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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Work with top-rated personal trainers in the industry at anytime from the comfort of your own home. Live virtual workouts with a customized training program that will provide nutritional guidance, application support and working one-on-one with a nationally accredited personal trainer.


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3 August 2020

I could not be happier with DTH Fitness. I had very little experience with personal trainers and finding one seemed very daunting. I instantly felt comfortable and heard.

Three months later and I feel so much stronger and leaner. I have knee issues but I'm back to running with no pain and even being able to do jumping jacks. I could not recommend them more.

1 August 2020

If I could give 15 stars, I would. I was nervous in seeking a personal trainer at first, and having interviewed several trainers and companies, rightly so. These others were quite cold and didn’t seem invested in hearing my goals/concerns/questions. Not DTH. Beginning with the initial (pre-enrollment) assessment the DTH Fitness team has been professional, knowledgeable, motivational and, very importantly, fun.

They view fitness in such a healthy, productive way, teaching you about your body and, in doing so, pushing you toward health and well-being. No question is shoo-ed away, and they will accommodate workouts (as well as logistical issues) to best suit your needs.

Their customer service is beyond compare, and their technical knowledge is even better. I sought out professional help due to increasingly painful knee issues, and they helped me resolve the pain through workouts, ensuring that I maintain proper form for our workouts as well as listening to my body outside of our workouts. Other trainers seemed confused or just uninterested in my observations of knee pain during certain movements, but DTH validated these concerns, as well as explained issues and walked me through movements that have me where I am today - feeling great and getting stronger! I cannot recommend them enough.

25 June 2020

I could not be happier with the training I am receiving from Rob at DTH Fitness. He is very knowledgeable and patient. I came into training having plateaued in my post-partum fitness journey with knee pain and very little joint mobility. Rob has helped me grow stronger while educating me in a non-assuming way. I literally recommend him to all my friends and family. More...

19 June 2020

You will get a free 30 minuet assesment before evening signing up. I had my assesment and I was able to ask questions and they give you tips and suggestions and you haven't even paid yet. They are really patient and kind and you can tell they really love what they do and care. My trainer is Rob and I was having back pains prior to working out. The pains were when I woke in the morning between the shoulders and lower back. I told Rob my concerns and my goals and we began working. My pains have gone away and I can tell that my body is getting stronger. It's hard work and I definetly feel sore the next day from strength training, but it feels good to know im investing in my health, especially with people who are genuine, and knowledgeable. Also, they are not in a rush, they take their time with u and are always happy to answer questions, even if you have question after question, you never feel like you are bothering them which I appriciate. They are happy to answer and help and explain. Makes you feel like you are family. More...

15 June 2020

I love working out virtually it’s very convenient and Rob pushes me to stay focused. I really feel like I will be able to achieve my goals with DTH Fitness! I am about to be 2 sessions in and I am excited to see what happens. Thank you! More...

15 June 2020

VIP Attention at Economy Prices

I feel really blessed to have found DTH Fitness. I had a few other initial consultations with other personal trainers, but decided to go with DTH because the details placed on my specific needs were exponential in contrast to the others. The price was also the most reasonable I've come across.

I lost quite a bit of weight on my own, but the diet I was on left me devoid of energy. Rob gave me some nutritional recommendations and, as a result, my energy level has soared! I feel amazing.

My body has also begun to look more fit and toned in just a short period of time. Clothes are fitting better by just adding some tailored strength training movements Rob has introduced me to.

Rob is very encouraging and patient. He never fails to take time to answer all of my questions in a way that I can understand. He also is great at encouraging me to dig in and work harder. You will end each session feeling a sense of accomplishment.

DTH seems to have the rare combination of making clients feel challenged, be successful, and feel important at a price that is actually affordable.

I gladly recommend this company to anyone looking for help reaching their fitness goals.

1 June 2020

I love working out virtually it’s everything I thought it was.

Rob -pushes me and keeps me focused on the task at hand.

I appreciate his dedication in assisting me with my weight loss goals

Ive only just begin; but i’m pumped and ready for next session;)

i’m totally excited about my transformation;)

1 June 2020

The DTH FITNESS-virtual personal training.

The DTH intake gentleman talked with me, got an idea of my goals and fitness level then paired me with my current Trainer Rob.

Rob is realistic with my current fitness level, but still challenges me. Rob is patient and congenial. Rob not only has the textbook knowledge about the body structure, but the practical understanding of how that applies to me and my workout. I appreciate Rob answering all the questions about the muscle groups and explaining why we are doing certain exercises.

Rob also specializes in juvenile workouts. I’m excited to try a session with my 13 year old son. Especially during this isolation period.

I’m confident if you are an athlete, a stay at home mom or a senior looking for different goals you would be just as pleased as I am.


1 June 2020

Very knowledgeable and willing to spend time on consultation discussing program & customer needs.

15 May 2020

If you want a professional transformation done right for a GREAT PRICE look no further from all the people I talked to they were the only ones that did a assessment free of xharge and right away he gave me pointers tips and tricks you can tell they are professionals when ever I text any question the reply is quick you can feel their dedication and energy

13 May 2020

Couldn’t be happier with my choice to use these guys! From the very first phone call I just felt confident that they could help me. They took the time to learn everything about me and even had a free virtual meeting before starting to go over how they would approach my fitness plan. It’s only been two weeks since I started but I can definitely feel the difference in my energy, attitude and strength. Can’t wait to see the future me!! Thanks DTH! More...


We make sure that there is goal setting and accountability working with the best professionals in the industry. It is important to have the an experienced coach working with you to ensure exciting and challenging exercises conducted in a safe progressive manner.

Prioritizing your health and fitness goals and staying consistent in your approach

We love having an impact on all of the individuals and families that we come in contact with. Every single person has different goals and are at different points in their life. This is not a one size fits all approach and we enjoy the challenge!

We guarantee your happiness. Try your free session with us so we can prove it!

An effective workout plan begins with a detailed assessment. You'll also receive a nutritional evaluation and a physical fitness/performance assessment designed to generate baseline data reflecting your current status. Your assessment will be used to design a customized workout plan that reflects your fitness goals. We work with you every step of the way and overcome the obstacles together!