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We are a family friendly school teaching ages 4 and up. Woman owned and operated we have been in business since 1993. Visit our website at www.emeryvillemartialarts.com for more info or to book virtual classes, summer camp and more!

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22 customer reviews

6 January 2020

Huge thanks to Master Terri and the rest of the EMA family for my experience there. I joined for a few months as a means to learn self-defense, get exercise, and find a fun community - and it certainly delivered! Unfortunately I couldn't continue with the regular beginner classes due to work conflicts, but I am so appreciative of how accommodating EMA was for my personal needs. I recommend trying the free trial class if you are interested. The class sizes are small with a lot of individual attention. As a complete newbie, I was especially impressed with how more advanced students were willing to kindly help me out without me having to ask. It was a very welcoming and patient community, which was so encouraging. The class sessions are diverse in terms of lessons to keep things interesting. My worry was being too far behind everyone else in terms of skills, but there were several other beginners as well and it was fun to learn together and everything could be scaled to my level. Note: You will need to purchase or bring a karategi(?) as well as special patches, but the dojo has both (and some loaner ones as well). Pricing was pretty affordable for classes 2x a week and was billed monthly for my plan (discounted for linking your bank). Parking is limited in the main lot but I never had problems with street parking on the side streets. More...

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27 October 2019

What can I say... We love Master Terri!!! Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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6 October 2019

Master Terri is welcoming and a great instructor. I’m an older woman and I felt completely comfortable in this environment.

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18 May 2019

Master Terri and her Dojo have been a very important and crucial part of our daughter's last 4 years.  Master Terri teaches respect, commitment, and the importance of hard work.  Our daughter has grown in maturity and focus because of Master Terri and her instructors and students.  All of her students are such mentors to each other.  We are so lucky to have her and the dojo in our lives.  We thought our daughter would be learning karate...we did not expect to get so much more from Master Terri!!! More...

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10 October 2018

My daughter has taken classes here for about 3 years, progressing from a white belt to a blue belt at her own pace. Master Terri really understands children. She is supportive and firm, without being too strict. She allows the kids to be playful with fun games interspersed with the more focused training. She also uses older kids in a structured teaching program, where they grow into more responsibility teaching the less experienced classes. It's really wonderful to see the mentorship in action. I recommend Emeryville Martial Arts with no hesitation. More...

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9 January 2018

I cannot say enough good things about this dojo and especially Master Terri, Sensei Pam,  and all the teaching staff. My Daughter (now 9) has been going there for 2 years and it has truly made a difference in her life. She's got much more self-esteem and strength. They have fabulous supportive but directive teaching style. Lots of fun but also focus on technique and getting them to focus-you don't mess around with Master Terri! But when she praises the kids, they LOVE it.  The classes are a great size, they do a great job starting out new kids with some one-on-one and the place is just great. Such great energy. I truly am so happy I found this place. More...

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25 July 2017

I intended to post this sooner.. my son has been attending all summer. Master Terri is fantastic! Firm, but friendly, and focused on each student as individuals, even while she's teaching a whole class. Wonderful atmosphere, and excellent focus on both physical as well as mental/ethical health. In addition, there are always higher ranked classmates ready to help others. Came for the self defense, got discipline and ethics to boot! A+, would highly recommend! More...

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15 March 2017

This place is full of positive energy.  We enjoyed the experience and definitely will come back again when our schedules free up.   Master Terri is great!

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4 April 2016

LOVE this place!!! Master Terri and Sensei Pam are both incredible--skilled, smart, great with kids, and warm and funny. Wonderful opportunities here for multi-age learning and leadership. (My 8YO was able to teach a new teenager how to do some things. She was thrilled!) Incredible feeling of community at the dojo too. They have some fun movie outings, and a great summer camp. And the martial arts setting provides a great structure where kids know exactly what they need to do in order to move up to the next level. More...

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24 September 2015

Terri, You look great. Thank you for putting this video on Facebook so I can enjoy watching your form. Love always, Gloria

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1 August 2015

My 9 yrs old daughter started training since she was 6 yrs old and had enjoyed and grown along with her teammates since then. Mentally,emotionally and had provided a feeling or family to her. Families know each other and Master Terry does an marvelous job on including everybody and always trying to make every kid comfortable and help them achieve and improve.After my daughter joined,we have been recommending Hoa Sen Martial Arts since then.4 of her friends had joined after they experienced the feeling of community of their trial class. Highly recommend ;) Discipline doesn't mean stressful classes. More...

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15 July 2015

I bought a Groupon for Emeryville Martial Arts, and although my schedule won't permit me to continue at this point, I would go back in a heartbeat. Master Terri and all of the staff and students at the dojo were extremely welcoming and supportive - something that meant a lot to me, never having taken any form of martial arts in the past. Master Terri did a great job of making sure that my newbie buddy and I were well taken care of and learning new skills as the rest of the class progressed at a higher level. I would definitely recommend it to beginners looking to see what martial arts is all about. More...

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2 November 2014

My children have all studies martial arts at this dojo, and each has derived great benefits.  It has been the main physical activity for my now high school Senior for the last six years.  She has grown tremendously in confidence, strength, and flexibility and is generally in much, much better shape because of it. There has been a great community of other high schoolers, very, very nice kids all.  The floor and space is gorgeous and Master Terri really has a lot of wisdom around kids and strikes a great balance between toughness and humor/kindness. More...

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2 June 2014

My grandchildren, boys aged 5 and 8 studied at Emeryville Martial Arts for a year and a half. It was a rewarding experience in several ways. The instructors, Sensai Terri and Sensai Pam guided the students at all levels, with great skill and attention to the individual needs and  needed areas of improvement with each child. They provided structure and a respect for the tradition as well as teaching children the safest  ways to use their bodies. Their patience and positive outlook were an asset as well.The boys gained in stamina, strength and self confidence, not to mention having a sense of accomplishment,  I highly recommend the school and teachers. More...

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14 April 2014

In addition to attending the fantastic teachings of Sensei Terri and Sensei Pam, my children have enjoyed the summer camp at Hoa Sen Dojo, several years in a row. They enjoyed the opportunity to practice Cuong-Nhu every day. They also had fun going to the pool and playing with new kids at camp. They got home tired, happy, with an increased sense of confidence and a positive attitude. It does not get any better! More...

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16 November 2013

I am a retired police officer and have studied various forms of martial arts including jiu jitsu , judo , krav maga and boxing on and off for many years. Not to mentions hours of mandatory work related weaponless defense tactics. Attending classes here brought back all of my old trainings as Cuong Nhu style incorporates all of those and more.My training here has been exceptional with outstanding instructors and serious students plus a varied assortment of age groups to work with . It's good not to be the only senior citizen in a group of youngsters but it's also gratifying to know you can keep up with them as well ( most of the time).I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in getting a strong cardio workout plus defense tactics built around traditional style arts. More...

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23 August 2013

I practiced Cuong-Nhu for a few years at this dojo and i can certainly say that not only did i learn practical skills i also made some friends. I became a brown belt and recently moved to college which is the sole reason that i stopped. That being said because of my time at Hoa Sen Dojo i am looking to continue pursuing martial arts. More...

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2 April 2013

Emeryville Martial Arts professes more than physical stamina, technique, and style.  It  truly demonstrates the mind and body experience.  In the last 2 years, at least 5 teens who have obtained a rank of upper brown belt to black belts, have excelled academically: Attending Harvard and most recently newly admitted to MIT.  I feel as an adult, who started taking my children here 4 years ago, and now an active participant, this dojo presents a fantastic environment for growth.   Mentally, physically, and self-control are the wonderful tenets of this dojo.  From the very young to the more seasoned (myself 50's), a strong comradery of individuals interact in a positive way.  So, for those of you that are into more than just hitting a bag, this place engages many more of the body's senses. More...

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19 December 2012

My son took classes here twice a week from age 8 to 10. He was not interested in pursuing team sports and martial arts offered many of the same positive aspects of participating in an organized physical activity. This dojo is really a great environment for learning with kids' classes led by two nurturing women Sensei Terri and Sensei Pam. We loved the common sense personal safety skills that is a big part of what is taught along with the various forms and routines. All the other kids are really great, too. My son also enjoyed the summer camps that are usually offered for two or three weeks of the summer. More...

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31 May 2011

My son has been taking classes at Emeryville Martial Arts for over two years and loves it. We discovered it when he attended a friends birthday party there and he has been practicing the Cuong Nhu style of martial arts there ever since. With my background in martial arts, I was pretty particular about the type of dojo and instruction I wanted him to have, and I cannot say enough great things about this place and more importantly the instructors. Sensei Terri and Sensei Pam are amazing with the kids and really know how to keep them engaged and motivated. I have found it to be a very positive and empowering experience for my son. More...

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15 June 2010

Positve athletic experience for my 11 year old girl.  My daughter has gained self confidence, strength, and dare I say it grace.  The Sensai Terri and Sensai Pam are great with kids.  They provide the structure in which kids can learn, but are kind and understanding enough to make the kids want to come back for more. Both are positive role models for both girls and boys.  Sometimes the white and yellow belts are mentored by older students (brown belts), again a very positive experience. More...

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8 July 2009

My two kids started practicing this martial art with Sensei Terri Giarmartini when they were 5 and 7 years old.  Six years later, they still look forward to every class.  And I joined their class two years ago.  Who would have thought that starting a martial art practice at 50 would feel so great and benefit my body, mind and spirit.  We are all proud of our skills and appreciative of this opportunity to study with a woman sensei and a warm community. More...

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Sign up for private , group or private group lessons. Learn the mental, social and emotional components of self defense along with simple and effective fighting schools.

Group classes are available 4x per week. Private lessons can be arranged. Learn the basic of blocking, kicking and punching. Move into joint manipulation, off balancing and throwing your opponent. Learn the skills of free fighting known as sparring done in a safe environment with padded equipment. Learn a number of weapons both blunt and edged. Cuong Nhu is a comprehensive style that is a complete martial art.