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My goal is to help YOU evolve physically and mentally into the STRONG individual you are proud of. I am here to help you find love for health and fitness, love for your body, and most importantly, LOVE FOR YOURSELF. Navigating life and prioritizing health is hard, but I am here to give you the tools to not only succeed, but EVOLVE into a whole new you!

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My goal as a personal trainer is to help my clients feel so comfortable with themselves and their capabilities in regards to fitness that they no longer need me. WHATTTTT!? I know! However, as a personal trainer my job is to teach people the fundamentals of health and fitness! I want to provide every bit of education and support that I can to help my clients succeed in their daily lives, no matter what is thrown their way. Everyone is different, everyone's goals and likes in terms of fitness are different as well! I want to help YOU achieve your fitness goals by tailoring and developing fitness programs personalized to you! I want to help you learn to love fitness! Because regardless, consistency is key when reaching goals and loving the process makes it SOOOOOOO much easier.

The secret is that there is no secret. To achieve the body you want you have to do one thing....... build healthy habits. Getting healthy and the body you want wont come from a diet. It comes from a lifestyle change. This is done through learning how to incorporate exercise into your life (as well as what types of fitness suit your lifestyle) and developing healthy relationships with food. THERE IS NO GOOD OR BAD FOOD! Getting the body you want is about getting yourself moving the way YOU need and fueling your body with food that will keep you nourished, full, and satisfy those taste buds!

What don't I love about my job!? I get to connect with clients on personal levels and help them become the people they have been wanting to be for so long. I hear their goals, I hear their struggles, I hear what they think is their weaknesses and I help them turn every negative into a strength. My business is called Evolution Me, and this is because I watch my clients evolve into people who are happier, healthier, lighter, proud and stronger everyday! I love being able to help people overcome their fears and teaching them the information and habits that will make them succeed for a lifetime. So I guess in short, the aspect of my job that I love most is watching the fear of fitness and the fear of trying new things turn into dreams coming true and goals being achieved.

I know this is corny but I honestly love helping people learn to love themselves, their bodies, and discovering things they never thought they could physically do. I know what its like to hate my body. I struggled with my weight through my entire childhood because no one taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food. I would binge eat, I'd eat crap, and I never exercised. Long story short, life threw me for a loop and fitness was my therapy. I fell in love with body building, lost 70lbs, and learned to absolutely love myself. I want others to be thankful for their body and appreciate it rather than hating the skin they are in. I want to teach others how to stay consistent, how to make informed choices, and how to discover exercises which make them excited about working out!

Not only do I have the education to guide you, but I also have the experience. I have underwent my own fitness journey and I know many struggles some of you might face. I would love to share my journey with you, what has worked for me and what hasn't, as well as the habits I have adapted to help me sustain healthy habits and a love for fitness. I have a degree in Biology, specifically cell biology and physiology, meaning I have a very heavy scientific background and understating of the body. I am also currently getting a certification as a nutrition coach, sport and non sport related, to help guide my clients even more in terms of nutritional needs (sports performance and weight loss).

ABSOLUTELY! I provide my clients with apps to help keep them in line with training and tracking nutrition, as well as videos on proper exercise form and technique. I am available for one on one video training through zoom or facetime, and can be reached by phone through talk or text.


Determine your fitness goals and develop a customized plan to help you achieve those goals. This includes work from home programming, bodybuilding, body fat loss, muscle gain, functional training and so much more! I will work with you to get you excited about fitness while constructing plans that fit you and your lifestyle!

Keeping up with my clients is my main priority because your success is my success! Motivation and helping you stay disciplined is my main priority because consistency and improvement is key to see results. I'm willing to give you as much support as you feel you need!

Every Monday expect a message from me! I wanna know how your previous week of fitness has been, any barriers you have experienced in the week, as well as anything you're proud of! Assessments to help you keep on track and learn how to manage health and fitness in daily life are the main concerns of this check in! I want to give you the tools and support to give you that extra push through the coming week!

Resistance training is my passion in the gym and I am certified in Body Building Programming. Programs can include anything from losing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass to "Tone Up", to increasing muscle size, muscle endurance, and muscle strength. Resistance training is an amazing tool for people wanting to change the way they look, increase fitness performance, or even those wanting to increase bone density and overall health. Tell me your goal and I can promise, we will develop a plan to get you where you want to be!

This will determine your current fitness level as well as any barriers to exercise you might have. We will determine how to overcome those barriers by tailoring an individual fitness plan for you. Through this we will determine where your fitness journey will begin based on your current fitness level, as well as specific attainable goals you want to ultimately achieve.