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Chestnut Hill, MA

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Ethereal Space is an Educational Wellness center for emotional and psychological support located in Newton, MA. We have psychologists, health coaches and therapists on board. Group, family and children psychological games and sessions are being conducted at the center.

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when my client's eyes light up
when they smile
when there are tears of joy and relief
when the trauma is healed
when the heavy weight gets off their shoulders
when family of my clients say that they got a brand new member

i have been an IT consultant for the last 15 years, independent and quite successful, however another aspects of my life were a mess: i was divorcing twice, could not find my passion, was depressed, self-medicating, could not find the way out.

with the help of my Master i was reborn, like Phoenix, found myself, my purpose, my God Man, my passion. helping people to overcome their obstacles and limits was always my unconscious nature, but i never thought of making it my career. with the years of coaching, therapy and huge support from my family, i was able to open up a Wellness Center and pursue my dreams!

because i a fun coach! i laugh at the hard times, i cry of joy and i dance on the fire of destruction. life is a game, a theater and we are all players. i help to identify the masks we are wearing. i am not afraid to walk bare face and tell you the truth in a very compassionate and healing way. i won't sugar coat anything, but will support and facilitate the miracles