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Brooklyn, Kings

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ENFRAMED | NEW YORK offers social media development, graphic & website design and operations consulting to small businesses and entrepreneurs. WE are committed to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit; to help it grow & thrive.

We believe that getting the right resources in place will make things easier not just for you, but for your customer.

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A great website is one that gets whoever is visiting to do what you want them to do! ie. A restaurant wants more reservations and people to come to their restaurant. A great website will help a potential visitor to find what they're looking for with ease and book!

Why do you want to do this? Understanding the why behind the what is crucial in setting the tone.

Creatively, we liked to first understand the client's needs and some of their likes/dislikes. Then from there, we draw inspiration from the things in their sphere of influence with a twist that is going to keep people interested. We value this creative time because it opens us up to better ideas and our clients appreciate the time that we've put into our work.

We generally want the preliminary scope of what is expected/the end goal in mind and the initial set up on the client's end. Once given access, working out the logistics of getting imagery & overall tone of voice.

We love getting to meet/speak to people and hear them talk about their passions, truly! It's what it's all about. We find immense joy in it.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs & freelancers are the future of business & we are here to invest in them. People are consistently seeking authentic experiences & meaningful connections. These desires are more likely to lead them to a company that has a story & a face behind it. ENFRAMED wants to strategically position these small companies in the prime position to grow their businesses through services catered to their end goal.

We’re also committed to creating a community of digital creatives. Innovative thinkers who have a vision, a drive & a passion to learn wherever knowledge may be found. Additionally, we want to create opportunities for these creatives to work from anywhere & collaborate on client projects.

Clients should choose us because we're amazing! Hah! But really, we truly want to bring the same attention and care to designing/formulating things for our clients that they would. Your business/brand is your baby and we're great caretakers. :)


fully developed & dynamic web pages
custom graphics
website planning & strategy
brand messaging & refinement
1-month free upkeep (additional pages, content swapping, coding adjustments, fixes, and repairs)

social media management & strategy
custom graphics for social media
content development
influencer lead generation

audit of operational procedures
optimize & improve business operations
reduce operational costs
maximize efficiency