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Woodside, Queens, NY, USA


As a personal trainer, my goal is to help people achieve their fitness goals thru sound exercise and nutrition programs.


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1. Work one-on-one with an expert diet coach via email exchange.

2. Create a customized plan to help you achieve your dieting goals (lose fat or gain muscle) with very little left to chance.

3. Feedback from your coach 3x a week (in response to your proactive updates, required of each coaching client at least 2x a week to stay on track!)

4. Your coach will monitor your weekly progress and make any necessary adjustments to your customized program
Unlimited contact between you and your coach.

5. A 24-hour turnaround on your questions *maybe a little slower on weekends.

1. 1 month of exercise program custom made by a Sports Science coach.

2. A custom plan designed with the intention of helping you reach your current physique goals -- whether that is contest prep or offseason gaining/improvements, fat loss, or athletic performance.

3. 24-hour turnaround on your questions with no restrictions on the amount of contact between you and your coach.

4. 1 check-in per month with your coach (using your preferred communication method: video calls, phone calls, email, chat... take your pick, and just let your coach know how you'd like to connect!)

5. Possible in-person support at your show. This is reserved for clients who are local to the coach's residence or those willing to pay travel fees and assuming a prior agreement on show date / no prior obligations on the coach's part. Clients would also be responsible for the purchase of a coaching pass and related expenses.