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***Personal training special - three one hour training sessions for $99***

With a background in psychology and a certification in behavior change, I can aid you in your journey to overcome the mental barriers that prevent you from achieving your fitness goals.

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I provide my clients with a custom plan, based on their needs, to optimize their training regimen as well as implement the use of SMART goals.

Commitment and consistency. One has to really commit to their diet and exercise plan and consistently execute in order to achieve their goals.

I believe it is the most rewarding experience to see people change their lives for the better. To observe people’s joy once they’ve reached a certain milestone is one of the most pleasant experiences.

I was inspired to start my own business when I determined how important it is to keep the relationship between myself and my clients as simple as possible.

I will provide you with clear instructions on how to reach your fitness goals, during and outside of our sessions, by telling you which workouts you need to do to build muscle and lose fat, correct postural imbalances, and increase your endurance.