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My name is Harold Dangervil and I am an expert in bringing order to chaos which means I bring organization and structure to businesses/entrepreneurs experiencing stress and overwhelm. I offer Business tools in the areas of document preparation, organizational development and strategic planning where we will: Bring clarity to your current situation and identify your ultimate vision, Identify the steps necessary to make the ultimate vision happen, Identify the support you will need to get you to your ultimate vision faster.

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21 August 2020

E&E staff are patient and knowledge


I love Relaying or Discovering the most effective business solutions so that projects, ideas, and businesses can Keep Moving Forward in the pursuit of Success.

My purpose is to provide information motivation and support to those looking to for fulfillment in their lives. I started Excellence & Execution because the best use of my talents is to use business tools to help entrepreneurs create structure and organization in their business so that they can reduce stress and overwhelm.

I am an expert in bringing order to chaos, meaning I help you trade stress and overwhelm for more joy and empowerment when it comes to starting building and growing your business. I provide business tools and services that will enhance your business, while giving you the support you need to overcome common business challenges. The key to my success is that I don't just service my clients, I partner with them because I am invested in their success.


Sometimes, you want to just get projects done, but you don’t have the time or expertise to complete these projects. Our Tactical Support Services takes these projects off your plate so you can focus your time on the areas you feel strong in. We handle projects such as:

Business Forms
Document Preparation
Business Agreements
PowerPoint Presentations
Excel Spreadsheets
Operations Manuals
Financial Statements

You are so busy working IN your business, that you don’t have time to work ON your business. There are two solutions to this problem. Systems and Process! Some systems that we provide are the following:

Financial Systems
Marketing Systems
Business Plans
Actions Plans
Dashboard Creation

Clarity is important. When we have it, the world is ours. When we don’t, we are lost. If your are lacking clarity on what to do next, let us help. We can serve you by:

Clarify the vision for your business,
Explore and Discover the right business model for your business,
Craft long-term goals and short-term action plans