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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Expressions By Design is a graphic design and printing company. I use the latest design software by Adobe. I am a trained expert with over 19 years in the print industry. My extensive experience and longevity provided a very comprehensive understanding of the importance of color profiling, file types and creating art files that will be appropriate for the application you need.


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23 July 2018

Rebecca is very artistic and has a great eye! We were thrilled to have her expertise at our wedding!!

23 July 2018

Shooting with Rebecca was just a fantastic experience. She knew just what to say to capture my best expressions and she made the whole experience very fun. I can't recommend her enough!

23 July 2018

Becca, I can’t thank you enough for your help in designing these signs for me. And my business cards too! They certainly turned out very nicely, even though my iPhone pix don’t do them much justice here.
I’ll definitely be telling people about you, and how you’re able to easily accomplish things for people like me that don’t even have an idea of what they want for sure in the first place. Thank you again!

8 February 2018

Becca has been our go-to marketing/branding expert since we arrived in Boise in 2013. She is simply the best!

Thank you Julie! I love working with you and Rich, you are such a beautiful couple and some of the most caring people I have ever met. Cheers to 2018 and our future endevours!

8 February 2018

Rebecca is amazing at what she does and so completely reliable. Even better is her amazing personality! Love working with her!

Thank you so much, I am so blessed to have clients like you and your wonderful husband!

8 February 2018

I have always found Rebecca to be creative and fun to work with.

Thank you Sandy, I am so grateful to have such amazing clients.

8 February 2018

Rebecca and Victoria are easy to work with and have always supplied us with quality Graphics and Design.

Thank you Justin, it has always been a pleasure working with you!


To be efficient and to help you achieve your goals, it is important that you can articulate a general direction for your project and have an idea of what you would like. The more concise direction you provide me with, it will enable me to minimize time trying to guess what you are looking for. It is wonderful if I have examples or images of things that you like such as colors, fonts, shapes, and textures. If you are starting a project that will be expanded upon in the future such as a logo and branding package, it is critical to plan ahead. Think about things like websites, marketing materials, social media, letterhead, email signatures, business cards etc. Think of questions to ask me. I have a lot of experience and might be able to direct you in various avenues that will save you time and money in the future. I appreciate when my clients know the critical factors to their project such as a timeline or a limited initial budget. It helps me to prioritize my services and how best to meet your needs.

We print business cards, mailers, brochures, sell sheets, letterhead, NCR forms and much more.

Signage, flags, POP displays, political and real estate signs and large format printing.

DESIGN BRIEF: I meet with the client in person or over the phone and have a design brief where we discuss your project at length. It is critical to understand your goal and needs.

RESEARCH: Once a sufficient amount of general information is gathered, we jump into researching more about your company, industry or competition to get a sense of the target customer's vision or researching current trends.

BRAINSTORM AND CONCEPTUALIZATION: Identifying keywords related to the company and its product or service is a common practice at this point. These words will be used to inspire possible visual representations of the company or project. Once ideas begin flowing onto the page in text form, visual symbols and shapes will begin to take form also.

DRAFT PRODUCTION: Digital implementation is usually executed using Adobe Illustrator. We take the ideas that we have come up with to give you the initial designs that we will send to you to review.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: Now that a number of options have been created, the most effective choices are presented for your considerations. At this time, we conference and go over changes. There are normally several rounds of revisions.

DELIVERY: Once the client is happy with the resulting design, we will produce a variety of file types that can be used for various outputs. It is our responsibility to provide you with all of the file types that you would need for any type of job. Also a package with all of the approved fonts and colors if we are designing a logo or branding.

Personal contact information for verification of identity. After our initial consultation and in moving forward with beginning work on your project I require a retainer deposit that will be applied to your final invoice. The amount will vary depending on the scope of services rendered.

There are many things I love about my job. It is a very thoughtful, challenging profession. It requires a lot of problem-solving figuring out the best ways to communicate important messages in visual form. I love that every day is different and that you are creating unique things on a daily basis and no 2 jobs are the same.

I am the kind of person who likes to push myself to improve my skills, this is a constantly changing industry with frequent changes in technologies, new theories, new sources of inspiration. This is why this is my perfect career and my 19 years has been so rewarding.

Overall, I think the thing I am most passionate about is being thorough and educating my clients about what I am providing them with. I do not just "DO" a logo. I provide you with a complete package that includes fonts, files for use in printing and separate files of the same images used for displaying on screens. There are a few very important facts that consistency and professionalism in the application of the design that is being produced. Printers and monitors are not the same and if you do not understand the difference between RGB color profiling and CMYK for printing, your images can have very drastic color shifts.

I do not believe everyone is meant to start their own business. I had been running and growing another company for 17 years. It began with just myself and the owner and went from 50,000 in sales (in 1999) to over 500,000 with 9 employees and various contractors in 2016.

I am a hard worker and I am not afraid of things like self doubt, failure. I am a tenacious, precise, ambitious and resourceful. I thrive in an environment where I am not stifled by others. I am an expert in my career and know what it takes to be successful in this industry. I have an extensive amount of experience in the field spanning across everything from photography, signage, screen printing, embroidery, billboards and media. I am also a good leader and teacher. With 16 years of helping building another company, it was time for me to build my own.

I have 19 years of uninterrupted full time experience. I ran a sign manufacturing and design firm. Having my background start in manufacturing has given me an extensive training in the area of creating artwork across all types of manufacturing. Whether for print, screen or fabrication, I know what you need.

I have worked with thousands of clients over the years and know what I am doing. I listen carefully, I know the questions to ask to help clarify your needs to do the best I can do. I know what I'm doing and have no problem guaranteeing my work. I will provide you with the best possible service and am confident that you will have a great experience.

Since I am new to Bark, I want to insure the quality you will receive. If you copy the link attached, you will find my name mentioned in many comments.