really helpful for people that work long hours. Their classes are easy to attend with no pre-sign up. The layout of this gym is very convenient and does not feel pretentious like other gyms I have belonged too. The validate parking for 2 hours (which as anyone who lives in Oak Park, knows parking is a complete nightmare). I expected the cost to be enormous, but it was extremely reasonable and on par with other gyms in the are that offer far less amenities. They even have a spa that does no-chip nails! As a woman, one stop shopping is critical so I’m excited to try that out and see if they are equivalent to my usual nail place. Don’t assume FFC is over priced or pretentious, I’m research happy with my new gym choice and suggest everyone check them out if you are shopping for a gym. More...

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23 April 2018

The energy here is awesome, all the instructor are so fun and full of energy. The facility is clean, all the equipment works

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14 March 2018

Awesome gym! Easy going, large selection of equipment, friendly staff and clean facility. After trying several gyms that did not suit my needs, I stumbled upon FFC and I found a gym I like.

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23 January 2018

Nice place. Friendly stuff. Clean. Gets crowded sometimes, but still good place for workouts. Interesting classes.

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30 September 2017

Great Gym! They offer a variety of equipment and the staff is very friendly. The gym is always clean and amenities are nice. Members seem serious about working out and do their own thing. I’ve encountered little to no creepers (unlike LA Fitness members ) You may pay a little more to be a member here but it’s worth it to receive the high class feel as a trade off. More...

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28 September 2017

The facility offered wonderful programs and classes. Aquatic, Formu-Life, and Yoga to name a few. The staff was awesome with the exception of a few working administration. Wanted to renew but now I have to search for another place with a similar atmosphere. Great parking as well More...

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16 May 2017

Stopped by and I was pleasantly surprised by the great staff, and swimming pool. They have ample lounge space to unwind in after a good workout on the third floor spa and it seems that the kitchen has some new talent, haha

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21 February 2017

Expensive club, but well worth it. All the equipment is top of the line and there is adequate space available (considering the location). There are free group classes available starting at 5:45am and running until about 9pm. There is also basketball court, pool, and spa lounge. The staff is friendly (shout out to Barrett Lewis) and I have yet to witness any altercations. If you like to get to the gym 4+ times a week and are willing to shell out a little more, I would recommend giving FFC Oak Park a chance. More...

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31 August 2015

LOVE IT!! Exceptional place.

Dave Rankin a customer service manager is the most helpful person I have ever met at FFC. He helped me out for several times with some little membership issues and provided excellent service. He is professional, friendly and open, it is a big pleasure to have a quick conversation with him each time I visit FFC in Oak Park.

As for the facility it is always tidy, clean and well-maintained. People are very nice there.
The location is good, downtown Oak Park is just pretty. Absolutely recommend!

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