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Federal Investigation Services, Corp has been rated the as one of the best private investigators in Miami, Florida. It doesn’t get any better than that. We are a full-service company with an elite team of highly trained private investigators and an unrivaled reputation for providing first-class investigative results for individuals, law firms and corporations in Florida and across the country.

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Nobody likes being cheated on, but many still have to face it. While finding out about your partner’s disloyalty may be deeply unnerving, it’s also important to be aware of the truth. Ignorance of the red flags can lead you into an emotionally dangerous and draining situation. It’s better to spot the signs early and mentally prepare yourself for a bad ending.

In any case, ignorance isn’t bliss for long when it comes to relationships. However, you can’t easily spot such development in many cases. Falsely accusing your partner of cheating when there’s an entirely different story going on can be even more jeopardizing.

If you’re suspicious about your partner’s possible affairs with another person, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to see what you can do if you’re wary of your partner.

Divorce can be one of the most excruciating experiences for a family to go through. A divorce doesn’t only cause conflict and rift between two individuals, but the results of such an act can directly affect the children as well.

In such cases, one of the issues that arise is of custody. Parents, once divorced, wish to have the sole custody of their children. They become even warier of joint custody when they have extreme trust issues regarding the behavior of their ex-partners with their children.

Aggressive investigation and surveillance will minimize your exposure to fraudulent claims. Headquartered in Miami. Our team of experienced fraud investigators conducts interviews, undercover operations, background research and covert surveillance to provide the framework for deciding the validity of most Insurance Fraud Investigations. The private investigators at FIS have advanced expertise in conducting fraud investigations throughout Florida and has a proven track record of producing definitive evidence resulting in winning or losing a potential multi-million dollar claim.

Our Elderly Abuse Investigation specialists are unmatched in the efficient and discreet monitoring and detection of abuse. Sadly, nursing home abuse, elderly abuse and neglect cases are very common. FSI Investigators have participated in numerous such cases for almost 20 years. FSI Agency leaves no stone unturned, utilizing covert video surveillance, undercover operations and “boots on the ground” investigative techniques to obtain the critical evidence necessary in any case where a elderly person may be at risk.

Federal Investigation Agency is on the cutting edge of Technical Surveillance & Monitoring via GPS tracking, hidden cameras and digital surveillance procedures and technology. By utilizing this advanced technology we are able to covertly track exact whereabouts and record video of people, assets or property 24 hours a day. Technical Surveillance utilizes real time satellite GPS Tracking units, covert video surveillance and other state of the art equipment that works round the clock in any condition. Every situation is different and contrary to popular belief, neither hidden cameras nor GPS units are one size fits all. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, FSI has trained specialists that are the best in the industry and customize each operation the specific needs and circumstances of each case.