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13 July 2021

Thank you Kelan, you’ve been so amazing helping me with my back pain. My back pain became so severe a year and half ago that I could not get up out of my bed. Incorporating your advice in my daily exercise for the last six months or so, the pain is barely noticeable now. It really is a true joy just being able to move freely, especially now that it's warmer and I can enjoy the outdoors. I really appreciate your kindness, expertise and taking the time to assess my posture, communicating remotely during Covid. It is a true blessing that I had an opportunity to ask for your service & advice! More...

28 July 2020

Kelan Ern has been one of the most impactful people in my life. I’ve been seeing him for what has been a little over three years now. Three years of much positive change, not just in fitness but for my overall physical and mental health. Through my workouts with him, I have been making strides that I never thought to be possible. With the strength that grew in my body grew in my mind as well. He is someone that is truly there for you and will take the time to help you in whatever you need. If you are in need of a coach or mentor that will help lead the way to any goal you have, with complete confidence I recommend Kelan. More...

21 July 2020

Without Kelan I would still be spinning my wheels trying the next diet and workout plan and never getting anywhere. He has helped me completely change my way of thinking. Failure isn’t even in my vocabulary anymore.

I’ve learned that knowledge just isn’t enough to succeed. I didn’t realize how much power I have to not only reach my fitness goals but to do it while enjoying every step of the process!

The tools Kelan has provided me with have changed my day-to-day life in ways I would have never expected. I am going after things that I was afraid to even ask for before or thought were impossible to begin with. I find myself saying “I didn’t even know it was possible to think/feel this way”… I would never have had the courage to follow my dream of entering a bikini competition if it weren’t for Kelan and his support. I know now that change is possible for me and I am becoming the confident person I’ve always wanted to be. I don’t feel “stuck” anymore. I can happily say that I know I will succeed because of the way Kelan has helped me transform my way of thinking.

18 July 2020

Elite Fitness Coaching helped me on my fitness journey by tailoring specific workout movements for my current physical abilities. Through these workouts I have been able to improve functional movement, strength, and endurance in all areas of my body. This has lead to more energy and a higher quality of life. More...

19 June 2019

In the past, I would not have bought fitness coaching because of an innate skepticism about its effectiveness, a belief that I was actually pretty strong, an inner resistance to spending money and a fear of the effort and commitment it would require. I am so glad I did: I have found so much satisfaction since purchasing this service.

First of all I feel stronger: at 71 years old I can still sit on the floor to teach four year olds, I can then stand up without even touching the ground. I can lift mattresses easily when making the bed. On airplanes I can confidently swing my suitcase into the overhead bins.

Secondly, I feel so much healthier! I am a cancer survivor, which means I have a reduced immune system, and yet I rarely catch colds even though I teach children of all ages every day. If I get a tummy bug it is a mild one and short lived. This exercise certainly improves my standing with the oncologist who wholeheartedly supports my training.

I appreciate the professionalism and care of Kelan. He understands the proper progression of exercises I need to build strength and endurance safely at my age. He understands how the muscles work and gives careful instructions as to proper technique. He understands that I am often resistant to exercise even though I believe in it. His answers to my personal concerns about everything from exercises to previous and present injuries are serious, thorough and well-researched.

I would absolutely recommend Kelan. I cannot imagine a safer way to train. I appreciate his encouragement and his understanding that confronting physical challenges also requires the right mental attitude.

I also appreciate how this training helps me overcome both old injuries and new infirmities. In my younger days, I dislocated both shoulders. Subsequently I would always notice them complaining if I put my arms in extended positions. We have worked on shoulder and rotator cuff strength, and I now have much freer arm motion.

I appreciate how his training has helped me with posture. I am naturally swaybacked, and my head likes to hang forward from my shoulders. I also have a slight curvature of the back. I am now standing more correctly over my hips, with a more direct gaze forward into the future!

I also know his training helps correct injuries: I began to develop plantar fasciitis that was uncomfortable at best and painfully annoying at worst. With a variety of exercises and rolling I have eliminated this problem, with only occasional twinges which I can easily and correctly address. Kelan brought a creative and thorough set of exercises to help me.

1 March 2019

I had headaches, many times debilitating headaches, my entire adult life. For years, I tried over the counter medications that only touched the very tip of the pain. At one point, I discovered diet changes that seemed to help a little, but for the most part the headaches continued. Then about 18 years ago I began chiropractic treatment. It helped for a while, but eventually it stopped working. For most all of 2017 and for the entire first 9 months of 2018, I had frequent, debilitating headaches 3-5 days each week!

Finally, in September of 2018, I had enough of the headaches! Having already met Kelan Ern years ago and, knowing how fantastic he is to work with for motivation, leadership and mind development, I decided to give his exercise program a try. I had heard stories of Kelan’s success with people’s back pain and was hoping that strengthening my muscles along my spine would help with the headaches as well.

I have always been a huge believer in exercise and the benefits to the body. I love working out and feeling strong. However, when it came to exercise, I liked my workouts at home or outdoors. I never wanted to pay for something I could do myself. Nor did I want to waste my time driving to and from the gym, as well as hassle with bringing extra clothes to shower and change after the workout. In addition, I thought exercise is exercise and that what I was already doing on my own was helping my body as much as I could. Oh, was I wrong!

As a result of Kelan’s initial testing he discovered that my thoracic spine was immobile. The exercises he uniquely prescribes for me target specific areas within my own body to help mobilize my spine and reduce tightness in my muscles. My headaches have been almost completely eliminated since I began his program last September and I no longer have to dread each day with debilitating pain and fog! The release is incredibly freeing!

Kelan’s service worked right in with my desire to exercise at home. Meetings with Kelan are convenient, flexible and fit my budget. In addition, I don’t need to spend large sums of money on equipment. Once I know and understand my own program designed specifically for my needs, I can exercise anytime that works in my ever-changing schedule. Each new set of exercises from Kelan takes into consideration changes I am experiencing and builds on the previous program. Kelan pays great attention to detail showing me the exact way to do each exercise so that I get the most benefit from it without injury.

Another benefit to Kelan’s program is that I can do it almost anywhere. The minimal amount of equipment I use can be taken with me when I travel so I don’t have to skip doing the program.

I highly recommend Kelan’s service to people of all ages and backgrounds. He has extensive knowledge and research behind him. Kelan gets to know the people he works with by asking detailed questions and listening intently. Then he thoughtfully takes it all into consideration when creating individual programs. You will not be sorry to have Kelan at your side.


When it comes to helping my clients get into the best shape of their lives, I use a three-pronged approach:

Exercise Mastery:

My goal is to show you how to do metabolic exercises that help you tone up and get into better shape. But also I give you functional exercises that will actually help you move better and feel better as well. Because there are many workouts that set people up for back problems, knee pain and other injuries.

Nutrition Mastery:

This is about how to make nutrition simple and so it runs in the background of life. This is not about calorie-counting or tracking nutrients. This is a habit-based approach that meets you where you are at and gives you resources for how to make healthy and delicious foods along the way.

Motivation Mastery:

Many people struggle with motivation or they have bouts of it but burnout quickly. One of the most important aspects of my coaching program is to help my clients figure out how to enjoy the process. I believe this is a critical piece for achieving lasting results.

I love the moment when someone stops feeling stuck in their life. When they get a renewed sense of hope for what is possible. When they begin to remember how strong they really are. When they feel like their confident self again.

I’ve seen too many people who feel stuck in their lives. I can’t stand to see when they lose hope, when they feel powerless to change their situation. And no seems to be able to help them. I wanted to provide coaching to help those people. If you’ve been searching for quality guidance and fed up with all the garbage out there – then you’re in the right place. Our services will guide you and simplify your journey.

I've been privileged to helped hundreds of clients over the years from over 14 different countries. I've helped doctors, nurses, business owners, CEOs, managers, teachers, students, and many others. Having worked with all walks of life has given me a unique vantage point for helping my clients get results. I believe so strongly in my coaching programs that if you aren't feeling better, feeling more confident, and moving forward on your goals - then I don't deserve your business. Period. I'm after getting you results, not wasting your time.