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16815 Southeast 59th Street, Choctaw, OK, USA

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We are a software development company supporting mobile and pc development, as well as web front-end and back-end development. We have experience supporting and fixing software that others have messed up. Let us fix your maintenance nightmare. We can assist with anything from VR games to a internal use websites.


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Three simple things make a great website for an end user.
Eye catching/pretty
Intuitive interface
Do those three things and end users will like it. Unfortunately, as can be seen on many sites, those three are not always easy to do.

The fourth item is good search engine optimization, as it makes the website findable so the user can see the first three in action.

Is this app intended for a short term gain or is it tailored for long term use and support?
What do you envision this app doing and how do you want it to help you and your users? Pictures/graphs you have done you can share are nice.

Problem solving. Bring me your problems and I will help you design a solution.

I wanted the challenges that come with contracting. Many times companies go stagnant, but a contractor gets to see new problems for new people constantly.

I have a record of cleaning up other people's messes. I can help you fix yours or help you avoid the mess to begin with.

I am configured to supply my own equipment and work completely remote. I also have the area and bandwidth to support remote access to their systems via a remote desktop solution to assist with onsite work when needed so that everything can be done remotely and no travel would be required. On site visits are done only if specifically required by a contract, so be upfront if you do not want fully remote assistance.

We are a completely online and remote configuration using teleconference, email, and tools such as trello and Jira for communications. On site is only done if specifically required by a client (none have since covid), and will be handled as a contract agreement with requirements specified in the contract.


iOS and/or Android native app development.

We can help develop or fix PC games

Business apps, including analysis and reporting apps are no problem for us.